To All Light-Workers: Frequent Daily Light-Waves In 2017 & Living In The New Normal.

2017’s Frequent Light-Waves & Embracing More Daily Light Energies

The NEW year along with the NEW cycle started off with a surge of powerful light-energy that came from the 111 Portal/Gateway in the form of a Light-Wave. Ever since then these waves of light have come one after another, and they haven’t really stopped but instead have seemed to come in closer behind one another. This is what I have been sensing, and on a physical level what my experience has been like in 2017’s (1) energy. In it’s NEW cycle, and as it’s continued further through the (1) energy year.

This is so important for us to know now as we move into May – I feel strongly that I need to mention this because we’ve now gotten the full experience of how it’s been all along. We’ve made it through (January, February, March, and April 2017) and throughout all of this time period, I’ve definitely felt the Light-Waves coming in almost on a daily basis now. It’s been miraculous, painful, exhilarating, and ever so wonderful all rolled up into a nice tight Ascension blanket. However, it means more work for us – and boy hasn’t it been more work for us forerunners of the forerunners in 2017. Working towards bringing in more light, working towards remaining neutral, working towards self love and inner healing, working towards housing more light where darkness exists, and working harder to be in greater harmony with this realm and help to create a higher way of existing in such a lower form that already exists in this dimension. This has been what most of us have been doing – and hasn’t it been such difficult work in 2017?

To expand further on this and why it’s happening? It has a lot to do with (Timelines, Source/Creator, as well as with humanity and where we are frequency wise at this very exact moment.) …

In 2017 the year of a new cycle of creation, we have gone through new timelines and left or exited old timelines. These timelines have made it possible for us to embrace, integrate, unite with, connect more with the light coming in and source/creator who is constantly releasing more of the higher dimensions and integrating it into this 3D realm. Why is the source/Creator doing this now at this time? To re-unite us to source and to source’s graces, to source’s light, to source’s love, as well as to help us return to a state where we are in harmony with ourselves internally but also to source and this world. This has been something that has been in the works for a very long time, a full and complete re-unification of all of us to our higher selves, to our inner selves, and to source/creator. Why now? … because many forerunners have made it possible, we’ve opened portals, we’ve integrated light, we’ve opened and closed timelines that need to be opened to let the light in and closed other’s to close off darkness. We have helped create greater union with Source/creator, and each and everyone of us on this planet has had a helping hand in this process. Whether they are aware of it or not. It has been through our fast growing frequency that we have made it to this point, we have done the work, we have raised our individual frequency, and thus have raised the frequency of earth to the point where we have come closer to more connection with the realms of spirit.

smiley-happy080 So pat yourselves on the back – because in 2017 we’ve all been doing our work. smiley-happy080

Continued Light Embraces & The New Normal Way Of Being And Existing

In 2017 I have felt that I’ve been given much more greater responsibility and especially when it comes to the waves of light that are so frequent for us right now. I’m sure many of you have also felt the exact same way, and have been sensing or picking up on this with your own abilities over the same things that I’ve been. Why are these pains coming on more frequently? Why do these waves come closer and closer now? … when only a few years ago I’ve felt them only maybe a few times a year. Why am I constantly integrating? Why am I constantly doing grid work? Why am I always tired and never have enough energy? There seems to be a lot more questions than there are answers, but what I’ve learned and this was a huge realization for me “is that this is the new normal.”

Can you believe it? … frequent light integrations is the new normal for me, for you, for us and isn’t that exciting because we’ve reached such a better place in our evolution(s); but also isn’t it so exhausting because we can’t keep our heads up long enough to enjoy that fact. The expectations we have for ourselves are so high, that sometimes we forget to relax and embrace this process for what it is. While this maybe the new normal and it certainly has felt like it in 2017, give yourselves some time to get used to this as a daily thing. I’ve had to learn to trust myself much more, I’ve stayed clear of certain mindsets and judgemental chitter chatter inside myself and just learned to realize the every day thing is going to need some getting used to. So all the physical symptoms, emotional ones and even mental ones will need to be dealt with in another way. A higher way of handling them, until it feels more normal to me. There are no pressure(s), no judgements, no second thoughts, just absolute freaking love of what your going through and what your doing for yourself at this time.

I fully anticipate more waves to continue as we each move forward individually on our own journeys, paths, while learning our lessons and growing while were at it.  Where ever you are, who ever you are embrace the light, and just know that your here in the moment just living and existing in the new normal. Headaches, mid-day naps and all.

16Love & Light16

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April 2017 Energy Update: (April 2017)Embodiment Pain(s) & Housing More Light Energy.

April 2017 Energy Update: More Consciousness Embodiment

large vector warning

I’ve been uncharacteristically silent for these last three weeks and it’s been because I’ve been tested on all (Levels, Fronts, In Any Form(s), And In Every Possible Way) and it’s been non-stop like this for me for the entire month of April so far. The energies of April 2017: have been like riding a crazy rollercoaster ride that’s jam packed with relentless emotions of all kinds, absolute non-stop physical pains, unbelievable light integration and consciousness embodiment from higher (Self) as well as from higher dimensions.  Which is just the tip of the Ascension iceberg, as we’re going to continue to experience a lot more of the brand spanking new energies of 2017’s (1) energies of creation as we move along through-out the year…

April has been a hard month but everything that has/is happening now is/has been wonderful for our growth and evolution, whether individually or as an entire collective: it’s love, it’s light and it’s source/creator energy. It hasn’t always felt great for me and I know it hasn’t felt great at all for you reading this as well at certain moments. However, the reason why it’s great is because of everything that we’re doing right now. To break it down for all reading this (We’re currently integrating another Light-Wave) this wave arrived just before the Easter week, and even then there was another wave just as we exited March into April. In 2017 (1)  we’re now experiencing more  greater Light/Consciousness embodiments – which means more Light-Waves – which means we’re releasing/transmuting more and then – we embody/house more new light into our bodies. So this is how the process works, and we’re currently going through this process which is why it’s painful but unbelievably profound and wonderful all rolled up into one gigantic ball of physical fun. free-rolleye-smileys-323

Easter Light-Wave: Countless Attacks, Personal Internal Issues And The Never Ending Emotions

All month long I’ve been dealing with (Personal Issues, Countless Attacks Against Me, Energy Fluctuations, My Own Emotional State Going Up And Down) and that’s not even the full extent of it. However, there is a reason why I’m choosing to share this and bring this subject matter up in this article. In 2017 (1) we have continued to ascend higher and shine brighter than ever before, and because of that we’ve had to shed a ton of our own inner judgements, beliefs about how we should be, expectations of how everything is/should/would/could be if it were this way or that way. We’ve had to basically cleanse ourselves of the bullshit – myself included. Do you know how tiring it is to continue on living in the 5D space/area, and yet still mentally be thinking in a 3D way? It’s exhausting – and it really does drag everything down. It drags your frequency down, it drags your consciousness down and then you find yourself spiraling.

