To All Light-Workers: More Unity In The World As We Exit 2016 (9) & The Latest Unification Download We’re All Experiencing Now.

16My dear Brothers and Sisters – I understand how difficult December 2016 has been for many, it has been difficult and challenging for me on all levels as well. As we make this significant transition, we must hold ourselves in the highest of frequency and light. For we will all be ascending soon – some of us earlier than other’s, some not in this lifetime. However each of us, those who are here now, those who have passed, and those who have yet to come back, or for the first time. We will all be ascended beings – who will know the grace of peace. Hold on tight – preparation – is indeed needed, but we will all make it. 16

Tired & Wired As We Exit 2016

This month just seems to keep on keeping on – it’s relentless, but this is what i’ve known all along for quite some time. I knew December 2016 was going to usher in something new, that we’ve never experienced before. Have you ever experienced anything like this Light-Workers? I know i haven’t felt quite like this ever, and one of the reasons we’re all feeling like this: is because we’re continuing to experience one of the greatest cleansings that we have ever experienced as light beings incarnated in physical human bodies. This has been brutal – I’ve been able to handle past downloads this year from (Light-Waves, Portal Gateways/Openings, dates with high importance such as 999) This also includes demonic attacks against me, and experiencing the lower forms of human darkness at it’s worst.  I’ve experienced it all this year, but something feels so massively different right now and no-body can deny it.


I’ve not felt quite like myself this month. I’m usually more open, i’m usually much more candid about what i’m experiencing. I’m usually in higher spirits, but i’ve not been in the mood for this holiday season stuff. This is a yearly pattern for me, as December comes along. I go into a small depressive phunk – then i’m back out of it some time in Jan; then it returns full force in March into April with the demonic church stuff. This year wasn’t so bad. The past year in 2015 i had a break down for which i didn’t have in what seemed like years. I just don’t understand this time of the year, the craziness, the materialism, the gift buying and exchanging the next day. I never understood it, i will never understand it, and i try not to get involved. Energetically that’s another thing: because i’ve been feeling it all. It’s been swirling around the world like a plague. “I’m broke, how will i pay my bills, but then i need to get her this gift, and him that one, if i don’t i’ll feel the wrath of my family” I’ve been feeling nothing but fear, worry, and guilt this december month from people splattered all over the world. I’ve needed to just stay silent, get through it all, as i know many of you have been doing to.

However i’ve just needed to almost dissappear off of the radar entirely, I’ve been too tired and wired to write. I don’t want to be open, i really don’t even feel like being social – i generally want people to walk on past me like i’m a ghost and just live my life quietly at this point in time. I’m half awake right now as i write this. My Spirit Guides and my Guardian Angel have even expressed their concerns over my loaftng around most of the month. My issues are exhaustion – i’m feeling quite a lot of exhaustion, and the random naps at random moments has happened. If your experincing this, your light spirit knows that you need to leave your body because the energy is too much. But in a few hours you’ll return back into your body refreshed. I’ve had quite a bit of headaches – and downloads have been pouring in, and through me. I’ve been very tired and wired, when you are exhausted but for some stupid reason your mind won’t stop. I’ve dealt with that as well. I’ve been sooo super sensitive this month as well, my skin broken out in rashes, dryness. I witnessed a man fighting with my supervisor at work, and that situation made me feel ill. So i’ve dealt with all kinds of sensitivitt this month. Whew! It’s been extreme.

Exits, Exits, And More Exits Happening As we Leave 2016

Any being has a right to leave this planet at any time that they see fit. We all have Soul Choices, we all experience Timeline shifting, certain events that are beyond our control happen. However even if you remember your planned Exit Points: when you choose to leave at a certain point in time in your life. There are moments where you can die, because of the energetic disturbance of someone else, of some entity, of some or many demonic beings.So we really can leave, at any time.

The last few weeks of 2016 – i feel like many, many, many beings are flat out stating “Get me the fuck off of this planet, because i’ve had enough. I can’t handle it, it’s getting crazy down here and i can’t evolve anymore while being physically down here.” We’ve lost a ton of people – not just those certain Light-Workers (in the public eye). Many every-day people, family members, friends, have decided for themselves that their individual journey down here needs to end. As tough as it is – it is their soul choice, and for some they already agreed fully and completely about the events leading up to how they would leave this place. However this has been a crazy month for people dying, some people who have past on have just been shocking to the say the least. I wish you all the best, as you continue on your journey else-where.

The Unification Download & The 1-1-1 Frequency Shift

Many Light-Workers; myself included have felt absolutely dragged through the mud this month. Exhausted, sensitive, defeated, depressed, enraged, sad – any emotion you name it we’ve felt it. But what we’re experiencing right now – this download – this Light-Wave – this shift – is happening because we’re moving into the Number frequency of 1 fully and completely.  It’s the usual energy update, download, integration, DNA shift, Frequency raise, so don’t worry that this is something different. No matter how new it really feels.

This unification download: However is very different. What we’re experiencing now – is the complete unity of our Feminine/Masculine aspects – and integrating them into our body. This means more of higher self is being integrated into us at this time. As we exit 2016 we are experiencing much more unity consciousness, we’re seeing how everything and everyone effects us and our lives. I’m not talking about us All Becoming One – because this isn’t what’s happening. What we’re becoming one with is source (Higher self) individually. You can’t become one with another physical body or 7.5 billion (bodies) – but you can become one with your own higher self (source). There is a big emphasis on integrating the balance of both energies into your being, however know that by doing this that you might feel a little bit unbalanced for a short time. I tend to – because it’s physical hell on the body.

