February 2018’s Solar Eclipse: Solar Activity, CME Eruptions, Sunspots & Multiple Physical Activations On A Global Scale.

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A February Like No Other

We’re now midway into the month of February and about to be pushed energetically towards our second eclipse. While we’re being prepared for this energetic push, I have to just say that we have reached an entirely new level within the AP (Ascension Process) of earth. This is the start of the 7th week of (2018) and while I knew that the (2) and (11) energies were going to feel different. I didn’t think the energies so far were going to feel anything like this, on a personal level for me I feel as if it has been a February like no other. Nothing has compared to the level of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes that I and so many people have been facing globally. Around this time last year (2017) with the (1) energies. What we experienced then was the beginning of where we’ve ended up now, and while yes the energies felt much different a year ago. What we’re feeling inside our bones now is a continuation. However, the difference(s) are by far easier to tell and it’s because we are moving into a new level of consciousness and understanding. This will happen again in (2019) and (2020) when we reach newer and higher levels of conscious sates. When those levels approach, we’ll all be able to feel the differences in energies when those years, and those energies arrive for us all.

The best word(s) to describe February (2018) has got to be abnormal and changeable. Its abnormal to me in the way everything looks and feels to me, and while things definitely don’t feel normal its because it’s all so NEW. As a light embodier and as a forerunner in all of this, all the changes that I’m witnessing with what I’ve been experiencing has been vastly different from any other year. As the years go by I’ll likely be saying the exact same thing at those moments, but for right now I need to express just how many things are changing in the right now moment. Things have shifted for me from the many physical changes happening to me, to some of the situations that are happening around me. I’ve felt the AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms) take over on the inside of me, and all of February since the first eclipse my body and my way of functioning has amplified but also been disrupted. I’ve felt extra heavy, tired, numb, tense, stressed out, hungry, my sleeping pattern is a mess. The global changes that I’ve seen are extreme. I started noticing these changes happening in October 2017, and they haven’t really stopped. I think the greatest example of how the current energies are being manifested, within the current level of consciousness the earth and humanity is embodying. Is the Metoo and Timeup movements. These movements began as a manifestation of these light energies, codes, and higher states of consciousness. Its the Divine Mother/feminine/goddess energy which is returning to earth.

Another change I feel in February 2018 is in the monetary system, which has also changed for me. Things have been cut, taken out, and I’ve been getting less of benefits and I’ve noticed the serious changes in this one specific area where I live in as well. Not just me but for a lot of people who live in Ontario. Money and especially the system of money is going to really change the further we get into (2018) and in the coming years. Thing’s will continue to change for those certain men and women who are being ousted right now for who they’ve always been all along. The “Powerful Monsters” as I like to call them. Things will also be changing for them, and it’ll be interesting to watch all those power hungry monsters at the top lose their precious power. Now, that source has brought up the injustices done by many men and a few women all over the world against other women and men. Well, not only will they lose their power over everyone. They’ll also start losing all the important materialistic assets that they hold dearly.

This is (2018) – and this is what the AP (Ascension Process) of earth is all about. Its Timeup for these beings who have been all about materialism, who have been physically abusive, who have been verbally abusive, who have been sexually harassing women and men, who have been controlling, who have been parasitic, who have and continue to be ignorant, who have been stealing energy, who have been hiding their atrocities and getting away with it, and who have been all for themselves and screw the rest of humanity. Its also Timeup for anything and everything that is no longer in harmony with source, and it’ll all be getting exposed in (2018) for all to see. Its also Timeup for every single 3D system that there is. Of course, it is a slow death. Make no mistake all the old ways of existing and being are going extinct just like the dinosaurs. Bones buried beneath the dirt, sand, water, and earth and all.