This happened to me. I didn’t want to be on planet earth anymore, I wanted to go home, I didn’t want to be here doing this stuff anymore. I had myself a frequency submerge – and man did that change the way I saw my reality. Then I brought my frequency up again – and got on with the process once again. This has been a huge test for me in April 2017 and sometimes these tests will come, and it’s all about how we handle the doubts placed in our minds. In order for us to embody new light we have to release and cleanse what isn’t a vibrational match within ourselves anymore. So we release the fears, the self doubts, the pains, then if we’re called to we do it for everyone who isn’t doing it at this time personally.

In 2017 – The fears, all of the self-doubts, what we once believed in, our old behavioral patterns, what we’ve always expected including what we expected this process to be, it’s all been thrown out the window. It is all getting cleared, released, time to say adios amigo … it just can’t exist as we move into a 5D world that is filled with a higher frequency.

Housing More Light: But Then Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Why has April felt so intensified and physically painful as well as exhausting? It’s had to do with how much light we’ve individually been called onto hold at this current time. This whole entire year I’ve felt like an aching wound that’s been throbbing, and I sensed that life was going to become increasingly harder ever since. I knew once we were about to shift timelines in Oct 2016, that much of this year part of being a forerunner in all of this: was going to be about housing more light, being more light, and holding myself in my light for everyone else. Which is what every other Light-Worker is doing right now at this time.

Why has it been extra painful? – Because all the forerunners of the forerunners have been embodying much more (Light consciousness, Empowerment consciousness, Light codes, New Light DNA, and more consciousness itself) so that we could keep this 5D space that we’re creating constant while we’re here living on 3D earth.

Let me just take you through some of the symptoms that I’ve been feeling for weeks and these have intensified greatly into April 2017. I feel the need to mention them because I know that so many are feeling these symptoms right now and probably have no idea what’s going on. The first thing that I want to mention is the Head/brain region – this also includes the crown and third eye chakras. I’ve noticed with this area especially the crown chakra that it has fully opened up and an expanded much more in April. I have felt the expansion happening, and it’s felt like my crown chakra has been opening up and letting light consciousness through. Immediately as I feel this the intense cluster headaches begin, and I can feel my brain being connected and being further brought into one whole entire brain.  The expansion has really been happening this month for me.  A second symptom I’ve experienced is Closing of My chakra System. Intense cold, just non-stop cold spells coming over my body. As it is from time to time chakra systems do close, and especially when we’re going through intense periods of energy release, memory release, past life pain release. My whole entire chakra systems have close and re-opened from time to time and it has been unbelievable to notice the shift within myself. I’ve had Kundalini Rising as well in April – when my chakra systems re-opened I found myself in full kundalini rising mode. The continued process of releasing more old everything including DNA and memories held within from lifetimes and lifetimes that we never knew we carried around with us. Its all going, going, and now it’s gone.

In April I’ve had to deal with Heightened Emotions and I’ve been feeling much more, everyone, everything, and everywhere all the time all around me. I’ve been anxious, impatient, stressed out, exhausted mentally, needing more personal space, spending more time alone for the sake of my sanity, dis-interested in the world and everything, depressed, I’ve wanted this process to end and I’ve wanted to just leave planet earth and go back home. Let me tell you one thing – I’ve embraced these emotions. These are real emotions, my emotions, and this is normal for the kind of work we do. So if your feeling this way – it is normal, your also not alone as everyone feels like this.  Intense Sleeping Sessions and just wanting more sleep in general has been big in April, what we’re doing now is intense work and we all need time to exit this body for a break. I haven’t been able to do all I needed to do in a day, and I’ve long since stopped following time because it means absolute jack. I’ve had to deal with Stuffing My Face Syndrome I’ve had to eat more so that I could function, so that I could feel more grounded within myself. Sometimes I’ve felt incredibly light and nauseous when I don’t eat, and I’ve eaten two hours earlier. So it’s not just eating more, it’s feeling light and as if I’m not grounded when I don’t. Deep tissue/bone aches they just don’t stop hurting, especially my left leg and it’s like I’m walking around with the flu 24/7. I drink lots of water and just let the DNA shift and change along with the energies. I’ve had major Face/Head issues as well in April. I’m feeling more pain underneath my eyes, I’m always weeping for no reason. I know this is due to the energy coming in through the crown chakra and it integrates into every aspect of our body. It Changes and shifts everything around to be wired in a higher frequency.

Many people are also being activated at this time (which is wonderful) and they maybe experiencing flu (Frequency Light Upload) & and complete body wake up and cleansings. This includes chakra purging (Bathroom visits, more sleep, feeling extremely run down, fatigued, more/less hungry, odd dreams with different scenarios, feeling a need to simplify they’re life, waking up to the oppressors in they’re life or those in the collective who are suppressing them. Ending relationships, switching jobs because they’re not a match for them or they’re frequency, dealing with depression and anxiety attacks, needing more rest, needing more time alone, the list just goes on. Not to mention the frequent visits by astral beings, entities of a negative kinds, feeling as if there is a hit out against you as everything seems to just keep going wrong and wrong in your life no matter how much to put an effort in creating consciously for yourself.)

Welcome April 2017 – forerunners, light-workers, newly awakened/activated beings, embrace this time because it’s a wonderful time. Realize who you are, what your doing, and just keep on doing it. It’s one foot in front of the other right now, and how can you go wrong with that?

Love & Light

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To All Light-Workers: 2017’s (1-1-1 Portal & Gateway Opening.) Welcome To 2017 (1) Energies. We Made It Light-Warriors!

16                                                   16                                                      16                                                      16

2016 (9) Year In Review & Welcome 2017 (1) Energies Of NEW

Well, happy New Years Light-Workers. We’ve finally made it past the 2016 (9) timeline: and i hope you made it through these last few weeks with a sense of comfort and inner peace. At least if it was only temporary; I’m glad it was for a short while. Light-Warriors – this is it. My brothers and sisters, the long, hard, and lonely isolated road we have been walking has finally brought us to where we are right now in this time and place. In (2017) (1) and boy doesn’t that feel weird writing that down. Hasn’t it been one hell of a long road? … i know it has for me. I also know it has for all of you – along with the collective beings on this planet at this time because we’re ALL ascending now whether we like it or not.