Some symptoms i’ve experienced has been a strong need to isolate myself – spend lots of time undserstanding what’s coming up now – because i need to understand more of my higher self at this time. Pulsating feet – this has been extreme for me, and i know that all this energy is making it’s way through my body modifying my DNA. Rashes and sensitivity to almost everything and everyone, and on some days i just sit on the couch and try to relax in sounds of blissful silence. I’m having jaw pain, rib cage pain, and other different inner body modifcations going on. For those reading this experiencing these rib pains, chest pains, and other inner body pains your being modified in these areas. Cleansed – detoxed. If you don’t feel sure yet about these modifications, do go and get checked out. Peace of mind, and an awareness about the self is so mportant at this time. I’m also nauseous, a few times in the morning. I’m always hungry. I’m waking up a few times early in the morning, or i’m getting to bed at 3 or 4 am. So these energetic energies are doing lots of work on me.

The unification of yourself & The world – embrace it, but damn not many people are surviving this latest energy download. Be at peace, hold your light, and shine it for those who are in need of it at this time.

16Peace & Light16

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To All Light-Workers: The 10-31-2016 Portal Opening & Traversing Through Higher & Lower Dimensional Realms.

16 I just want to start this article off by saying a big Thank You to everyone who had sent me an email, of Love, of Gratitude, especially over the last week or so. There were too many to address personally, and I’ve just been getting hit tremendously by these energies I’ve been too tired to respond. Your kind words are welcomed, and so is your love. I’ve had high hopes that the Light-Work that I’ve been doing all along on here would someday help other people, would help those of us who are fully on our own Ascension paths and doing this hard work in the NOW moment.

So thank you, once again, from my heart to yours. As i now know that my own work is paying off, and helping other’s who are experiencing the same thing’s and situations feel better about where they’re at as they evolve and grow. 16

More Love But At A Physical Price

I think that title “More Love But At A Physical Price” is just perfect in explaining what it’s been like for me, for most of us in October 2016. I think that explains most of 2016 (9) for everyone at this point. I’ve never experienced such a frequency of higher intensified “Love Energy” like i have during this last week going into this week. I’ve been enthralled within it, and I’ve been feeling it from most. However it doesn’t mean that i haven’t dealt with people who send me hate instead, because I’ve dealt with that as well through out October. Shouting, distractions, interferences, showing they’re darker side, and all that nonsense. Where i’m at, where your at, we don’t have time for this. I’m busy, i have Grid Work that i’m doing, i’m holding love high in my heart, and anything else that takes me away from this kind of Light-Work is not important enough to give my energy to. Neither is it for you, if your also doing your Light-Work whatever that may be, keep your energy intact.

While this October Third-Wave has been bringing in all these NEW love energies, and we can all feel it. It’s coming at a high physical price for us all. I’ve had some days where i’m literally spinning when i finally lay my body down in bed, literally just spinning all over myself, and all over my room space. I had no idea that love could feel this physically painful, and isn’t that something? You expect it to feel wonderful, and there have been intense moments of euphoria, but october has not felt Euphoric. For those who hate it, sure go ahead and hate it, but this is what we signed up for folks. We understood what we were getting into, when we agreed to be born into a highly dense and toxic realm of existence, while being downloaded with light energies on a weekly basis. You knew this, I knew this, We all knew this. Hate the physical price, but love the fact that your helping usher in so much light, that the monsters will soon be vacating the premises.

fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ← Look at this ugly piece of shit, just look at it. House, House, House, these Light energies into your being. Please, the more you Grid, the more of these silly fools leave. They have two choices at this point. The first either leave entirely, and off yourself off to another realm, on a different planet with the same energies. The second and this is the most important one. They either change and evolve now, and return to the light, or they will not be able to exist here because thing’s are really changing dramatically. It’s alright to hate the physical process, but make sure you love the outcome. The outcome is what we’re all working so damn hard for, peace, love, and unity. Get excited everyone come on. We’re doing this damn thing.

Increased Physical Symptoms & That Damn Coronal Hole

I’ve noticed that I’ve had a much more difficult time this last week on a Physical level, with my bodily vessel taking nothing but hit after hit. I’ve been dealing with sinus issues, my nose has been bloody, dry, i’ve had the tissues more in handy recently. If your surprised to read about sinus issues being an Ascension Symptom, oh yeah. Since i’ve started this Ascension process, i’ve had to deal with major sinus issues, major Nose issues, and major Ear and Throat issues as well. This is not a new thing for me, but it might be a new thing that i’m bringing up now. I’ve had a day or two this week where my throat felt blocked, i don’t mean my throat Chakra. Physically i try to swallow but it feels like it is completely shut off, closed off, and it’s been a struggle when my throat get’s triggered by other sinus issues.

I’m also having and being in strange lower/higher realms, in my dream states. I’m vibrating, especially on my left side, specifically my left leg. I’ve even started falling asleep at random, and then experiencing myself having vertigo while hovering above myself. Something new that happened to me a few months ago, was that while in the transition of entering my body, i’m hearing voices/thoughts of people in the collective. It’s like multiple people at once, and i can hear they’re voices going on about they’re problems. This has happened again. So physically thing’s are difficult. As i’m sure it also is for you.

