Ascension Symptom(s): Compressed Body & Muscle Tightness Due To The Embodiment Process.

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Embodying Light Energy & Feeling The Body Compress

Since (2014) when I was physically activated to begin my AP (Ascension Process) the biggest tell-tale sign that I was actually embodying light energy, was in how compressed the energies would feel within my whole entire body. Now, it’s been (4) years since my physical activation and every once in a while when I’m embodying a lot of new energy, new light, new codes and I’m holding these new energies within me like we’ve been doing in Jan 2018 – I’ll begin to feel that tightness and light compress up against and within various parts of my body. This (Integrate and Compress) process has been happening for me for years – and its because it is part of the AP (Ascension Process) and the EP (Embodying Process.) So, if you’ve also experienced a tightness in your legs, hips, back, and especially muscle tension this is what’s happening for you now at this time.

The Ascension symptom for this article – is something that I feel that I need to write about now in the (2018) moment that we are in. In (2018) things have changed drastically for the 7.6 Billion souls that have incarnated on this planet. In (2018) everyone is now part of the Ascension Process whether they know it or not. In (2018) people have and will continue to notice that for some reason on a physical level, they’re not feeling all that great. They’re going to notice that more than one part of their body isn’t feeling good, and that they never felt like this before and their going to start questioning what’s going on for them. The AP (Ascension Process) can be so confusing for a lot of people but on a global scale a lot of people (agreed) for whatever their own reason(s), that they didn’t want to know or understand what the Ascension Process is. That’s okay. However, now a lot of people are going to find themselves face to face with the Ascension Process whether they agreed to come face to face with it or not – because its happening for them all now to. A huge part of that is coming face to face with the real tangible energy that is pushing you, and your physical body, towards evolving to higher states than you ever thought possible. This is what’s going on for humanity right now and many people around the world are going to start wanting to know what’s going on for them and why their bodies are feeling different than before. Their going to question why they can’t do certain thing’s that they used to, or eat in the same way that they used to before (2018) and the new codes that started reaching everyone on a global scale.

We’ve already started to see the effects of the codes and new lighter light energies – In the united states for example with this flu seasons outbreak being the worst in years. Especially in California. More people are getting activated physically by the Ascension Process, and a lot of people don’t understand why its like this for them. Evolution starts with the planet, and when the planet shifts so do the inhabitants.

A Compressed Body Is An Evolving Soul

Going back to (2014) when I was first activated to begin the Ascension Process – some of p1b8c7u7kf1f0i4it1ubu1o9fcpb3what I experienced was intensely painful. But, at the same time as time passed by I understood why it felt that way – because I was embodying higher energy. When higher energy meets a tiny, small and at times enclosed space such as the physical bodies that you and I are living in. It clashes. When something bigger meets something smaller – and when this bigger energy is attempting to move into a small space, place, person thing or object there will be friction. Which is what happens to a lot of people when they first begin embodying a 5D energy into a smaller 3D physical body. It causes friction. Which is why many (Light Workers, Light Portal beings, Light embodiers) have found themselves expanding in size. I myself have expanded and it’s because I’m holding much more light than I used to (10) years ago. Some of the instant and immediate physical pains that I’ve felt, which is in association with the Ascension Symptom of tightness and feeling compressed within ones body due to embodying light energy includes.

  1. Unbelievable left leg pain due to integrating the Divine Feminine energies.
  2. Unbelievable left side of the body pains due to the integration of Divine Feminine Energies.
  3. Lower back pain due to higher light energy moving through and into the back.
  4. A general tightness In and or around various parts of my body which included (Legs, back, head, upper back ankles and feet.)
  5. Muscle spasms in various parts of the body (Legs, back, hips, even fingers and hands.)
  6. Muscle twitching and involuntary muscle movement. This has happened when light energy moved through the muscle and it happens especially when DNA is changing from carbon to crystalline. This also happens because the pineal and the Pituitary glands are expanding as well as shifting and changing.
  7. Rib cage and abdominal tightness. While this hasn’t happened to me as much it has happened at time(s) when heavy light energy was being integrated.