2016 (9) – Has been a long, harsh, cruel, hellish year. I know it – you all know it – and the ones who have no clue why it’s been so difficult know it too. I remember reading online the multi-multiple reactions to 2016, by various people, and what their thoughts on 2016 were. Let me just say it wasn’t pretty, and no-one had anything good/nice to say. Who can blame anyone for ranting and raving, over how unbelievable this year has honestly been. Everyone has just been pushed beyond their limit, and the stress of challenge after challenge while draining; has taught us lessons we might not have learned had we not experienced such profound inquisition. This was a big must for planet earth in 2016 – because we’ve raised our frequency so high, we’ve changed so much, and we’ve grown and evolved to places we’ve never dreamed of. Pat yourselves on the back, at a marvelous job well done. Not just for evolving, but for living through all the horrendous shit and still being alive.


… however it’s been a tough year. I’ve spent many days during the last leap of 2016 – as we transition fully into 2017 and i just thought back on what I’ve gone through. I can’t believe I’ve survived it all. I’ve gone back months, to the beginning of what i didn’t think was going to be such a trying year. The people I’ve met, the situations I’ve been in, the letting go, the welcoming in, the healing work, the flat out attacks, the stress, the depression, the anxiety, the symptoms, all of the physical pains and hell. The feeling of being stuck, trapped in my body with no real release for me, no real freedom, just situated in one spot – irritated by the fact that i can’t rip my skin open and walk out as the bright light that i am. Suffocated. You and i both know that we have all felt suffocated. However – I’ve looked back, and damn I’ve been surprised at how much i was molded into my very being. I was re-shaped into this brilliant light that is stronger, brighter, and more empowered by all the dark shenanigans I’ve gone through. So in the end – we’ve suffered but what we’ve endured it’s what’s been shaping us into more evolved beings, and it’s what’s been preparing us for where we are now and what’s about to come in 2017.

Although he greatest lesson i think i and many can say they learned this year – has been how to be thankful to the (Dark Shit-Heads) of the world for all of the lessons that they have showed (Me – You – And us all) by all the stuff they have put us through. Stuff we survived. Because we’re still living and breathing. Do you want to know something else, We’re going to continue living and breathing through 2017, 2018, 2019 – until this planet is completely cleansed. If the dark-shit heads don’t like it, i have a sack, crack, and two cheeks. Spread it – and pucker up. And there’s more where that came from. Damn (TD). I’ve had enough of them →fuzzy_emoticon_-fd

The Unification Download Continues & Ascension Symptoms

In my previous article i spoke about The Unification Download that has been happening355789-1yiwvh1429297021 all around the world, for many beings right now. Not all beings, because many aren’t feeling the physical pains because they haven’t been activated to start their Ascension process. But for many of us around the world it has. The Unification download is happening now because we’re ready to merge fully with Source (Higher self) just a little bit more, and that’s what’s happening when we experience Light-Waves. Personally speaking, over the course of the last few days I’ve become more physically impaired, with the inability to do much of anything. However as a (Light-Worker) and one who (volunteered) to come down here. I knew that at times i would be in physical positions of impairment. When the energy became a part of my very being – then i’d go back to feeling slightly comfortable. Even then it’s not really comfortable.

I do Just want to let everyone know that energy wise thing’s have begun to speed up – since a little after the Dec 21st Winter solstice (Galactic alignment) date. We also had a New Moon in Capricorn on Dec 29th, 2016 – which was the opening date for this (1-1-1 Energy Frequency Shift) Portal that we’re experiencing right now. So if you’ve really noticed your body feeling some familiar Ascending pain – and also some new pains that you’ve not ever really felt. This is happening now because of the continued cleanse going on, the unification download.

Some Ascension Symptoms that i’m experiencing during this Unification Download/1-1-1 Portal/Gateway opening are some of the really usual, typical ones, and they’re normal in how they come in, and go out in the patterns that they do.

cry-blowGreater Sensitivity To All Things, People, Places  – I know my psychic abilities are going through another upgrade. As i’m ultra sensitive to just about anyone, anything, any place, and every situation i’m involved in or that i’m witnessing. I’ve become tired in some places, I’ve become physically ill around certain people, along with the negative arguments and mis-understandings they have and that even worse that they don’t bother to find any closure to.

wtf-question-mark-sign-smiley-emoticonInternal Bodily Pains & Discomforts – Every once in a while some part of my body will be doing something that i’m either really familiar with, because it’s what happens when i’m being upgraded. Then … every once in a while, there will be new stuff that i feel that makes me really confused until i understand what’s going on and why. Lately I’ve had skin rashes/sensitivity – I’ve known this to mean that certain thing’s just will take to me and my frequency and other’s won’t. When they come into contact with me, i have an intense negative reaction to some of the compounds, chemicals, and materials as they touch up against my skin. This means that you are evolving externally/as well as internally. So is your skin! It can’t handle the old 3D materials, chemicals, compounds – that have been created to specifically clean, clear, hang on you or come into contact with your body.

Other times – the skin rashes are an external way of showing you how your evolving on the internal. I’ve had many rashes form on my body, arms, hands, toes, that i never understood what they meant. Until i realized i was being shown externally, what was happening to me on the internal. When Ascension Teachers specifically mention that those activated on the Ascension Process are being upgraded. We really mean that your being upgraded. Just because you can’t see it at times, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. However skin rashes, in odd shapes, forming on any part of your body. Your being shown how much your evolving on the inner through it showing up on your external (The skin) through the forms of rashes.

Rib cage sharp pains, along with heart burn have been big issues. I had to work this new years eve. The entire time i was feeling the energetic flow of energy pour into me. I immediately got hot flashes, heart burn, throat pain, headaches, and an upset stomach like I’ve never received before. I’m telling you all – the stuff inside of you is evolving, merging, changing, new bones are growing, new DNA is being activated. We’re losing weight, putting on weight.

smiley-sick005 Flu Symptoms – We all understand what this one means. Upgrades via light energies. All normal, all wonderful. However going through it is the complete and total opposite. It doesn’t feel normal to me. I’m hot one minute, cold and shivering the next. My head hurts, the heart burn has kicked in, the up/down stomach reflexes. Laying down doesn’t do shit either, it makes it worse. I feel worse laying down. It’s the best way to receive a light upgrade, it effects all areas of your body at a fast time rate. Why do you think (TD) created the flu shot – and paraded that shit around for decades? to prevent your consciousness from being activated. Because then you’d be aware of them, and the poison they’re shoving into the collective.

smileys-beating-and-fighting-016940 Fits Of Rage While Mind Reading Out In Public – I don’t do this on purpose, mind reading that is. I don’t want to read minds, i don’t want to know certain thing’s about people, i don’t like to feel the un-necessary trials, pains, and hardships that other’s have gone through. However when i’m out in public – i can try as much as i can to ignore it, push it down and to the side, move it out of my mind and away, however people will make that psychic connection with you. They always make that psychic connection with me. It’s inevitable. However i usually go into fits of rage while out in public. I don’t mean to. But it’s my initial reaction to the dense, putrid, darkness swimming around.