February 2018’s Solar Eclipse & Higher Than Normal Solar Activity

Today we have a Partial Solar Eclipse which will be altering the current timeline that we’re in. This has been a more physically painful lead up to an eclipse I’ve experienced in a very long time. Last years great American eclipse doesn’t compare, and that might have something to do with all the (2) and (11) multiple portal openings we’ve been experiencing lately. Psychically these two eclipse(s) in early (2018) have really stood out and popped out at me more than any other eclipses over the years. All (2018) long I’ve been seeing in my minds eyes a huge line. In this line I’ve seen a few people above it, and the rest or the majority of people that I saw were below it. This vision of this line has amplified the closer this second eclipse has gotten. I spoke about this in my last January article, and I referred to this vision as The Line Of Separation. The line of separation has existed for many years now, and many AT (Ascension Teachers) have discussed this. This was the first time for me on a psychic level, that this was being shown to me and had me focused intensively on it. What I’ve been seeing with this vision of the line of separation lately is that the majority of people at the bottom of the line, are moving over into the top of the line. When I first saw this, I knew for me that what I was being shown and what I was seeing, was that more people were starting to move into the 5D reality.

As has been the case since December (2017) and even more so in January (2018) – many more people have become physically activated to begin the ascension process. So, it’s made sense to me that much more people in the collective have now begun and started to embody the ascension process for them at least on a physical level.

February (2018) has felt so different because of all the solar activity that is going on rightar2699 now leading up to this solar eclipse. We’ve had to deal with solar winds and will continue to in the upcoming days. We’ve had a sunspot (2966) which has grown and morphed in size since the start of February, and on top of that its erupted multiple times. On Feb 12th the sunspot exploded and hurled a CME directly towards earth. They say the CME which exploded off of sunspot (2699) is heading our way today. However, if your a highly sensitive being like me you’ve already been feeling all of this. If you a highly sensitive being like me you’ve also been embodying the light energy, and well as embodying more higher consciousness. While they’ve only been C and B class solar flares that erupted from sunspot (2699) that’s been more than enough to make me feel numb, achy, and exhausted over the last few days.

We have one last eclipse to get through and then we’re likely to see beyond all of this with clarity. We’ll be able to understand our new roles, and the new movements we need to take. We’ll understand the energies we’re embodying at this level and what that means for us and humanity as we move further into (2018.) For now as we continue to embody these new codes, energies and higher states of consciousness. Remember to self care, and self love at this time.

16Love & Light16

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February 2018 Energy Update: The (2) and (11) Codes & Ascension Symptoms As The Current Timeline Re-Adjusts.

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Waiting Out The Current Timeline Adjustment(s)

Over the last few years I’ve gotten used to how my own personal Ascension patterns have worked. These Ascension patterns include: Certain periods of time where high energy is being integrated into my physical being, how certain high energy periods effect me especially on a physical level because of all the changes that are happening at a molecular level, and last but not least how quiet my life seems to get when we enter a timeline that is shifting its course. This is what’s been happening for me in February (2018) – I’m experiencing similar re-cycling of ascension patterns. This is something that happens to all people, who are embodying this Process right now or who will in the future. We all have patterns like this. I’m feeling these patterns of compressed physical symptoms of evolving, and I was feeling the exact same thing physically way back in August 2017 when that energetic stair step suddenly opened up for us to finally step on. Now it’s happening again in February 2018.  Along with feeling physical changes happening which are forcing me to take it easier I’m also feeling ever more isolated, finding myself being physically alone for longer periods of time, I’m enduring the embodiment process, and this usually happens when we’re being called on to just integrate. This also happens when we’re waiting for the timeline we’ve entered into to finally show signs of a specific direction or even movement.

On Jan 31st: The timeline that we were in shifted once again, and this was a global shift which many people in the collective felt. The sheer utter magnitude of how many people began their physical ascension process globally, was shown to me at an alarming rate. Since January (2018) the amount of search terms at DLP (Divine Light Phases) has doubled, and the two most searched terms have been “Flu” and the second “Ear ringing.” Its been surreal to say the least. However, this is what’s happening right now in 2018. More people who weren’t activated physically are getting activated. The majority of people don’t know that this is what’s happening to them, but that’s the thing about the AP (Ascension Process) you don’t necessarily need to know all about it in order to be a part of it. Even in the midst of all of the chaos, confusion, and uncertainty many people are experiencing. The evolutionary process is what’s happening in our entire universe right now. The next eclipse will happen on February 15th – after this energetic push we’ll be able to see and manifest more of the new timeline and its direction. We’re still in an adjustment period of course, but once we’re past this energetic push we’ll be able to understand our roles much better.