Why is it so difficult right now? Aside from this Third Wave which is no picnic, there has been and still continues to make things worse, has been that the earth has also been stuck in a Stream Of Solar Wind  caused by a huge gapping Coronal Hole on the sun. Why is this important Light-Workers? It’s so important because our bodies get triggered immediately when ever the sun does anything. I get so sensitive when ever the sun does anything, a solar flare, geomagnetic storms, coronal hole opening, solar wind, it just about triggers unfathomable pain within my body and it’s systems. So Because they impact our earth, it then will impact us all because we co-exist within the earth. It’s a funny time period, as everything seems to be hitting us all at once. The coronal hole energies, the third wave, and the New Moon, and don’t forget the 11:11 Portal/Gateway opening is just around the corner. My Source … we’re right in the middle of this thing.

The 10-31-2016 Portal/gateway opening & Being Aware Of The Veil Lifting At This Time

The main reason and focus of this article is to write about this particular portal, the Halloween Portal, the 10-31 Portal opening. This day has an important energy about it, and most people aren’t aware of it. Those who are in tune, understand what is really going on at this time.

This Portal is about the veil. The veil between this earthly dimensional realm, and the spirit world. Whether it’s a higher dimensional realm or lower dimensional realm, this portal opens up the veil for a specific time, which let’s this world and the spirit world become one. As a young kid, i didn’t like the hype of halloween. As a light-worker who is constantly interfered with, messed with, psychically attacked in my sleep, as an adult going through all of this and still living and surivivng it on a daily basis it’s some how lost it’s appeal entirely. It goes from dressing up and playing along in the matrix world, to being a real part of the real battle and being exposed to the real monsters. So i don’t do this “Holiday” and even more strange is that people call it one. That’s not at all what this portal is about. For me it’s about energy, it’s about protection, sure it’s about contact with the other side, but make sure your not playing around with demonic beings who are entering through this portal.

I’ve experienced it, i’ve lived it, these (TD-Beings) come out through this portal, come into our realm of existence. This is a yearly portal, and while it’s suppose to be about connecting with higher realms, don’t forget that it’s about Lower frequency beings from lower dimensional realms jumping through portals and entering this world. This is not something that I or You, should be messing around with. It’s very real, and while we can have better connection to our higher spiritual friends, and Spirit guides, and E.T beings from the 5D, 6D, 7D and 8D realms. Don’t forget we’re opened to lower Dimensional relams as well, and Dark beings will not hesitate to enter this realm and remain here.

Stay Safe: Enjoy the higher connection, but watch out for the dark ones as well.

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Being A Light-Worker In 2016: Post (999) Energies & The New Team Of Angelic Spirit Guides, That Are Now Helping (Me – You – Us) At This Time.

I started 2016 (9) with the highest expectations that it would be a positive year. That I wasn’t going to be “Beat down” or have my “Inner Light” – beat down and out of me. Now while for the majority of 2016 (9) it’s had it’s struggles, and I’ve had thing’s that needed to be worked through in order to get to where I am today. As I know many of the forerunners in this Ascension process have struggled in 2016 (9) as well. I have to admit that It’s been my second worst year to date that I have been incarnated down here. The worst year was 2014 (7) for all the horrible, shitty, and pointless attacks against me by (Team Dark – Negative Beings and entities) and (Dark Portal People) who have helped them knowingly or unknowingly. And (Because I’m still alive, and well, and causing chaos for Team Dark members I dance joyfully.)  It’s personal vindication for me that I’ve been through the absolute worst, and that, I’m still here regardless. Not even those fuckers can take that away from me, or you for that matter, or all of us collectively.

free-happy-smileys-819                    smiley-laughing015                        smiley-happy093      smiley-happy080             47b20s0              im-ok-smiley-emoticon          rofl

Being a (Light-Worker), going through what we all go threw, transmuting the negativity and healing it, dealing with the many people (Portal people), housing the light within my physical body, then going through the physical discomfort of being a pillar in one of the darkest and densest realms of existence has been one of the hardest thing’s I have done. However despite being on a boat that rocks, while your stranded in the middle of the ocean, I’ve not felt much loneliness while doing this thing in 2016. For many the years have felt and seemed like, endless roads leading to no-where, and let’s be honest don’t we all feel that way at times?. I know I have. For me I’ve felt much more connected to, and closer to those higher dimensional beings who many people just don’t see at this time. Which has made seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so much better, and much more profound. Because at the end of the day I’m not alone, at all. This has been why 2016 (9) has been the second worst year, second hardest, second trying, second challenging and so much more. I’ve been getting (Tended and cared to with the utmost love and respect) by these Angelic Higher Multi-Dimensional Beings who have been coming in/out of my life on a whim since I could communicate with them, for all of 2016 (9). Another thing I need to mention. Guess what? And!!! so have you forerunners of the forerunners, and Light-Beings. So have you been getting (Tended and cared to) as the veil lifts, as more higher positive dimensional beings start  to bleed through the mist.

Post (999) Energies & Being Left Alone For A While

September 2016 – and The (999) Portal/Gateway of illumination and completion was the biggest push for humanity that I have felt, and has lasted well into October 2016. I want to share what exactly I’ve been going through since this (999) Portal has opened, and where I’m at right now. I feel that it’s important for many to understand at this time, because you might be going through the same thing(s).