I’ve recently done this yesterday afternoon – it was just too many people around, and you begin to feel like your in a dream state watching everyone sleeping in a man made up dream world. I get public rage, like crazy. I don’t belong out there, but what can you do when you need to go grocery shopping, and your an empath.

smiley-sleep011 Beyond Exhausted – I honestly don’t think that i need to even explain this one. I think everyone gets this one, what it means, and why it happens. This is nap time. This is fun times. This is lay your head on a pillow, and tell the world and it’s craziness to stick it where the sun don’t shine time. This is satin sheets, and forget to put the alarm on time. Damn the consequences, i’m taking a nap time.

So this is just a short list, a very, very short list of what i have been experiencing. Everybody certainly has their own symptoms that they feel more, but we’re all going through the majority of these things. This is what it is, for where we are at this time. You can say your going to accept it, work on it, release it, and love every minute of it. Or you can go the opposite way and hate it. Either way your doing it. I’m doing it. The whole entire world is doing it at this point.

Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done in 2016 – and as we move into 2017, let’s celebrate all the hard work we not only have done, but will continue to do as we plant more seeds of love, peace, and hope for the world.

Peace & Light

 copyright_symbol_shim_aa_hcCopyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2017. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site. And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.

To All Light-Worker’s: 2016’s (12:12) Feminine Divine Portal Opening. The Divine Feminine Energy Download & The Last Stair-Step Of 2016.

December 2016 Enhanced Energies 

The month of December 2016 is starting to sound, feel, taste and be just like (November, October, September 2016) and it’s all starting to feel like i’m experiencing those months combined: all rolled up into one big mammoth month in December 2016 so far. I don’t know what many other awakened and aware of themselves beings, who are on their Ascension Process are experiencing lately. However i feel/sense that many are struggling in the same ways that i am. We’re all struggling, physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, creatively, energetically. This is becoming a big month, and i’m lost for words in how to explain just how i’m honestly feeling within my own experience, because it’s gotten so senseless and may i add (Dark – Negative – and flat out Stupid.) I can’t even believe how much more darker it seems to have gotten, how much more people are descending instead of Ascending.


It’s a head scratcher. It seems/feels like in December as we Ascend more, those who aren’t and don’t want to have been Descending even further into 3D. So much so it’s becoming unbearable for me to spread light in places, that were once easy to spread it in. Which then leaves me fully open, to having extremely dark experiences with such people. For which i have. December has been the beginning of a slasher movie, just moments before the killer begins his rampage. I don’t even know what to expect anymore when i walk out the door, thank goodness it’s been snowing because then i don’t go anywhere. One thing that has been exponentially erratic has been the amount of time i have for my Light-Work in December 2016. To give you an idea of what i’m dealing with, i’ll share my week with you.

Since Tuesday Dec 5th i have been working non- stop, every morning, in a job, that is so dark, not even the portal of light i opened, that has a huge shield around it, and is cloaked from any of the dark latch-ons in some of my descending co-workers, hasn’t been able to keep the place clean. Source/Creator energy! The energy from source, that hits us all, that we get downloaded in, that is pouring down in that place like a stream of clear water slowly falling into a luscious transparent blue great lake. The energy the source/creator sends, can’t even keep it clean. It’s a portal that light energy comes down through. How in the world? Do you sense my frustration with this s**t. I’ve had to repeatedly clean the negative energy in there, just so i can manage in there. The first few days i felt alright. Then Thursday Dec 7th – i felt broken into a million pieces phsyically. There was an earthquake in the pacific oceanic reigon, and it tore my body apart that day. Friday felt even worse, with many team dark issues coming up, but i did my inner work and none of what they tried with me worked against me. My boss asked me to work another morning shift on Monday, then wanted me to come in Tuesday i said no. It’s the 12:12 portal and i’m going to publish this very article right here.

So December 2016 has arrived, and it has been causing me grief, has restricted me from being able to do my Light-Work, from writing on here. Let me also point out why this happened now? Prevent. To prevent me at all costs to write, to integrate, to grid, to work hard at spreading my light. This is what the dark does, it tries to restrict light. If you’ve gone through this when work suddenly became an every day thing, or people have come into your life, house, space, area, more than usual. It’s because it’s preventing you from doing your Light-Work at this time. I’ve dealt with this tactic for years, and i’ve always managed to find short cuts along my path. If your not aware that this is happening, then i hope reading this helps you start thinking about what is restricting you from doing your mission. What is it? what get’s in the way of it? Think hard, and try your best to be aware, and find short cut ways to deal with it.

For me i personally could give a flying donkey cart about my job, it’s the system, it’s slavery, it’s back breaking work for the priveledge of getting (fresh water, food, basic shelter) that we should be getting anyways without having to work for it. It’s not freedom when we’re having to work, slave away, and then pay, for water which is in our body, is what we’re made up of. DId you know we’re made up of 60% of water. Our brains and heart are composed of 73% water, and our lungs are composed of 83% water. Just to share that bit of information.

The 12:12 Portal/Gateway & The Divine Feminine Download 

This is going to be a really long Portal/Gateway download. Before i discuss why. I’d like to talk about 12:12 all on it’s own. I’ve been seeing that number sequence straight after the 11:11 portal/Gateway opened and closed. I’ve also seen it at least once a day since, and i’ve seen it pretty much every where. It’s common to see these kinds of number sequences, it’s actually the universe way of communicating with you. So if 12:12 is what you have seen, you’ve been shown repeatedly, that the events that are happening today and may i add the importance of tomorrows 12:13 Full Moon will be important too. I’ve never been shown a number frequency so much, it’s not that i’ve been shown it so that i am being reminded that it’s getting closer to happening. No, no, no. It’s something else. I didn’t understand it at first, until i understood it finally.

