Approaching August Wave Of 2017: Feeling Amplified Energies, Our Busy Sun & Massive Separation Of Worlds

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As We Approach The August 2017 Wave

I don’t know where to even begin. I don’t have the words to describe what I’ve been experiencing in July 2017. I do know that It’s been very different lately to say the least, and also very NEW. Yet I feel strongly that I AM and you are where we all need to be at the current moment. The second wave of 2017 isn’t playing around, and while I’m feeling joyous excitement for the energies and it’s arrival at the same time I’m feeling absolute dread at how physically exhausted I’ve been feeling lately. This is beside the point and let me now speak from a more NS (“Neutral Standpoint.”) That is if I can even stay awake long enough to get through this article, because all I’ve been doing is just sleeping. I sleep now at anytime of the day whether it’s morning, afternoon, and or night. Which means I’m also awake at any time of the day, afternoon time, and or in the middle of the night. This has been a huge symptom for me, and I know many of you have also been feeling this with a great intensity as we have moved closer to this high energy period.

Amplified Energies: I’d like to bring up AE (Amplified Energies) and just what they mean. From time to time as soon as I sense the collective is heading for a massive shift, heading for an energy shift and as well as a reality shift that breaks down more of this 3D matrix the energies begin to amplify more greatly. At first they begin slowly, and then they come on full force. Sometimes they don’t even come on gradually, and come on heavy and with great intensity and you just have deal with, embody it, handle it in the best way that you know how to. It’s really not easy at times, and while over the years some of these AS (Ascension Symptoms) have eased off. Every now and again, I’ll experience them as they once were and I’ll be reminded of how intense they really are for me as they were when my starseed activated. Amplified energies are here, and the AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms) are back for me once again. It’s been sleeping, headaches galore, head pressures, tingling sensations, Left leg vibrating, whole body vibrating, sexual creative force within erupting, multiple dream sequences (some of them have not been me astral traveling or been organic dreams.) These dreams sequences have very much been inorganically created dreams. Ear ringing like no tomorrow, auditory sounds, change in pressure in both ears that start quietly and change to loud sharp ringing. I’m hungry and then I’m not hungry, I’m nauseous and then I’m completely fine. There is so much more as I’ve not even hit the tip of the iceberg yet – and not to mention the amplified telepathic communication(s) that I’ve been having with Higher Dimensional Light Beings who are helping me and helping the collective continue as we evolve. One being has helped me greatly, an Ancient ET Lion being, which I’ll expand on further as we get further to the Lions Gate Portal. Yes, things are really amplifying right now.

The Sun Has Been Busy

For most of July I was wondering why thing’s had amplified greatly – and I thought it was just the lead up to the August Second Wave of 2017, but after being guided by my higher self I found out that the sun has been very busy lately. Sunspots, Coronal Holes, Geomagnetic storms – the sun has been busy in July 2017. The appearance of sunspot AR2665 first appeared on July 6th, and lasted until July 18th. By July 11th this sunspot was directly facing earth and was the biggest sunspot so far for the year. That is so important, the biggest sunspot of the year so far. It’s telling, and it’s showing me just how amplified these energies are getting now. On July 14th this sunspot erupted an M2-class eruption, and the days after saw me go in and out consciousness in continuous sleep. Throughout this July 2017 timeline – I’ve experienced headaches, head pressure, and intense pains, intense drowsiness, and I’ve been doing lots of Light embodying.

20170707_0430_hmiigr_1024_strip3                    m2_strip                   Cornoal Hole 2017

So why is this so important right now in 2017? … because we’re gearing up to do more layout work, more light energy work and grid down the incoming light energies into the earths template structure. Also I need to mention this; as a sensitive being I feel these events whenever the sun or the moon, or anything happens like this. Part of being a sensitive empathic being, means we’re more connected to the elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air – and also to light energies. Our bodies are wired differently, we’re structured differently and our bodies are build for this specific purpose of being able to feel everything. We’re build sensitive to 3D energies, as well as 5D energies. So whenever a hurricane is moving rapidly across the coast, or when wild fires start burning and cleansing places on earth, when rain storms pass through, or even just the changing seasons, earthquakes and other earth related phenomena’s happen I’m right there feeling everything. As I know you all are as well. Your not sensitive because your disconnected, your sensitive because you are connected and we all need to know this  now in 2017.

Feeling Massive Separation, More Loneliness, As We Embody Higher Bursts Of Light Energies

Over the last week I’ve been noticing something that I’m not new to, but that still bothers me greatly whenever I experience it. It bothers me greatly because it shows me that at times I feel as if I’m the only person that is in my own space, and no-body else is here with me. Lately I’ve been feeling greater separation between me and other people who aren’t enduring the AP (Ascension Process.) This happens almost every single time the energies begin to burst and spread and I’m sure many (Forerunners, Light-Workers, As well as people who are now aware) are feeling this more and more. Specifically when your feeling much more isolated, alone, or in your own little higher space and then having to observe from a NS (Neutral Standpoint) nothing but chaos and craziness coming from more and more people in the world. It’s not just been hard to observe it, but it’s been even harder to see that they don’t see it themselves.

The isolation is really starting to stand out a lot more  and this is what I’m perceiving for myself – it used to be that I had to run home and get inside as quickly as I could to get away from all the craziness. From work, from my co-workers, from those specific beings who were hell bent on trying to stop and disrupt this process for me. It’s changed over the years to dead silence, and it’s wonderful being at that level where your existing in the 5th dimension. However, it’s difficult when there isn’t anyone around. Lately for the last two years … If I go for a walk on most mornings, or afternoons, there is nobody. I see no-one, and I live in a pretty populated area. It’s a strange thing to think, feel, and see, that everyone else isn’t around. That everyone around in my area is heavily involved in still existing in the 3rd Dimension. Lately since the beginning of July, as we’ve gotten closer to the Second Light wave of 2017. I’ve started to see, and feel, those around me and see their realities much more. Some of them living in confusion, some of them living out 3rd Dimensional dramas, some of them starting the dramas and perpetuating it further and further. It’s been hard for me to see that separation, It’s been hard for me to continue seeing and feeling the SOW (Separation Of Worlds) because it’s been so transparent that I can see right through it all.

This is what we do – as much as we observe – we also uplift, and as we move forward we continue to grid, embody, love, hold peace in our hearts, watch, grow, and evolve. This is a great shift, and it’s happening now for all and for those who want to choose to begin their AP (Ascension process) at this time. It’s now going to be more available to a wider group of more beings, and I’m sure come September and October I’ll be seeing and hearing from more of them. Asking the same question I did – when my starseed was activated. It’s the cycle of evolution.

16Love & Light16

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6 thoughts on “Approaching August Wave Of 2017: Feeling Amplified Energies, Our Busy Sun & Massive Separation Of Worlds

    • Mikael Cam July 22, 2017 / 1:08 pm

      Your welcome


  1. peanderson13 July 22, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    It’s nice to hear someone else going through similar experiences as it can feel lonely and endless. Thanks

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  2. Cheryl's Journey July 23, 2017 / 5:47 am

    Beautifuly put… thank you!

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  3. Priya Goel July 30, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    Thank you peace and love and light everyone ❤


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