My physical self at this current moment, is feeling so much energy enterspiritual-guides multiple chakra base areas that I’m vibrating, and ringing from within with endless supply of creator light and love. I’ve definitely been feeling a push since the (999) Portal to once again retreat into my small personal bubble, and just house the energy at this time. I know it’s what I need to do at this time. The Higher Angelic Beings know this  is what I need to do at this time, and so do (Team Negative Beings) know that this IS what I’m doing right now at this time. This last sentence is so important, and I hope many Light-Workers understand it. Now I’ve been obviously getting as much rest, finding more time for myself, because I know that I need to integrate this stuff. New updates, New Upgrades, New Blue prints, New Light codes will NOT  push themselves into my physical body unless I release the old and let the NEW in. We need to release, in order to integrate. Now one thing that has been happening for me, has been when I try to do this work, grid down the light, I am met with nothing but interferences, one after the other. Someone will knock at my door, someone at work will call in sick, or generally something will come up unexpectedly in order to prevent me from doing this work! This has been an endless thing all year long, and what many need to understand is that (TD – Knows your integrating, that your housing the light, that your helping raise your own frequency, and the vibration of the earth.) ← This is so important. If you’ve been bothered lately, when all you want to do is rest, sleep, integrate, and just be. Understand who’s really behind this, because they will do everything to prevent you from doing your Light-Work! This has been the biggest dominating issue for me in 2016 (9) and I already know in it will be for me in 2017 (1).

Another thing that has happened since the (999) Portal has opened, and this is something that amazes me, is that I was left on my own for a while there. I literally didn’t have any contact with my spirit team, my guardian angel was also barely around, and everything in September after this portal opened just went silent and quiet. There was no Angelic Higher Dimensional Beings at the foot of the bed, or the sides of the bed, watching, and ready to help as I integrated. There was no telepathic communication. It was just me, myself, and I. What was happening in September was so high, so profound, so NEW that I was all on my own, being my own (Source/Sovereign self) Why? It was because It was only me, myself, and I, who could/was going to integrate the illumination and raise my frequency on my own. I was my own source, you are your own source, we all have to be our own source for everything. This is what evolution is, growing, acceptance, and healing, and being us, and no-body else.

My old spirit team of (Angelic Multi Dimensional Light Beings) knew this, and fully understood this. They also knew that they couldn’t come along with me anymore, that the (999) Portal was the cut-off point for these specific beings and their services. I was moving into a NEW space/place within myself, and we all did, and many of us still are. It took almost two weeks for newer and unfamiliar energies to appear, and this was just before the Third Light Wave at the end of September into early October. It’s definitely been a wild ride, however if it wasn’t for those specific (Angelic Multi Dimensional light Beings) I probably wouldn’t have done all of the fabulous work that I had done since they first came hovering at the foot of, and sides of the bed in April 2016. If you’ve also experienced a change in spirit teams, understand that where we are now, and where we will move to is not a place/area in time and space that your old team members could come along with you, and help you.

Much gratitude to those (Angelic Light Beings)  who have come and gone, and for those who are now helping us individually at this time. This is a wonderful time to be on (Planet Earth) at this specific time, no matter how dark it may seem. We are changing thing’s and sometimes that really just blows my mind.


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To Light-Workers: The 8-9-9 Portal Energy Light Wave. The Completion Energies Of 2016 Are Almost Here, A few More Onslaught Of Ascension Symptoms Part 2

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This article is another important one that is a continuation of an article I wrote yesterday, a second part, which discusses the continued Ascension Symptoms that are being brought up due to this Lions Gate Portal/Light Wave that is hitting us. While the first article was more about the 8-8-9 Lions gate Portal, this second article will be more about the 8 (9-9) Light Wave portal which is the last one before the current cycle we are in ends.

First off smiley-shocked032 it’s no coincidence that these portals are activating themselves as if it’s one big one. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in purpose, matter, fate, destiny and that everything happens through divine timing. Just look at the numerological dates of these two portal events {8-8-9 & 8-9-9} it’s like a mirrored event, meant to have extended the climax of the energy that is coming in at this time. It’s right there in the numbers, in the energy, showing up in our lives, and in our physical body. Last year was potent as we experienced the  8:8:8 Portal opening. This year the energy is bouncing off from one day to the next, so expect symptoms to last longer. Many are also on different energy wave lengths, so if your not experiencing something that someone else is, don’t worry that your not being downloaded. It just means we are individually dealing with certain symptoms, related to where we are , in this moment.

Warnings By My Guardian Angel About The Energy in Aug-Sep 2016


A while ago my Guardian Angel told me through telepathic communication, during the start of July “Be careful around the months of August, and September. As on a physical level you are going to go through much.” Ever since I started my Ascension Process frequently he has given me such warnings, except the one of April this year. That one I didn’t receive a message for, because it was so unexpected, that the energies were going to be that intense for April 2016. None the less he has given me warning’s, and when he does, I take them seriously, because i know how painful it can get on a physical level. He was absolutely right. I mean over the last few weeks, it’s been one physical issue after the other. So I was well informed, as i’m sure many of you who telepathically communicate with your spirit guides, light team, and helpers/watchers, received the same kind of warning of preparation for what is coming in August and September 2016. Many of you might be asking “Well, why warn you?” and you might understand that the energy is high right now, as we are experiencing this light wave. However you might not know exactly the reason what’s behind it.

Many Light-Workers still don’t really know why 2016 is so important. Many know it’s a #9 year, but few know what that means for us. After 9 there is no higher number frequency, it reverts back to 1 and a new cycle begins. However because our planet has reached such a high vibration and frequency because of all the hard work everyone on it is doing. This new cycle in 2017 – is a cycle beginning as earth 5D style. There is no more 4D or 3D in these cycles, because the OLD way of existing and being is not going to be in this new cycle. More of those who are presently still living an existence of 3D reality thinking and or 4D reality thinking, will transition to 5D. However many, many, and many more will remain there. It’s also about completion, because for many (Light-Pavers) something will be finished for them. The ones who have been battling it out decades now, and on Sep, 9th,2016 (9-9-9) an aspect of you will be finished and completed.