This 12:12 Portal is different than 2015 (8) 2014 (7) 2013 (6) 2012 (5) 2011 (4) 2010 (3) 2009 (2) 2008 (1) frequency energy. 2016 and the numerological frequency we’ve been existing in has been all about foreclosure. It’s about having thing’s brought up, to be worked on, then putting an ending stamp on those issues. This is also the end of a cycle, but a cycle that used to be all about the very OLD 3D way of existing. This 12:12 is pushing us into something completely different, something we’ve never experienced before. It feels like it for me, and i know many Light-Warriors are being thrown into situations that you’ve never dealt with, and don’t necessarily know how, why, or understand how to get out of them. 12:12 is the start of 2017 (1) energies, but fully we’ll be in it on Jan 1st, 2017’s – 1:1:1 – energy frequency portal shift. So from here on out expect the un-walked path, to be walked fully through.

At the beginning of this section i started talking about this Portal/gateway download, and, how i’d explain how and why it was going to be a long download for many of us. Why? Because we’re literally evolving and growing through the downloads and pain we’re feeling. I’ve felt such pains and Accelerated Ascension Symptoms & pains for almost a month now, and i know it’s happening because i’m evolving into more of my higher self. I also know my higher self is being emobdied much more into my physical body at this time. Which is what we’re all going through.

Another thing i want to mention is what this Portal/Gateway is about?  For many it’s about embodying the Feminine divine energy within them. Many people have the masculine energy, but not many have the feminine energy. On this planet for some reason, the feminine seems to always get suppressed, ignored, repressed, or shunned. The world is experiencing a Dark Of The Night energetic release, an energetic phase of cleansing, a time period where everything will feel crazy and extreme. Sort of like right now. This divine Feminine energy is what is being released into us now, for gridding, integrating, so we can have a balance between masculine/feminine. Let’s be honest, the world needs more feminine energy, more intuition, more openess, more love, more peace, and more spiritual knowledge, and less on the more survival instincts we as a humanity seem to carry around within our DNA and human codes. Embrace the divine feminine energy download, that is happening now, as balance is being restored, and a small aspect of ourselves as source is being restored fully into our physical beings now.

Old & New Ascension Symptoms4A11695 (pickup 4A11470)

The manifestation of these energies into this dense, dark, 3D world, is really causing some serious physical effects on me, you, and on all of us. I’ve been feeling some of the old physical symptoms, and some new ones that i’m having to endure while figuring out why it’s being worked on me at this time in order for me to evolve.

{Sleeping, Lucid Dreaming, Clearing memories} – these are easy and usual old symptoms, which has to do with clearing old memories, patterns, codes, frequencies in our body in order to integrate the new codes, energies, frequencies into our body.

{Head, Skull, Face, Jaw, Pains, Aches, Shooting aches} Some of these are usual normal OLD symptoms, but for me some of these are new, and it has me thinking about why these new symptoms are coming up now and what part of me is evolving? Headaches are usually light energies triggering brain thoughts, moods, to a much more spiritual way, understanding what’s going on, re-wiring taking place, de brainwashing as i like to call it. Skull pressure and pains tend to happen when the energies of light are pulsating through you, as well as when some part of your brain is finally waking up and beginning to be used. The knowledge in that part of the brain about Ascension, Ascension topics, subjects are going to be revealed to you soon. Remember in the light, there is complete and full disclosure of everything. Face – and Jaw pain has been happening to me, and it’s very new. If you could look at the picture of the anatomy of the jaw which is right above. You’ll see everything from the bottom, top jaw, to the nerves, these Ascension symptoms are now being worked on and triggered for me. But for many Light-Workers, this has been a familiar and painful symptom, remember though that not everyone feels all the same symptoms at first, we have to each get there. I also want to point out that even if we all feel every single symptom, for many it won’t be triggered in the same moments.

The centre of my cheek, just under my cheekbones have been in tremendous pain. For about a week now. It’s painful when i chew, it’s painful when i make sudden movements with my mouth, even talking can be painful. The jaw, face, mouth, nose, sinus area has a ton of nerves that cross through certain places, connecting them all together, as well as connecting to the brain. Nerves in the body in general play a big role in embodying the light and the energies. The Nerves are how the energies move through our bodies, and because of that, various areas in our bodies where nerves are located, suddenly explode and get activated with light energies. This is a painful process, however, it is a necessary process of light integration, evolution, and we agreed to this in our volunteer contracts before we came down here.

{Hot flashes, Flu Downloads, Chills} I experienced this for almost three weeks straight. Flu downloads, while being sick, and evolving along with it all. One thing that happened to me one night last week, was an intense heat which exploded from within me, and it lasted all night. I was just burning up, had to fan myself, took my sweater off, then still felt like i was over heated.

It’s been a long three weeks going onto a month of accelerated Ascension symptoms for me, for you, for all in the world. As you can probably tell, many are having to once again make that soul choice. Whether they will embody the light while being down here, or if it’s time to leave and return to self, to higher self, to higher source in spirit form. Many people around me are leaving, wonderful people, who i’ve been celebrating, because of how wonderful, creative, unique they were and what they brought to the world. I’m feeling a bit left out, they’re all returning to higher self, higher source, and i feel like i’m trying to hold onto them all as i’m becoming more and more isolated and on my own down here. But that’s what it’s about. Becoming source in ourselves down here, and doing what we’re meant to do,what were destined to do.

16 Happy 12:12 Divine Feminine Portal Light-Workers. 16

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Floating Phenomena In 2016: Why Have So Many Light-Workers Been Having (Out Of Body Experiences) During 2016.

Transition From November Into December 2016

As we continue to experience more and more Energetic Shift(s) into December 2016 we’re going to feel, see, hear, and experience so many thing(s). The physical pain brought on by anchoring Light Energy into all of our Bodily systems will be a big theme, having supernatural experiences such as seeing (Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings Of The Light, Multi-Dimensional Beings from the 5D 6D 7D and 8D and beyond, Dark entities, Dark beings). Seeing the world around us completely and utterly collapse unto itself, seeing the fear and panic which we’ve already been seeing spread more and more unless we do our jobs and prevent mass fear. We will, have, and continue to experience these many thing(s) as we move out of the extraordinary month that has been November 2016 and into the Power-house month that December 2016 will be.

This is just a heads up that December 2016 will usher in so much more light, and i’m writing this so that i can let everyone know that it will be a difficult time on a physical and molecular level. Rest assured, however excurciating the pain will feel, just know that this is going to be a magnificent month for all of us as we take on – and – take that leap into a higher space when the 12:12 portal/gateway lifts us higher towards those beings of the light. So my message today is one of awareness, and that preparation is needed, we’re all going to have to evolve with this one. We’re all going to have to deal with our deep rooted issues, remain balanced/centred, so that we can help transmute, help heal, help spread the light for Everyone else. For reasons being that they just can’t right now, and that’s fine, not everyone in this lifetime will ever be activated from within and go through this Ascension Process, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t. Which is why we continue to do this for Everyone: So that they can some day in the future be activated and join in on all of the fun were having.

