November 2017’s Galactic Alignment: Saturn On The GC (Galactic Center) & Activating Saturn’s Organic Energy.

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November 2017 & Saturn Activating The Galactic Center

For much of November 2017 things have been incredibly amplified and they’ve felt that way too. In fact all of 2017 has felt incredibly amplified and that’s because we’ve reached a whole new level of frequency like never before. So, with that said. What I need to write about and what’s going on for humanity right now is very important, so I need to make sure that I jot down everything that can give everyone a good idea about what is going on. About what kind of energy we’re dealing with. In November 2017 the energy has been unbelievably big and expansive and what we’ve been embodying its been huge. Its been a lot of work for a lot of LH (Light-Holders) and for more of those in humanity as well.

For much of November 2017 I’ve been feeling, sensing, experiencing a lot of energy entering my physical body that has felt different, that has been much newer and has felt  bigger inside of me. I feel expanded in many ways and I feel bigger and taller and more complete in NEW and wonderful ways. I’ve mentioned a little bit of this in my last article as well as a little bit of what I’ve been sensing energetically. I’ve written about the Galactic center and the current energies we’re receiving as well in that article. What we’re all feeling and embodying started on the 11/11 Portal which is Galactic Consciousness. In fact we’ve all been feeling, receiving, embodying and integrating Galactic consciousness for much of 2017. In November 2017 it’s felt so pronounced and real as its entered us and passing through and into our physical planet. This is the kind of energy that many of the AT (Ascension Teachers) & AW (Ascension Writers) who have been writing about this, making videos about this and generally spreading any kind of information about this has been talking about. Its actually a huge event if you think about it (to have Saturn activate the Galactic Center and it’s energies) which is what is going on right now. This will continue well into December. Of course, there will be some other major events and energetic shifts that will occur in December 2017 all on its own. Such as: Saturn entering Capricorn and the change in all lower 3D systems and structures in the OLD lower world reality and timelines. The 12/12 Portal Opening which I’ve sensed is going to bring much more NEW light energy as well as energy from the Galactic center. Then the December solstice which will put us physically and energetically on a whole new level of existing as a NEW embodiment of Source.

So, we have a lot going on right now energetically. If November hasn’t been easy for you its okay if it hasn’t. We’re at a new stage in this AP (Ascension Process) and EP (Embodying Process) and we have to understand that its going to take some time for us to get used to this NEWER and HIGHER energy. So don’t feel like your failing, don’t feel like your doing anything wrong because your not capable right now of moving through life in a straight line. Its okay to wobble from the left to the right and I’ve felt the same way as I’ve myself have been personally getting used to being an embodier of such new light.

Saturn & TD (Team Dark) Hijacking Its Organic Energy

The planet Saturn has gone through quite a lot in 2017. There have been certain events, timelines that have both opened and closed and many other strange coincidences that has happened in 2017 that involve the planet Saturn. Before I connect these multiple coincidences to one another I feel like I need to let a few people know a little bit more about Saturn and what his role has been prior to 2017 and what his new role is.

Saturn: Has been the planet throughout the centuries that has symbolized LC (Lower Consciousness) as well as the 3rd Dimension and being embodied into a 3D earth reality, earth world, earth realm. Saturn has had to do with being incarnated into a lower conscious world reality for so long now and because of this I’ve personally known that Saturn has been personally used, abused and hijacked by the dark to create and cause nothing but lower consciousness to remain on this 3D earth. That never used to be Saturn’s role – Saturn’s role used to be the role of full organic and fully advanced consciousness within all human beings and Galactic beings prior to being hijacked. So, it just goes to show you just how desperate, demented, putrid, rigid, and annoying the dark has been all this time. What happened in 2017 changed that. Saturn is no longer the inorganic distributor of inorganically created energies its actually now quite the opposite. It changed because of what happened in April 2017 which caused the entire timeline the dark was holding onto so desperately to completely crumble.

The first coincidence that had set something off in my mind was when 2017 started and Saturn made the first conjunction to The Milky Way Galactic Center on March 7th, 2017. Then when it stationed Retrograde in April it began to get hit with solar flares 7 of them to be exact. Then on May 5th it made its second conjunction to the Milky Way Galactic Center. When I first became aware of this it set something off in my mind because I knew it meant something important. I knew it must have meant that (Source) and (Source Energy) had closed, shut off, broke down all of the dark’s manipulations and distortions that were being created inorganically through Saturn and its natural organic energies. When you have (Source) closing down a timeline that has been active for centuries because the dark has been distorting Saturn and its energies that’s a big sign that TD (Team Dark) and their control is slowly being dismantled and its about time.

The second coincidence that set something off inside of me was on September 15th, 2017 when after almost twenty years the Cassini Space Probe plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere and literally burned up. This set something off inside of me and I felt more relieved and free. After I first heard about that I felt that Saturn gained more freedom and reclaimed more of its organic power back from TD (Team Dark) and all of the manipulations and control they had on that planet and its energies. This event set something off in me because it meant that TD (Team Dark) could no longer remain on Saturn’s front door step and take from its energy. They couldn’t feed off, parasite off of, steal from, thief off and abuse Saturn’s organic natural source energy anymore to create their timelines, to create their distortions, to affect humanity and other planets and those beings on them. This timeline has now ended and (source) made sure to it that it closed. Have you felt the shift? Like your no longer on some level having to deal with lower conscious people trying to steal and parasite off of you anymore? Well this is why.

When I connected the dots I realized that the 7 Solar Flares that hit Saturn back in April 2017 was activated by The Milky Way Galactic center and (Source) to release Saturn from its imprisonment by TD (Team Dark.) Then when the Cassini Space Probe burned up on Saturn’s atmosphere back in September 2017 – I fully understood why we had the September energies and why we felt them the way that we did. I understood why we received those blasts and those solar flare directed at us and fully embodied by us. Because Saturn was released fully and completely from having its organic energy stolen from it. Stolen from TD (Team Dark) to create their twisted timelines and dark creations against humanity on this earth and Galactic beings on other planets in our galaxy. They can no longer steal from humanity any longer and must either grow up and take personal responsibility or leave and go to a lower conscious realm to exist.

Saturn’s Organic Energies Have Been Restored & A Few Changes Coming Ahead For Humanity

Because Saturn has now had its organic energy semi-fully restored in 2017 and its been a multiple event restoration and an all year long one at that. We still have one more final conjunction to take place on Friday Nov 24th with the last conjunction between Saturn and The Milky Way Galactic Center and (source.) This means that a few changes will be occurring for humanity especially in regards to the lower 3D structures and systems that are in place right now and which have been slowly changing over the last few years. Which is something that I and many (Light-Embodiers) alike have felt and sensed. When Saturn enters Capricorn on December 19th it will join Pluto in Capricorn and once that begins we will see a lot more organic energy being embodied into earth and into us that will change and end more of TD (Team Darks) twisted creations against humanity.

The things I sense and feel that will change and or end completely in the next few years will be more focused on (Money, jobs, the end of many organizations, establishments that have a form of control over the world and humanity along with consciousness) why? Because these inorganic systems and structures in place have always been TD (Team Dark) inorganically created siphoned energy from Saturn’s organic energy to twist and turn humanity and its consciousness. They weren’t always going to remain and as we move into 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond its going to feel like the end of the world for a lot of people in humanity who have gotten so used to living through the distorted systems of the dark. Its here and its happening now for all in so many ways myself included. Hold light and carry on as best as you can.

16Love & Light16

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