And in a sense really, something will be completed for all Light-Workers. Some form of mission, milestones, relationships, belief systems, thought process, ways of life. For all on 9-9-9 some aspect of life will be completed. It’s always good to look back on where you were in 2008, the start of this cycle we are ending. What in 2008 until 2016 shifted for you? What relationships did you leave behind? What areas did you evolve in? Where were you in that timeframe?  What isn’t a struggle for you anymore?

Current Onslaught Of Ascension Symptoms Part 2

Stomach Aches/Massive Fear Releasing Through The Solar Plexus: No not much for me, but for many I know that they have been experiencing major stomach cleanse. The lions gate energy is literally pulling out the fears from within many people. The stomach flu, virus, viruses, many are  claiming they are experiencing is not a virus at all. They are releasing negativity in the body, the mind, and fears from the solar plexus area.

Huge Headaches and Pressures: I’ve been receiving the heavy downloads, and sometimes I can’t even hold my head up straight.

Sleeping And Needing To Leave Your Body Frequently: This is something that has been going on, something that will continue to go on, for however long it is, until it stops happening. I and you cannot go through what we’re going through, and stay here, awake, in our body. It’s impossible to. I’ve been sleeping any chance I get, but even with sleeping, I can be so tired, that i’m getting into the habit of not being able to sleep because i’m soo tired.

Experiencing More Attacks Out Of Body: This morning alone, I had a demonic entity choking me, until I blew it up. I could feel my breathing slow down, and I was mere moments from having passed on home. This took place while out of body, I was not awake in my body, I was hovering above it. I was in the same space, same room and this is not the first time, that demons have tried to put an end to me. I’ve been attacked many times.

Buddha Shakes His Bloated Belly: My stomach has been so bloated, it seems like nothing that I do will help it go down. However I have found that drinking lots of water, helps calm  it down. It sticks out, a bit, and i’m pretty active so nothing I do seems to bring it down. The thing about this physical symptom, is that our very spirit/soul essence sits right in the center of our body. So when the bloated belly kicks in, it’s your soul/spirit essence protecting itself by expanding itself. So many people have just floated away, left, passed on because the energies just were too much for them to hold in and around the light within.

Food is an impossible mission, because if I eat the wrong thing, my stomach won’t just be bloated but it’ll also be in pain. I find I can only eat food with proper frequency as me, and if I eat something that doesn’t have the same frequency i’m ruined for the entire night.

Picking Up On Negativity In The Collective: July was flat out violent, I have never experienced so much negativity, so many attacks on people, all over the world. It sent me straight to the confines of my home, and I barely left the house. Sometimes i’ll pick up on feeling’s, sadness, hate, anger, loneliness, and it’s not even mine. So I know when this is happening, and it’s not coming from me specifically, that it’s coming from someone, somewhere, out there. I just say “It’s not mine, I don’t want to feel it” then I ask those light beings around me to take it and transmute into the universe for healing.

People Playing The Blaming Game, Even When It Had Nothing To Do With You: I find myself having to learn to cope, deal with, keep centered and balanced after having experiences with people who blame me for everything. Even when it had nothing to do with me. Many have been lacking in the “Taking Personal Responsibility” section. When  someone makes a mistake, as of late, it finds itself honestly being directed towards me. I pay no mind to it, it’s a tactic to make you/me feel guilty, for something you/me didn’t do. So I ignore it.

Sharp Pricking Pains All Over My Body: Much like I wrote about in the first article, about the sharp pain in my heart chakra, so have I been feeling prickling shooting pains in various places all over my body. I’ve felt it at the bottoms of my feet, my legs at time, the worst in my chest area, and in my shoulders. It’s like small little shooting pains that come on, and after 5 seconds the pain goes away. Our DNA and molecular structure really changes a lot during these Light-Waves.

Crying For No Real Reason It’s Just Flowing Out Of Me: I haven’t cried in a while, put yesterday on 8:8 I finally cried. It was for no real reason that I could understand, and when this happens I just do it freely, because the likely chances are that i’m releasing something deeper within me than I think. However it’s so random, so gut wrenching, and strange because we like to analyze our emotions as humans too much. When it comes down to it, sometimes it’s best to just let it run free without putting  labels on it, and how it’s making us feel.

I’m sure there are more symptoms to be written down, however as it usually is, I only write down certain symptoms that I can remember. Then a few days i’ll have something more to add that I never got the chance to. Which ever symptoms your feeling, play it safe, and just let it be within you until it’s not.

Peace & Blessings

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Higher Light Abilities In 2016: Having Enhanced Telepathic Communication With Angelic Light Beings In 2016

gen152 Knock, Knock who’s there? Oh that’s right the Angelic Light Beings, that’s who. This is a very important article that I have wanted to write about, not just as a (Light-Teacher,) but because of me needing to share what’s been going on now in 2016, and with my own abilities. What’s been going on with other’s and their own (Spiritual gifts, tools, abilities, communication methods, etc.) It’s just that important what’s going on for many of us, and always will be beyond 2016, because it will be the way of life on earth in the future to come.