Are we having fun yet? …(crickets) … anyone? At all. rofl Yeah i didn’t think so. However it is what we’re doing now, and let’s pull up our big boy/girl pants and get on with it. Because the alternative, is just to unbearable for me to think about. Keep releasing, and letting go of whatever is keeping your soul/spirit from expanding. Once 2017 comes we can’t take it with us.

Floating Phenomena & Why Light-Warriors Have Been Experiencing It Deeply In 2016

This is the topic at hand for today. It is a subject/topic that i really have felt that i needed to write about: Because it continues to happen to me more and more. In fact in 2016 i’ve experienced this much more than i have in any other year. I call it the (Floating Phenomena) when your constantly finding yourself having to leave your physical body, but even before you do you feel extremely light as if you’ll float out of your body while awake. This is in a nut shell what i’m talking about. I also know that i’m not the only one who has experienced (Out Of Body Experiences, Floating sensations, Deep sleeping, Having to immediately leave ones body due to high dense energy) These are thing’s that have happened to many of us, and if you’ve felt alone in this understand that your really not. Not at all. I also want to say, if your feeling any fear emotions coming up when this happens, i can’t tell you how to react. However letting it happen, acceptance, and remaining in a state of calmness and balance, can diminish the sense of fear you might feel. This is you feeling like you could exit your body, so already the energies are telling you that your not grounded. For alot of us, the majority of us aren’t grounding ourselves. It’s been in my experience that when it has happened to me, i immediately could tell it was because i wasn’t grounding myself and my energy. I was letting myself be pummelled by the energies.

I want to write about an experience i had in July 2016 – because i need to explain it in full detail. It was during the Lionsgate Portal and it had just opened, so it was the end of July and we were experiencing another one of those monthly transitions. Energetic shifts: which were brutal and have continued to be.

I woke up that day feeling tired, dazed, and like i wasn’t existing in this dimension. Which is a normal thing for me, as sometimes i’m existing in another dimension. I know many of you also have this experience: where you feel like your somewhere else but you can feel your physical body. We all astral project; and it’s what we’re doing when we feel this way. So i didn’t do anything that day, i walked straight to the couch and sat there. I figured some time to relax my body, and integrate the energies was what i needed. So i spent most of the day doing that. Every-once in a while i would black-out. Literally instantly shut my eyes, and wake up not knowing for how long i was in this state. I did it about 3 or 4 times over the course of a few hours. It was me having to leave. So i fell into a deep sleep, and literally blacked-out in order to have a break from all the energy coming in at this time. I remember feeling very light that day, and i’ve had previous days like that. It felt as if i was floating, so the floating feeling would come on in between the time i had woken up from deep sleep, to the next time i would go back into a deep sleep.

So i’ve had many experiences like this where I’ve felt like i was floating, where i’ve blacked-out into a deep sleep, where i left my body because i needed a break from being entombed in this body for the last 26 years. It’s been astonishing really. 2016 has been a wild year, and i’ve never experienced such a highly energetic year. The energies have been profoundly uplifting, which is why so many of us, have experienced the need to get out for a small period of time.

 But Why In 2016?

I don’t need to go on and on about how energetically heightened this year (2016) has been, or maybe i do? Because then maybe i can explain why we’ve all been needing to take frequent naps, leave our bodies behind, and rest as much as we have been. The energy of (2016) hasn’t been felt ever before on this planet. This is very NEW and i can certainly say that my body feels different, and i feel it expanding from the inside. It’s defintely expanding from the outside to. However the codes, that we’ve all been downloaded with this year, has been very different. The current information we are receiving from the muti-dimensional beings and (Source/Creator), isn’t like anything we’ve been downoaded with before. So it’s making us slow down.

We’ve all felt stuck this year, we’ve all slowed our pace in life down, not because we’re not sure where to go. It has to do with the fact that we need to finish downloading new information that will lead us to where we need to go. Need to get to. So (2016) in many cases had been like the bus stopping at the bus station. We’ve all needed to get off, and wait for the next bus to go. However we can’t get on it, because one it hasn’t arrived yet, and secondly we’re still finding routes on our own individual bus maps. This year has been a big stopping point, for EVERYONE. It’s been like this since Jan 1st. So sitting on the couch feeling like your floating, laying on the couch in a deep sleep, being in your own home leaving your body, and not being surrounded by a swarm of people to distract you has been a huge blessing. We’ve all been called on in (2016) to go within and face our issues, to heal them, to deal with them, so that when we get on that next bus we aren’t carrying any extra baggage into 2017.

Love & Light

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Further November 2016 Shifts: More Brutal (Flu) Pains During The Last Week, As We Move Out Of The (Zero Zone Transitional Period). I Know You’ve All Felt It.

stretcher            smiley-sick005            smiley-sick010          wtf-question-mark-sign-smiley-emoticon         im-ok-smiley-emoticon       vomit-into-the-toilet          shit-hits-the-fan       jaw-drop-smiley-emoticon      stretcher

   I’ve once again decided to start this off by showing a bunch of smiley people doing various actions, some include being ill. While other’s include revealing their shocked faces at all of this new energy, as well as holding up signs that read “WTF“. I’m sure many (Light-workers) and (Forerunners of the forerunners) have been wondering what the hell has been going on during the last week or so.  Some of you already know, while other’s of you don’t. All is fine, and all is precisely where it needs to be. However it doesn’t mean all of this hasn’t been painful. Because it has: let me fill you in on something about evolution – it is – never – easy. It will never be, not until many years from now when humanity is in more harmony with the planet. For right now, we are not there. What we can expect are similiar energetic shifts like we experienced this past week. As Energetic shifting is what’s been going on!