These are just a few aspects to this Ascension symptom of feeling tightness and having the body feel compressed due to the embodying process. Of course, there are other factors which include how much you use your body. How much you move during the day, how long you sit in the same position which can aggravate the muscles in your body. Of course, that hasn’t ever played out for me. As soon as I started my physical Ascension Process and became a light embodier, the process of integrating light began for me and hasn’t stopped ever since. Sitting in one place for to long or even laying down while these crazy energies were bouncing up and down the inside of my body made thing’s worse. I’ve gone through this month after month – portal opening after portal opening. If it’s a high energy time just like it is now and will be next month, my body instantly begins to get tight. My body instantly begins to compress. My body begins to feel tired, achy, numb, tight, tense, and that’s because I am a light embodier. If you feel the same way – it’s because you are to.

You are an evolving soul living within a 3D body – don’t forget that. The embodying process and the ascension process will make you feel like everything is compressing and constricting everything on the inside. The physical shift will feel like this at times and its because everything is evolving, the world, the universe and the galaxy. All of that is shifting and churning from within all of us. In times of need the best ways that I’ve found to deal with this specific Ascension symptom, has been to stretch my entire body. I’ve also moved every muscle as much as I can, and I also drink as much water as I can which helps to calm down the changes that are going on within the bodies Central and Peripheral nervous systems. It also helps the process of evolving the DNA strands from 3D Carbon based to 5D Crystalline Light based – which removes old codes through pores, through sweat, through releasing toxins within the body, and through removal of our waste which isn’t just the food that we eat. Baths and deep tissue massages are great for removing tension and tightness within the physical body. It’s all about self care, self love and in early January (2018) we need it with what we’re embodying right now.

16Love & Light16

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8 thoughts on “Ascension Symptom(s): Compressed Body & Muscle Tightness Due To The Embodiment Process.

  1. macdealsonline January 26, 2018 / 12:58 pm

    Hi Michael,

    This post came at a good time for me. I had suddenly started on the AP in 2015 with a total change in diet and as the years progressed I have noticed I have also changed in my attitude and outlook on things. However, this month has been a real roller coaster ride for me and I am hoping a lot of it is the AP and the portal.My aches and pains have increased especially during the night when I am sleeping. The pain will wake me up! From reading articles I understand that these are just some of the symptoms but lately after doing something as simple as food shopping I come home and I am so tired.

    Your post is extremely helpful I just hope the Feb/March aren’t as difficult. It’s difficult to discuss this topic with people because many don’t understand. Please keep these posts going as they are very helpful and explain a lot.



  2. Joyce January 26, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    All of the above, Michael. Thank you so much!


    • Michael C Murdock January 26, 2018 / 1:54 pm


      Your very welcome and take care of yourself. Self love, self care.


  3. Sybil January 26, 2018 / 4:23 pm

    I just want to say how much I enjoyed the information, it sure did help me to realize why my body is being activated.
    Thank you so much. Many blessings to you.



  4. Carrie January 28, 2018 / 10:45 pm

    Love your posts, thanks Michael 🙂

    Great info, helpful and excellent to share. Found your experiences here closest I’ve read yet to mine. And I found you looking into clairaudience. Had a whammy yesterday hearing thunder and blazes circus tune playing. Yes lol plain as day, had me laughing, bit of a wtf moment especially after finding out the song title, versions, history, etc. Then today was a pressure force to my right ear, literally pushed my head to left… followed by very loud high pitch above my usual high pitch. Quite startling, was quick jolt to my head. Have had constant high pitch in both ears for at least 3 yrs now, regular pronounced high pitches in left ear, but never this.



    • Michael C Murdock January 29, 2018 / 3:17 pm

      Carrie & All

      What’s happening now in 2018 and with the eclipse is another huge gateway opening,
      which will affect us on all levels. We’re entering a new timeline which will help
      more people begin their own ascension process, and physical body activations. So, so
      many more people will be feeling, hearing, and seeing how wonderful it is to live
      and exist within the 5D and higher frequencies. Sometimes we can really here the
      energies, because each energy has its own musical sound.

      Wonderful times we’re all living in.


      • Carrie January 29, 2018 / 3:34 pm

        Wonderful times indeed… thanks Michael, much love


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