The first thing that I know many of the Newbie Light-Workers reading this will say is (What is telepathic communication?) and what does he mean by having Higher Light Abilities? Those who have been Light- Pavers for years understand what I mean. For the newbies reading this who have just raised their frequency exceptionally high, and have become activated. Having telepathic abilities/communication (Telepathy, Psychic, Clairvoyant) abilities/communication, is a form of a psychic tool/gift we each have in communicating with beings from the light. I’ve been aware of this gift for years, and have always been able to communicate with my (Guardian Angel, spirit guides, Angelic beings, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and beings who have crossed over and returned home to the spirit world.) This has been my life for the past few years, and the early years were just strange, especially with some of the more darker aspects that I have experienced, that has come at me from other’s who were surrounding themselves around me.

In 2016 as we move ahead closer to the September energies, which will bring about more alignment within ourselves individually. It is important for those Light-Workers who don’t yet realize that telepathically communicating from their minds to other beings is very normal. Why is it normal? It’s part of our way of being/communicating  back home in the Spirit World. On earth we speak with mouths and in tongues, at home we speak through our consciousness. It’s not like here where we speak, we hear the voice, and it’s coming from the person’s mouth. Back home in the world of spirit, we speak but there is no mouth moving, light communicates without needing a voice/mouth. it’s our consciousness that you communicate from, and it’s always how it will be.

The Angelic Light Beings, Ancestors, In The Court Room

smileys-court-895145I want to share this specific event that happened in my life, in June 2016, not because it was agonizing having to experience being sued by (Team Negative) beings along with my family. However, because it’s exactly the kind of higher way of being, communicating that I have been experiencing in 2016 and for much of 2015 as well. I sometimes wonder why I go through the polarized experiences that I do, but then I realize, it’s specifically for moments like these where i’ll need to write about what I experienced and why it’s so important that I do experience them. To help other’s understand what’s going on.

I wrote about being sued in my earlier articles of this year, so I don’t feel the need to bring the actual events up again on this one. That’s in the past and that’s where i’d like to keep it. But the events i’m needing to share are the aspects of the telepathic communication that I had experienced with these beings of the light. Communication I had experienced on the day we went to court, because it was so blessed, it was so divine, and it was so light.

As I sat waiting for my mother and father to emerge from the court room, my heart was pounding, racing like I was in slow motion, just trying to catch up to myself in real time. I sat in a long hallway, on a hard uncomfortable bench, not a pillow in sight to ease my exhausted body. Every once in a while the sight of white energy would fly by me, through the door, stopping right in front of me. Sometimes hovering just above me, so i’d have to turn my gaze upwards to catch a glance of this white shadow. Familiar shadows, light shadows, angelics who we’re there to comfort me.”

They are alright ‘One would say.’ In an effort to ease my discomfort. You have to understand as a very sensitive being myself, feeling the energy in there was unpleasant. People angry, unhappy, saddened, and fighting with one another. Over feeling wronged, other’s over money, some were victims, other’s were latched onto by demons on orders from the dark forces themselves. It’s not a pretty place to be in, all handled by the system, the system that doesn’t give a damn about anyone.”

On the inside was a different sight all together, because I am clairvoyant I could see two worlds in one place and space. One scene is the court room, the judge, the plaintiffs, the defendants, and the court reporter. Speaking, sometimes yelling can be heard. The second scene, in the same space, were angelics, ancestors, spirit guides, a few demons on (The plaintiffs) part. Both worlds in one place/space,  frightening scene to see to be quite honest. Both sides with different agendas. Visions of light being’s entered my mind, clairvoyantly I could see the support they were giving to my parents on this day. The most horrifying part was the negative demons I could see supporting, the (Demon contractor). What a sight to see”

Every once in a while they would speak to me “Remain calm, it will be fine” then they would tell me what wass going on. “The truth is coming out, the judge looks horrified” it was like the world stopped, and all that was important, was me and the situation unfolding within both worlds. They all came out, a decision needed to be made, and when it was back inside both parties went. The agreement was final, payment was issued but not in full (Much to the anger of the contractor). Both sides involved, however the light was not willing to help the dark side in any way. There was a solid response from the light beings to the dark beings “It’s time for you to take responsibility, you will not receive full payment” for which the dark side was not happy to hear. Which the contractor was not happy to hear. The timeline I worked hard on ending, had finally ended. That monster who plagued us for nine months was out of my life for good. He was out of our lives for good”

As soon as it was all over, the wonderful angelic beings who were flying around me disappeared, the beings of light in the courtroom who were in the same space were gone, and it felt like it had never happened by the time it was all over and done with. Communication has since resumed, however what was important was that my higher abilities sprung forward, with amazing results. I was having a wonderful moment because of my enhanced abilities, and in 2016 it’s been marvelous. This is so important in 2016, and I can sit here and write about how the world is crazy, distorted, demons are everywhere, hate is spreading, but the world needs positivity right now more than anything else. The wonderful psychic, clairvoyant, and telepathic experiences and situations I find myself in as of late are really beautiful thing’s that many are experiencing in this time. It’s worth talking about, it’s worth a mention, it’s worth putting our energy into, because there’s more than enough of the negative going on.”

Straight From The Heart

My higher abilities, acf9abc9c1678cf4f1703e4a8541995d3nd Light-Worker tools that I have that has helped me on this planet, the feeling that i have experienced when I do communicate it is pure love. When i communicate to these beings of light, and when i receive communication from them it’s all love and loving. There is no restriction, there is no sense of negativity, there are no harsh words said or expressed. One thing that I will say, about having telepathic communication, or seeing beings from the light clairvoyantly, is that it all comes straight from the heart center. The center of our soul, where the light shines the brightest. There is no other way to describe how I feel, how I know they feel, when we commune other than what is being said is coming from the center of our very souls where love is all that there is.