To explain Energetic Shifting: It happens when we’ve moved into a new space within the energy of light, that we experience a total, and complete shift here on earth. This planet continues to shift into lighter and higher energetic energy, and i’m not complaining because it’s what really needs to happen at this point. It’s what ultimately is going to happen, until we’re all energetically harmonized with this planet for the better.  So if you’ve experienced symptoms, pain everywhere, an inability to function this week, you’ve noticed as the shift has happened that many people are being lead to other places. I’ve noticed many people and their timelines veering off into other directions, many are coming and others are going. Thing’s are shifting again, how this new energy will stabilize is yet to be seen. However i’m noticing the shift right in front of my face, and i’m being guided to embrace the changes that are happening now. I’m all for changes, as I’ve felt stuck for so many months now. However it makes it hard to be highly enthusiastic about positive changes, when i’m on the couch 24/7 because i’m in tremendous pain. Which is the hard part. Many of us feel like this, it’s difficult to embrace the energies when it’s the energies that make you feel like your on the brink of death. (Your not alone on this one, we all feel like this).  It’s just a matter of acceptance.  When you’ve reached a place of acceptance, you’ll find that you can tackle, handle, and deal with any physical discomfort that might be whipping your ass at the current moment.

I’ve also just been having a hard time focusing on anything right now, because everything is changing so rapidly. I’m feeling these shifts left, and right. Coming at me all over the place. I can’t find one timeline that is clear, and precise. People are choosing to exit at this time through death, and other’s are choosing to remain and are having to deal with those who are choosing to leave this planet right now. It’s giving me a headache. It also doesn’t help, when i’ve been recieving visions about thing’s and people that i know nothing about that might happen in the future. Some of these possibilities may, or may not happen. So this has been a very enhanced time for me, an enhanced time for all of you, and an enhanced time for us all. All people on earth, not just those of us that know what’s going on. So give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far, take a deep breath, and dive right back in.

Growing And Evolving Is Painful & The Hell Week Most Light-Warriors Have Faced

I’m not going to sugar coat anything. This week has been a rough week on all fronts. It’s not just me, it’s been a painful week for all. I genuinely don’t know where to start, and i don’t know how i’m feeling (Post whatever the heck) it was that i experienced this last week, starting on last Saturday. There are no words, to describe the way i have been feeling, or how many of you have been feeling. I do want to say this, this week has been like walking through a lower realm of existence. Interferences, dark energy by dark beings, feeling the fear from people, i’ve locked myself inside my house most of the time and don’t go out unless i absolutely have to. I can’t be bothered to be outside, I just don’t want to and i know many of you have struggled internally with moments of indecision about whether to just go to work, or call in sick.

Heavy times, trying times, yet they want us to work for dimes. I’d rather skip that mess.

Physically, i’m existing in a painful nightmare. I want to write about some of my heavy symptoms, and i hope it might also be very informative to those who might be reading. I’ve had issues with my three higher chakras. They include the (Crown – The Third Eye – The throat). Now usually, my three lower chakras get activated. other times i get a mixture of Lower/Higher. For example. I could get third eye downloads, while also having my root chakra activated. So i’m horny, but i have a headache. You know where that leads, it ain’t gunna happen tonight. I’ll shut off my light, and i’ll sleep. Because at this point on my path sleep is more important. Let me just be honest.

 This new Energetic shift is some whole other shit.  I’ve been worse, and i’ve felt worse than i’ve been this week years ago. However i’ve not felt this much (Ear itching, Ear pain inside my ears, down into my throat, throat burning, random periods of deep coughing, which leads into my chest, chest pains, chest pressure, heart burn, heart racing, heart expansion pains like ever before). It’s really been crazy. My vision has been blurry as well, it’s been so bad that i’ve just done an eye examination and i now have to wear glasses. I’ve gained weight again, oh yes. Tremendous headaches, like shooting pains around my temples. The energy pouring into my crown chakra, has me in states of ecstasy. It is so penetrating, deep, and full when it comes in i actually need to stop myself from whatever i’m doing.

It’s been a big week, and let me just explain a few thing’s that have happened that might help you understand why your feeling like this. First the sun went spotless a few days ago, and anything the sun does effects us. If it’s over-active, or under-active. It doesn’t matter it all effects us at a molecular level. You can’t change what it does to our DNA. A Hurricane in Central America, plus a 7.0 earthquake hitting the same reigon. Colder weather, the death of trees and many plant lives which helps us connect to gaia is also leaving for a short while. Florence hendersen died, and i’m feeling grief and saddness from other people tugging at me. Let’s face it. We live in a world where everything is connected, so it’s natural to feel every single thing. I felt the hurricane, the trees dying, the earthquakes, the fear, the grief, that’s what being an empath is all about.

Give yourselves a hug, you made it through all of this. When the next shift hits, you’ll make it through that one then to.

The (0) Zone & Exiting The (Transition period).

I mentioned earlier in this article that i’ve felt Stuck for the past few months. I have. I’m also 100% sure that you all have to. It’s the strangest thing. I’ve just felt like everything i’m doing, i’m just doing it as if it’s on a loop. Like i’m caught in a Time Loop where everyday its the same thing. Believe me this exists. Which is why i do extensive timeline work. Where i either can open a new timeline for the world, in some place, or close a necessary one because all involved have suffered enough. At times the only thing that bring’s change, is my very presence.

One of the reasons i’ve felt stuck has to do with where we are energetically. We’ve been trapped in a energetic code, frequency, number, energy of zero. (0) energy. Do you get it? Now that we know why we haven’t gotten ourselves very far in the last few months since 999 happened on Sept,9th,2016. Let me explain why we’re moving out of this zero (0) energy.  It all has to do with the new cycle we’re on the verge of entering, when jan 1st, 2017 happens.  (9) is done – (1) is where we’re about to go. There is no taking (9) issues with us into the (1) year, so leave endings, places, people that aren’t suppose to come with you on your path behind. They can not come with you, and you can not go with them. Everyone is moving in many different directions. However as we move into December expect us to move into a territory in this Ascension process where we have not travelled before.

Let me give you some dates that are so important.

  • December 12, 2016 (Also Known As) The 12:12 Portal/gateway opening. The final stair-step of 2016. It is followed by a powerful Full Moon on Dec 13th.
  • December 21st, 2016 (Also Known As) The Winter Solstice of 2016 – the last solstice of the old cycle.
  • Dec 29th, 2016 (Also Known As) The Powerful New Moon which will begin our transition into the very start of our new cycle. We exit zero, and enter one where everything is brand new.

If you need to write these down feel free, as they are important dates, and December 2016 will be a very important month. December won’t be playing around, it means buisness. So it’s time that we really hunker down, and just spread the light where ever we can. I’m anxious but preparing myself, and i know everything will work out the way it needs to so that peace, and love can prevail.

Is it me or does it seem like as each month ends, the energies just keep getting stronger and stronger. Whoah boy!

