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 Welcome To Divine Light Phases?

I first started DLP (Divine Light Phases) back in July 2015, only it wasn’t DLP (Divine Light Phases) it was just Phases back then. It wasn’t even on WordPress, it was on another online created site where people could create their own websites. Eventually, to make a long story short I packed up and moved all my higher information to a much higher vibrational place here at WordPress. It took me a long time to get settled in, it’s taken me so long in putting everything in it’s right place. Which I’m still doing even today in 2018. Now in the 2018 moment it feels just like home. The best part of it all is that It feels right, and it allows me to speak openly about my own personal experiences within my own AP (Ascension Process.) In the end it’s really why I decided to start a higher place online like this one, and discuss my own personal Ascension related struggles with others who might be going through the exact same thing now.

Being a LW (Light-Worker) in this AP (Ascension Process,) and doing what I do is one of the most challenging things that one can experience in physicality. Especially at this time. What I and many of you are going through right now – It goes beyond the old three dimensional ways of existence. Whether you believe it or not (Source) is now calling on all of us to move deeper into the fifth dimensional way of living and existing. A real “Heaven On Earth” is being created now for all. This is happening now because collectively we are now ready to let go of the ego, and evolve to human light beings that are in harmony with light and spirit.

What Is The Ascension Process?

The AP (Ascension Process) is about transforming oneself by continuously experiencing many situations and events in ones life by letting go of all control. Freedom of mind, soul and negative energy is what we’re entering into now. Freedom from the many (Groups, friends, family, religions, societal norms, beliefs, fears, ego tendencies, mind control, attachment from negative habits and energies and it’s tendencies, in order to reach a state of complete self Sovereignty.)  I began this Ascension Process in September 2013 and physically began in March 2014 – I have lost jobs, integrated massive energies while being physically wiped out by dense lower world wide energies. I’ve learned a few things along the way. The first being: everything is never what it truly seems. The Second: We have so much more power as a light being than we think we do. This Alchemical Process tests you in every way, in every situation, in every relationship your in, whether it be family member, friends or partners. It tests you until you realize the only person you need love, kindness, and can depend on is yourself to be your own source for everything.

What Is Divine Light Phases Mission?

Here at DLP (Divine Light Phases): My mission here and the sole purpose behind this website is to discuss and provide higher information, about the AP (Ascension Process) to and for those people who are going through the evolutionary process of Ascension. So far I have written articles about current energies, portals, gateways, what the Ascension Process is and why it’s happening. Along with that specific information I’ve discussed what might be changing for many people physically, emotionally, spiritually, in relationships and what they can expect to have happen in their life. I do this because I’m contracted to – an agreement I made with source for source before I incarnated into a physical being.

At the end of the day – DLP (Divine Light Phases) is really just a light house. A light house full of higher information that is shining, beaming, glowing in the dark and because of it it’s my hope that whoever needs to find the light shows up here.

16 Love & Light 16

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