We are living in a wonderful time period, as much as we like to go on about how much negativity there is out there, about how so many people just don’t get it yet, how the physical bodily symptoms just wreck us. Don’t forget that there is real progress going on down here, there is real light down here, there is real love, and real honest experiences from so many of us Light-Workers that makes me believe that the 5D timeline is alive and many of us are living in it right now. Embrace your many enhancing and growing tools/gifts, because the world seriously needs us to continue as we move forward into this shift into a new age of being on this planet.

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Being A Light-Worker: Feeling More (Alone) in 2016, While Living Fully In The New 5D Earth.


I cannot believe how fast (2016) is forging ahead. It feels just like yesterday it was January, and we were taking those energetic leaps then. Looking back at that time I wish that I knew just how much more isolated I was going to feel in the now moment. As (2016) has been one of the most isolating, lonely, and hard years I’ve ever experienced. Which is the main topic of my article for today, and as a (Light Paver & Light-Teacher) I feel strongly now that many Light-Workers on the Ascension Path, can benefit from reading my own personal experiences of the loneliness that I have felt in (2016). I know many of you Light-Worker Forerunners reading this have been experiencing more loneliness during this year. Which is why I feel the need to bring this up in the now moment, because it’s so important to have an open dialogue, about how alone in our 5D timeline and NEW earth we are in right now.

Increased Loneliness In July 2016

crying A few days before the (July 19 Full Moon) I experienced another level of intense Ascension (Moods And State Of Being) which took the form of sadness, and loneliness. This was certainly something that came out of no where, and I wasn’t expecting to be feeling highly amplified emotional feeling’s like this at all. The thing is I already “feel” this on a daily basis, and I understand that many Light-Workers do feel alone like I do as well. However if you’ve suddenly been feeling amplified feeling’s of more and more loneliness, in the past few days so have I. Don’t worry about whether or not your the only one this is happening too, because it’s happening to everyone who is embracing their Ascension Process.

Because we have been living fully through our hearts, from the NEW, from the 5D way of being and existing. It doesn’t always mean everyone else in the world is. Many people aren’t fully conscious of the fact that their is an Ascension Process going on, but when it’s time for them to, they will join us in their own time. Part of the reason that I’ve been experiencing more and more loneliness, feeling more alone in this whole thing, and more alone in all of 2016, is because i’m doing the hard work while waiting for many to begin their own Ascension Process. There have been many times, many situations, many incidences where I have been left out of thing’s, not purposely by other’s. It’s not a bad/good thing it’s a “It just is thing” certain people attract certain people, certain energy attracts like minded energy. I’ve experienced a lot of blockages in my daily life, between myself and people, and the only way I’ve handled this was to realize it wasn’t anything personal. Each of us is on our own path, and yes destiny always leads us in the right direction.

At other times I’ve become aware that i’m emotionally (Feeling Alone) and physically am (Being Alone) because it’s part of being on my path. (Light-Workers) it’s important to know that we are individually on our own paths, we are individually here to grow, we are individually here to experience, and we are individually here to be ourselves. While the path might feel unbelievably lonely, and oh wow has it felt so freaking lonely for many of us through out our entire lives. It’s all part of it, the grand scheme of thing’s, the bigger picture, don’t let the loneliness get to you, embrace it. Own who you are, where you are, and the loneliness will turn to self empowerment, and honest belief in ones self, and ones abilities.

Talking To No One For Days & Only Speaking To My Spirit Team Or Myself

gen152Something that has happened to me quite frequently since (2015) has been that I have been much more increasingly isolated from people, places, and thing’s. It’s as if i’m no longer on this earth, and no-one knows that I exist, accept (Team Negative) beings. It has been a big part of my experience as a (Light-Worker) and continues to be until this day. I’ve been living in the NEW, and because I’ve been living in the NEW, and the NEW 5D earth and timeline, many people who aren’t there yet aren’t around. If your experiencing this as well Forerunners of the Forerunners, understand it has to do with you continuing to create this timeline and 5D earth right now. It needs to first be created by the forerunners as I like to call them (Light-Pavers) now, so that the rest of humanity can join in when it’s time.

Because there aren’t many people in this NEW 5D way of being, in this timeline, I’ve also been experiencing more communication with many of the higher Light beings who exist in the same space with me. I have telepathic communication with my own spirit team, who are here guiding me, and some days they are the only beings that I speak to. I’ve felt that isolated, it’s been that isolating, I’ve been that physically alone. While it’s nice to commune with the Higher Angelic beings, it still means that in physicality on earth, that I am still alone in the physical here. That’s been hard, especially with how I deal with it.

The last thing that I need to mention, and i’m sure that many of you (Light-Workers) might have also been experiencing the same thing. I have had more increased conversations with my self, I speak to myself quite a lot, and this started happening for me in (2015). It’s just that i’m speaking with my higher self a lot of the time, and when I speak out loud to him, it helps me understand where I am within my own Ascension Process. This is not a crazy thing, it’s just a higher awareness thing, and higher ability thing. We’re speaking to our multidimensional selves, other aspect(s) of ourselves, that may have remained in the Home Dimension we left behind. It’s about getting in touch with aspects of ourselves we left behind, but that one day while living our incarnated lives, we needed to integrate those aspect(s) into ourselves.