Love & Light

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Receiving Psychic Visions In 2016: The Vision Of The (9-9-9) Light Wave, I’ve Received In March 2016.

smiley-happy093                                                smiley-happy093                                                   smiley-happy093

 I have been sensing the September 9th (9-9-9) date , waiting for this specific day, welcoming this specific energy for weeks now, anticipating this specific Portal/Gateway opening, mildly hesitating feeling the physical pains because of the integrations (As much as they help lift us up, it still hurts like crazy.) to the point that I could hardly stand it anymore. I’ve been excited, i’m ecstatic, and I feel like the source/creator has woken me up on Christmas morning, and handed me a box filled with light & Love.

And – It’s still a few days away!

Being A Psychic & Receiving The March 2016 Vision About The (9-9-9) Portal/Gateway

As a Psychic/Empath when I receive visons, or any kind of vision, for any Light-Worker really who receives information and images/visions, you and i both know it’s not just the images we receive. Oh no, what I get along with it are real emotional currents that flow through me, a sense of being able to feel how energies will manifest down here in 3D physicality. If they’re dark and painful visions about what can happen to humanity, then i’ll feel overwhelmed, and i’ll jump at the sounds of nuclear bombs going off as those are the majority of what I see as a possibility for earth. A real life WW3 – and if we don’t act now there is a chance it can happen, as that is what (Team Negative) has been after all along. The pain, the suffering, the deaths, all become part of me in an instant moment. Not a pleasant sight to see, or feel.  On the other hand when I receive positive and uplifting visions, I become filled with hope and promise for the future. I’ll feel as if i’m bursting on the inside, happy, calm, safe, and secure in the light and within myself. One of these such positive visions was back in March 2016, and i’ll share it here with you.

I saw light, pouring down from the dimensions. People all over activating their consciousness. I felt immense connection, I felt love, and I also felt safe in knowing that this time period of September 2016 was going to bring us closer to our higher selves. I did see and feel lots of pain, physical pain, for many and of course these periods will always feel this way.  The integrating I saw and felt was going to be global, people who weren’t aware of Ascension, were also going to feel these integrations of light within they’re bodies.

The sadness i then felt was that these beings were going to bring themselves and their frequency lower, by stopping the process through drugs/chemically induced medicines. Many were going to become unconscious rather than be open consciously, through doing this, in order to cope with the energies. Putting real chemicals into their bodies, causing them real illness, as many people’s bodies can not tolerate these medicines at this time anymore. This cycle will continue for many, until they learn to emotionally release and heal their pain.

Many I saw were going to ignore their true selves, wouldn’t heal any emotional pains, wouldn’t attempt to grow and or evolve by healing/transmuting their own issues. Many would repeat the same cycles they have for their entire lives, even effecting, and affecting people by ignoring what they want, need, and how they ignore it.

This period from what I saw was going to bring more people closer to the light, open their minds up to the dimensions of existence, be open to and connect with those beings of the light who were waiting for us to remember them. That they have been here all along, ready, willing to show us how they did it prior to ascending themselves.

↑ This was the vision I saw in March 2016, just before the dreaded April energies, that came smacking down hard. This has stayed with me for the better part of 2016.

The Current Doubt Of The Energy Shift, Frequency Shift, And Harassment I’ve Gotten Since Receiving this Vision.

Now i’m well aware and have been aware that September was going to be potent, however i’ve had a couple of people (I suspect they’re not really conscious, at this time, at all! – because if they were, they’d be discerning the very wonderful and important energies coming in now, instead of telling me how wrong I am for being connected to and knowing how to follow my psychic intuition.) who have left me a few personal messages stating that they can’t stand the phrase (Energy shift) or (Frequency shift) and that i couldn’t possibly know what was going to happen at this time. To just let it be, to just let us get there when we get there, but i’ve fully known that we were already in the 5th dimension all along. It’s just up to many people out there who don’t know, to finally get there. To realize it for themselves. This is something that I’ve had to deal with since starting this site, and even before I moved onto WordPress they did it at my blogger site as well.

I don’t ever  openly speak about this, but this will give the majority of you reading these articles, a good idea about the kind of harassment that I and other’s who do write about what is (Really going on) and what we go through. I’m sure many Light-Workers understand what i’m talking about, as soon as you go to speak openly about what’s going on, they immediately start shutting you down. Because to them (Your wrong, and they’re right) when it’s not about that, never has been, and never will be. It’s about feeling the energy, being the energy, and knowing the energy.  The best way to deal with this, is to keep doing it anyways, just because one doesn’t want to evolve, doesn’t mean 50 other’s don’t.

September 2016 – This time period that we’re in is a very important one, much is changing, if the majority of those you know who claim to be Light-Workers are stating they have no clue what your going on about, with the energies. These people are not who you think they are!


Yes I’ve gone off topic, however this is something I feel that I need to state. How is it that (They) and (They) know who (they are), how can you state that me or every other Light-Worker is wrong about the energetic shift occurring now. Are you kidding me? Are you not feeling the energies? Are you not capable of using your gift to sense what’s going on? At this time? This recent putting people in doubt about “there is no frequency shift”  smells like a dark tactic. This is the (9-9-9) Light wave energies, the last day of our current cycle, of course there is a frequency shift.

Now that i’m done getting my message across to a few people who have been spreading doubt, and let’s be honest (who are Faking it,) as I don’t feel the need to be nice to those who are pretending they’re authentic when we know who you really are. I think it’s best that I get this off of my chest now, and start to heal and transmute these issues, as I don’t need to be carrying this kind of energy with me as we move higher and closer to or source/creator at this time.

There Will Always Be Those Who Doubt Light-Workers & Their Own Ability To Discern

Over the last few years I’ve both experienced and seen many, who have tried to claim me as nuts, a fool, an insane idiot, and other’s on a daily basis. Then on the other side of the spectrum, I’ve had those who stole from my writing, stole from my experiences, and pretended they were me. Which I think is just nuts! Then there was one last group, who didn’t do the first or second, but just had major doubts and continued to spread those doubts. Still do today.

The thing is Light-Workers on a soul level every single one of us has known that they would go through this, I knew prior to incarnating here that I would be going through this. That I would deal with these kinds of people, deal with these kinds of situations. I think the only thing that I didn’t know, was how I was going to “Handle” it. It’s not an easy to thing to do, going through all of this, while integrating the light, while the majority of the population thinks of you as nuts/unstable. It’s one heck of a mission – and the only thing to realize is that there will always be someone doubting you, how you handle that? is what counts – me I choose to continue moving forward.

So you see it’s no different. Even with a wonderful frequency raise we are experiencing with this 9-9-9 Portal/Gateway, people are always going to doubt it. Which is funny to me, it’s happening now, it’s in the date, it’s in the numerology, and it’s in the energy.

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