The Multiple Portal Openings In February 2018

It’s now Feb 9th as I write this and the new timeline has not fully adjusted. February (2018) hasn’t been comfortable for me on any level – but that’s normal when at a molecular level you and me are embodying and literally shifting within our bodies. Over the last two weeks I’ve experienced a few things which were new and different to me, and others which weren’t new or different to me at all. Some of these things have been (I’ve been personally attacked directly or indirectly I’ve been embodying high energies into my physical bodyI’ve been witnessing more and more people also physically being activated at this timeI’m seeing more people ending relationships or wanting to because of incompatible energies – and I’ve also seen people attach themselves to continued 3D lower consciousness beliefs, views and ways of existing.) The truth is that all of this is happening right now this month. The reality also is that when this happens I try my best to ignore it all and focus on what is best for humanity. You can be a NO – (Neutral Observer) but also know exactly that you don’t always need to get involved. So, I don’t get involved because I know everyone is where they need to be at this current moment. Aside from the 3D job that I have – I literally don’t leave the house for anything else. These are the NEW (2018) energies – and they are really causing some intense structural modifications for all right now.

The interesting part about what is going on in February (2018) is the energies itself. We are jammed tight with these Multiple Portals. We’ve already integrated energies from two portal openings so far this month. The first was the (2/22) Portal on Feb 2nd. The second was the (11/11) on Feb 9th. On both days I felt extreme integration of higher consciousness and light energy. On Wednesday the 7th I felt total and complete integration of light energy, codes, and higher consciousness enter me via my crown chakra. I spent the entire night at my job in 3D land, with an incredible headache that pulsated throughout my entire head and in through the back of my neck. It pushed itself down into my shoulders and sat there for a good few hours. This was two days before the 9th which was the (11/11) Portal. On the 2nd of February I was exhausted and needed to spent lots of time in silence or sleeping. I couldn’t function.

The upcoming third portal is on Feb 11th and you guessed it its another (11/11) Portal, and then we finally feel the second push of 2018 with the Feb 15th Eclipse. So much is going on right now. If anyone wants to see all of the Portal openings by date, I’ll be leaving a link to an article I wrote in January. It’s called Important 2018 energetic dates and it has listed all the date from Jan until March. Here is the link.

Important 2018 Energetic Dates: A High Energy Period Is On The Way & Living Life Fully Within (11/2) Light Coded Energies.

Ascension Symptoms & Inward Structural Modifications

All of February (2018) the (2) and (11) energies and codes have been working over time to assist us as we reach a new state of consciousness. However, on a physical level the intense inward structural modifications have me wanting to do nothing but fall asleep. Some of the physical changes happening for me include.