As a (Light-Teacher) I know how hard it has been for myself, going through what I go through, but part of teaching for me is to bring up/out the many unknowns. The many challenging and higher situations, events, emotions, physical signs that other (Light-Workers) are experiencing in the now 2016 moment. Because it’s what i’ve experienced. For many the feeling of loneliness has been a big issue, for many being alone has been the way, for many being the outcast has felt like a painful burden to have to endure. Remember that your a forerunner, a (Light-Paver), and that what you illuminate will make it easier for other’s to join in and be illuminated within themselves.

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A Timely Message: Ascended Beings, Continued Spiritual Ignorance & The Animal Beings On 3D Earth

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A Timely Message From 5th Dimensional Higher Light Beings

I’ve been doing this Light-Work for a good while now and just so you know what kind of work I’m talking about, I mean TLEP (The Light-Embodiment Process.) Ever since I’ve incarnated down here on this 3D earth, It’s taken me a while but I’ve learned throughout the years how to sense, perceive, and fully know just how and when patterns in my life would take manifestation. Would I go through a heavy embodiment phase, or not? Am I growing and evolving more now with higher lessons, or am I going to have a quiet period where I’m just being and existing for the higher purpose of humanity? Will I be called on to do specific Light work which can involve (Grid work, Grounding Light energy work, Opening light portal work, cleansing/clearing a specific area.) There are many roles that I take on. There are many patterns that shift and change along the way, and which have shifted and changed along the way for me in my own personal life while living and breathing my AP (Ascension Process.) 

As of August 2015 I haven’t had a moments peace with these energies – From the 8:8:8 Portal and gateway opening, leading up to the September X-Wave, into the 10:10 and 11:11 portals respectively. There has been no break, no time-out period while dealing with days of depression and intense energies, and my pattern has been constant (Grid work along with light grounding work as well.) This has been my pattern, and I’ve sensed that as we enter December 2015 that I won’t be getting a break from these energies either. It hasn’t just been energy embodiment, It’s been growth especially of many higher abilities, tools and gifts. Not to mention a constant increase of telepathic communication with my Higher self, with higher dimensional beings, and lately I’ve been receiving highly timely and important personal messages. Some messages have been of future timelines for myself personally, while others have been messages of continued spiritual ignorance of specific beings who aren’t on the Ascension path.

Continued Spiritual Ignorance Of Lower Conscious Humans & The Attack against Specific Animal Beings

On the morning of December 2nd, 2015 – I received communication, and visions regarding an event that is about to take place in Japan from Higher dimensional beings. The event that I saw, and which I was then led to online was an article of the Japanese  and that they were planning on killing 333 Minke whales. As of today I’ve no information on whether they have killed any so far, however they feel they have the right to do this and they want to do it every year. The justification and the reason behind these killings was because it involved doing research in studying the changes in the ecosystem near Antarctica. Now, of course TNB (Team Negative Beings) are always very manipulative and as always they have an excuse, a reason, a purpose, and can justify doing these things because you know they think it’s alright. They also think it’s them actually taking accountability and responsibility, when really it’s SC (Spiritual Carelessness.) … I was being shown this by these higher dimensional light beings, because they wanted me to know that this wasn’t just about research. They wanted me to know that this was about wiping out as many of these AB (Animal Beings) as they possibly could.

whale_minke_353566                3          brain

Where we’re all at along with the earth within this AP (Ascension Process) we’re fully on our way to 5D unity evolution – which means every-day we’re working harder to create a higher and more evolved world of peace where animals and people can co-exist together. The killing of these Minke whales … is nothing more than old lower consciousness rearing it’s ugly head again, and because it thinks that it can. The fact that some Japanese men/women ignored a court order to prevent them from “Whaling” doesn’t surprise me at all, because it’s what lower consciousness does. It thinks, feels, acts, reacts in ways where it’s in service to the ego self. That’s what happens when your in service to self, and it’s called SC (Spiritual Carelessness) where there is no connection to source energy enough to remain fully conscious of one selves consciousness or actions. No control over oneself, which then leads to absolute internal chaos.

In my last November Article Titled: Being A Light Worker In 2015: Real Light Warriors, False Light & Those Beings Who Are Trying To Prevent The AP (Ascension Process)

I discussed false light, and how there were some human and nonhuman beings who were trying to prevent the AP (Ascension Process.) In the same manner this is the same thing that is going on here, as AB (Animal Beings) are also special within the 5D unity evolution we’re working on. Did you think that incarnated Light beings were the only ones (Embodying light, doing grid work, Evolving and growing?) Did you think human beings were the only ones being activated by these light energies? There are many beings which include all AB (Animal Beings) who are also doing this work. They have specific jobs, they have work to do for the collective, they play an important part and they have missions that have to do with our oceans. These animal beings are also evolving and growing within this evolutionary process. They circle our oceans every-day, and they help contain our oceans as much as we might not realize it. The worst thing that could happen, and which has happened to many of our fellow ALF (Animal Light Friends) is extinction. This is where SC (Spiritual Carelessness) plays a role, because there are many possessed, used, lower conscious people in the world who are messing with these beings. Some choose extinction, so that they play out there contracts to 3dD earth and never have to incarnate here again. Others struggle to survive and continue to, because their integration into the 5th dimensional NEW way of existing is paramount and so important.

The timely message I received from the higher dimensional light beings, spoke of continued spiritual ignorance of lower consciousness beings. That the purpose behind these killings was to wipe this specific species out, and in this case there is obviously too many of them embodying light energy as much as we all are. They also mentioned the importance of specific Ab (Animal Beings) and how much our planet needs these beings as we evolve and continue on our collective Ascension. Whether some lower conscious nonhuman beings and humans want them here or not.

16Love & Light16

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