To All Light-Workers: June 2017 – Light Workers For Peace – Candle Lighting Event.

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Self Preparation & Candle Lighting For Peace

It’s hard to believe that we’re now traveling through and nearing the half-way mark for the year 2017, I don’t know about many other Light-Workers but I’m exhausted and have been since the start of the year. It’s been (Tears, realizations, movement(s), being held back, challenges, break-through(s), hard-ships, heart-aches, pains both (Physical & mental) and all of this and a bag of a whole lot more.

The whole purpose of June 2017 – is preparation, and I’ve started preparing myself for the upcoming mid-summer to late summer (End of July-September 2017) intense energies that we’re about to download, and that the earth is about to accept into her and through her. I’ll be writing about (Phase two – The Second Wave – The second wave of energies for 2017) in a separate article all on it’s own of course. However I knew at the end of May that I needed to shift my consciousness, focus more on, change my habits even more, work on me more, and prepare to accept into my being much more light. As will be the case for many more Light-Workers currently embodying the Ascension Process. My preparation has been to prepare myself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and consciously for Phase Two, The Second Wave Of 2017, by accepting more responsibility for my consciousness. In order for me to do this, I’ve had to stop giving energy away to people and situations that don’t need it. I’ve also started to take more control of my consciousness and how I think, and if it starts to turn into a thing where I ramble on the inside and play scenarios I tell myself to immediately cut it out. I also take more responsibility for my thoughts, my energy, and how I think. This is the reason why I’m writing this article, because my preparation connects to the purpose of this event I will be talking about.

Light-Workers Unite & Unity Consciousness

I’ve been asked (as I usually do at times) via email – from a dear friend of mine (Tammy) who is also a fellow Light-Worker on the Ascension Process (AP), to start a candle lightning for peace from (June 8-9th), as the Full Moon energies along with Jupiter going direct will be in effect as we embody this next wave and already I’ve been feeling it in my body. This isn’t the first time that I’ve taken part in a mass gathering like this, where peace, unity, and light along with the ever most important thing love was the main objective. This is what we do of course, however by doing this we also unite in unity consciousness and raise the frequency exponentially on earth.

As soon as she mentioned this idea – I got right on it, and I’m hoping if any other people on the Ascension path who want to take part in, please do join in. It starts today until all day tomorrow – specifically the idea is to just light one candle or more it’s your choice. Think of love, hope, light, unity for the world and extend those thought’s out  into the collective. As for the time whenever you can through-out today and tomorrow, I myself will be doing it several times. June 2017 – is here, and as we move diligently further into the year, know that Light is expanding and love is spreading.

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3 thoughts on “To All Light-Workers: June 2017 – Light Workers For Peace – Candle Lighting Event.

  1. Sybil June 8, 2017 / 12:02 pm

    I wish to thank you for all your wonderful messages you send to us. I am thankful and I bless you and surround you with the violet flame and God’s healing love and light

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mikael Cam June 8, 2017 / 12:39 pm

      Sybil – Hello and thank you for your kind words.

      Much love & Appreciation


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