  1. Pineal and Pituitary Gland Changes: This has always manifested for me when we’ve experienced high intense energetic periods. However, this time around both glands have been changing, shifting, and to me they both have felt like they’ve grown and expanded on the inside. Since 2016 up until now my physical self as a whole has expanded, and every now and again I’ll notice that my anatomy on the inside has gotten bigger along with these expansion growths.
  2. Headaches & lower Neck Into Shoulder Pain: I’ve already mentioned my integration experience on Feb 7th a few paragraphs above. Yes, during these intense eclipses and portals I’ve been experiencing a complete expansion of my entire head. Not just the head but the neck and into my shoulders. Everything in this area is expanding, is modifying, is shifting and is upgrading.
  3. Exhaustion And An Abundance Of Sleeping: Since January all I’ve wanted to do has been to do nothing but sleep. I remember writing about this last month. How, its not that I need to sleep. It’s just that I feel like the energies are now forcing me to shut down and sleep. On top of it all sleeping is great but no matter how much I get its never enough, and I feel like I need to sleep some more. The exhaustion is out of this world in 2018.
  4. Rib Cage Pinching, Pings and Pains: This isn’t new for me in any way. However, because the energies are so intense right now I have been feeling the pinches, pings and pains in my rib cage much more. To me this isn’t alarming, because I know when I look at my body clairvoyantly I can see the DNA changes being made to different internal organs. So I know what I’m integrating is making adjustments on the inside.
  5. Issues With Tightness In The Body: I wrote an article about this last month, because I’ve experienced this compressed and tightness in many parts of my body. I’ve experienced it in my legs, ankles, wrists, lower back and especially on my left side. This happens when we have energy in one area all of the time just going at it all of the time. Whatever area is hurting the most is likely getting worked on internally the most. The best remedy for me has been to stretch everyday, drink lots of water and generally move more than not moving.
  6. Hunger & Weight Gain: Nobody wants to hear this I’m sure. However, if your like me when your constantly integrating these codes, lights, energies, and higher consciousness than you’ve put on some weight. I’ve had a high appetite lately and that’s normal, I’ve had to re-adjust my diet to allow myself to eat certain foods now that I won’t be when the integrating aspect of all these new energies is done. It’s to be expected. You have to integrate but also find a way to remain alive in your physical body, and sometimes certain foods help to keep you grounded.
  7. Ear pings, pitches, ringing, sounds: All of January and into February I’ve had the pleasure of hearing once again loud ringing in my ears. Over the years this has been a constant symptom of ascending to a higher frequency for me. This is something that I’ve experienced 24/7 – 12 months a year for almost 4 years now. This is not harmful, this is not a disease and what your really hearing is the sound of higher energies and higher frequencies.
  8. Flu & Whole Body Frequency Upgrades: Since late December people have been getting hit with the Flu. This symptom has escalated for humanity throughout early 2018, because more people all around the world have suddenly in 2018 activated at least on a physical level to integrate light, codes, light energies and more. Your body is being upgraded completely to let in higher consciousness. To let in higher understanding. To let in higher information.
  9. Heart Movements Due To Energy: This started right after the first eclipse on January 31st. Every once in a while I’ve felt a movement like something small is crawling across my chest. This of course is higher light energy – and the chest area has been getting hammered and hammered to expand the heart centre region. This is all expansion we’re experiencing
  10. Unstable Sleeping Patterns: The days leading up to and ever since the Jan 31st Eclipse my sleeping patterns have shifted. In fact for about two or three weeks I’ve been finding it hard to sleep at all during the night. I’ve been staying awake until 3 or 4 am and then finally falling asleep. This is a stark contrast to the first and second year(s) since my Christ seed became activated. The first year and for all of 2014 I couldn’t sleep and for all of 2015 I kept waking up two or three times a night at 2 am or 4 am.

February (2018) is a game changer. On a global scale there are many changes happening for a lot of people, some of these changes are physical and others are more emotional. No matter who you are and or where you are right now, self care and self love for what your experiencing and what your also starting to understand at a higher conscious level.

16Love & Light16

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Ascension Symptom(s): Compressed Body & Muscle Tightness Due To The Embodiment Process.

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Embodying Light Energy & Feeling The Body Compress

Since (2014) when I was physically activated to begin my AP (Ascension Process) the biggest tell-tale sign that I was actually embodying light energy, was in how compressed the energies would feel within my whole entire body. Now, it’s been (4) years since my physical activation and every once in a while when I’m embodying a lot of new energy, new light, new codes and I’m holding these new energies within me like we’ve been doing in Jan 2018 – I’ll begin to feel that tightness and light compress up against and within various parts of my body. This (Integrate and Compress) process has been happening for me for years – and its because it is part of the AP (Ascension Process) and the EP (Embodying Process.) So, if you’ve also experienced a tightness in your legs, hips, back, and especially muscle tension this is what’s happening for you now at this time.

