About Divine Light Phases

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 I first started Divine Light Phases back in July 2015, only it wasn’t (Divine Light Phases) it was just Phases back then. It wasn’t even on here, it was on another online creation called (Blogger) where anyone could create their own creations. Eventually, to make a what would be a long story short, I packed up and moved into a much higher vibrational place here at WordPress. It took a long time to get settled in, putting everything in it’s right place took a lot of time and effort, but now it feels just like home. The best part of it all is that It feels right, and it allows me to speak openly about my own personal experiences within my own Ascension Process. In the end it’s really why I decided to start a place like this one, and discuss my Ascension struggles with other’s who in the future might be reading this and going through the same very thing.

Being a 16 {Light-Worker} 16 in this Ascension Process, and what it entails, is one of the most challenging thing’s that one can experience in physicality. Especially at this time. It goes beyond the OLD 3 Dimensional ways of existence, and calls for us to move deeper into the 5 dimensional way of being. A real “Heaven On Earth”, which can only happen when one awakens, evolves, and let’s go of all ego needs and wants to reach a higher way of existing through the power of creation and love.

The Ascension Process is about transforming oneself by experiencing many situations and events in ones life by letting go of all the control from the {many groups, friends, family, religions, societal norms, ones ego and it’s tendencies, and reaching and merging with ones higher self and divinity}. I began this Ascension Process in Sep 2013, and fully in March 2014 and have struggled in my life since. I’ve learned a few thing’s, everything is never what it truly seems, and you have so much more power as a light-being than you think you do. This Alchemical Process tests you in every way, in every situation, in every relationship your in, whether it be family member, or friendships and partners. Until you realize the only person you need love, kindness, and can depend on is yourself to be your own source of everything.

16 Love & Light 16

Mikey/Mikael Murdock Jun, 3rd, 2016