The Ascension symptom for this article – is something that I feel that I need to write about now in the (2018) moment that we are in. In (2018) things have changed drastically for the 7.6 Billion souls that have incarnated on this planet. In (2018) everyone is now part of the Ascension Process whether they know it or not. In (2018) people have and will continue to notice that for some reason on a physical level, they’re not feeling all that great. They’re going to notice that more than one part of their body isn’t feeling good, and that they never felt like this before and their going to start questioning what’s going on for them. The AP (Ascension Process) can be so confusing for a lot of people but on a global scale a lot of people (agreed) for whatever their own reason(s), that they didn’t want to know or understand what the Ascension Process is. That’s okay. However, now a lot of people are going to find themselves face to face with the Ascension Process whether they agreed to come face to face with it or not – because its happening for them all now to. A huge part of that is coming face to face with the real tangible energy that is pushing you, and your physical body, towards evolving to higher states than you ever thought possible. This is what’s going on for humanity right now and many people around the world are going to start wanting to know what’s going on for them and why their bodies are feeling different than before. Their going to question why they can’t do certain thing’s that they used to, or eat in the same way that they used to before (2018) and the new codes that started reaching everyone on a global scale.

We’ve already started to see the effects of the codes and new lighter light energies – In the united states for example with this flu seasons outbreak being the worst in years. Especially in California. More people are getting activated physically by the Ascension Process, and a lot of people don’t understand why its like this for them. Evolution starts with the planet, and when the planet shifts so do the inhabitants.

A Compressed Body Is An Evolving Soul

Going back to (2014) when I was first activated to begin the Ascension Process – some of p1b8c7u7kf1f0i4it1ubu1o9fcpb3what I experienced was intensely painful. But, at the same time as time passed by I understood why it felt that way – because I was embodying higher energy. When higher energy meets a tiny, small and at times enclosed space such as the physical bodies that you and I are living in. It clashes. When something bigger meets something smaller – and when this bigger energy is attempting to move into a small space, place, person thing or object there will be friction. Which is what happens to a lot of people when they first begin embodying a 5D energy into a smaller 3D physical body. It causes friction. Which is why many (Light Workers, Light Portal beings, Light embodiers) have found themselves expanding in size. I myself have expanded and it’s because I’m holding much more light than I used to (10) years ago. Some of the instant and immediate physical pains that I’ve felt, which is in association with the Ascension Symptom of tightness and feeling compressed within ones body due to embodying light energy includes.

  1. Unbelievable left leg pain due to integrating the Divine Feminine energies.
  2. Unbelievable left side of the body pains due to the integration of Divine Feminine Energies.
  3. Lower back pain due to higher light energy moving through and into the back.
  4. A general tightness In and or around various parts of my body which included (Legs, back, head, upper back ankles and feet.)
  5. Muscle spasms in various parts of the body (Legs, back, hips, even fingers and hands.)
  6. Muscle twitching and involuntary muscle movement. This has happened when light energy moved through the muscle and it happens especially when DNA is changing from carbon to crystalline. This also happens because the pineal and the Pituitary glands are expanding as well as shifting and changing.
  7. Rib cage and abdominal tightness. While this hasn’t happened to me as much it has happened at time(s) when heavy light energy was being integrated.

These are just a few aspects to this Ascension symptom of feeling tightness and having the body feel compressed due to the embodying process. Of course, there are other factors which include how much you use your body. How much you move during the day, how long you sit in the same position which can aggravate the muscles in your body. Of course, that hasn’t ever played out for me. As soon as I started my physical Ascension Process and became a light embodier, the process of integrating light began for me and hasn’t stopped ever since. Sitting in one place for to long or even laying down while these crazy energies were bouncing up and down the inside of my body made thing’s worse. I’ve gone through this month after month – portal opening after portal opening. If it’s a high energy time just like it is now and will be next month, my body instantly begins to get tight. My body instantly begins to compress. My body begins to feel tired, achy, numb, tight, tense, and that’s because I am a light embodier. If you feel the same way – it’s because you are to.

You are an evolving soul living within a 3D body – don’t forget that. The embodying process and the ascension process will make you feel like everything is compressing and constricting everything on the inside. The physical shift will feel like this at times and its because everything is evolving, the world, the universe and the galaxy. All of that is shifting and churning from within all of us. In times of need the best ways that I’ve found to deal with this specific Ascension symptom, has been to stretch my entire body. I’ve also moved every muscle as much as I can, and I also drink as much water as I can which helps to calm down the changes that are going on within the bodies Central and Peripheral nervous systems. It also helps the process of evolving the DNA strands from 3D Carbon based to 5D Crystalline Light based – which removes old codes through pores, through sweat, through releasing toxins within the body, and through removal of our waste which isn’t just the food that we eat. Baths and deep tissue massages are great for removing tension and tightness within the physical body. It’s all about self care, self love and in early January (2018) we need it with what we’re embodying right now.

16Love & Light16

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January 2018’s Second 11/11 Portal: Another burst Of 11 Codes & A Second Push Towards Awakening More Souls.

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January 2018’s Ongoing 11 Codes & Soul Activations

So far in (2018) and this is from what I’m personally experiencing on a physical level and from an emotional level: Has been high amounts of clearing and releasing. I also know that I’m not the only one who’s doing similar (Transmuting) work because this is what many LW (Light-Workers) have been doing all along no matter when they began their own AP (Ascension Process.) We release the old codes and embody the new codes, we release the old energy and we embody the new light energy and this goes hand in hand with clearing on a collective level. Over the years since (March 2014) I’ve transmuted and released my own old energy and I’ve also transmuted some other people’s stuff which involved places, events, that were world wide events from history that happened for the world. So, this is what I’ve been doing and no doubt what many people on earth are doing now as we’ve entered the critical first few days of this new (11/2) energetic year.

Another thing that I’ve been doing in (January 2018) has been embodying lighter light energies and lighter light codes. As you know (but if you don’t know) (2018) is an 11 year but is also equaled to a (2) energy year as well. We are in the second year of a new cycle and its a cycle where its all about nothing but 5D light. As of Jan 1st, 2018 which was an (11/11) day and Portal, humanity and many people have been embodying these new (11) codes myself included. Jan 11, 2018 is the second (11/11) Portal and yes we have been and will continue to be embodying (11) lighter light and lighter light codes. So, if all of January 2018 so far – within these first critical few days where we have been transitioning into have been feeling physically draining to you understand that we’re embodying new codes unlike what we’ve embodied before. In (2018) more people are going to be activated in so many ways. Activated to begin their physical AP (Ascension Process.) Activated to begin understanding the negative agendas within the earth’s power structures. Activated to begin feeling the Ascension Symptoms. Activated to begin evolving into a lighter light being who holds 5D light within them. Activated because they chose to be activated now in (2018) at this time because they agreed to with the current energy and codes that are reaching into us now. There will be many Star, Christ, Christos, Crystalline consciousness activations (which are all the same but said in different ways) that will be happening now just like they happened for those who began all of this in 2017, 2016, 2015 and years ago.

Codes & The Embodiment Process

Let me first talk a little bit about what Codes are – Codes are important within the EP (Embodiment Process.) Codes are energy and when these codes/energies begin to enter our physical reality and our physical bodies via a Portal or through a Gateway we begin to feel the genetic and molecular effects. If its anything that I’ve personally experienced has been the way these higher light energies and codes have changed and shifted my physical body. I’ve felt the shift within and at times it can expand, bloat, give, take away  old DNA molecules and in return integrate lighter crystalline 5D DNA strands – that’s what’s been going on with our DNA and inside of us this entire time. That’s just the physical level – but codes/energies are also information. Another part or aspect of the EP (Embodiment Process) is embodiment of codes of information. Codes are also information and when we embody these energies along with them enters information about how to be in harmony with source and light. Light information is also part of the EP (Embodiment Process) because we are learning as much as we can about light itself, about higher forms and states of consciousness, about Universal Ascension and about the Ascension process itself. So to Recap – The EP (Embodiment Process) involves a physical body shift but also a information download to help us understand what’s going on to our bodies and why. Codes are actually energies and when these codes enter a Portal or Gateway we begin to embody them and understand more about the higher plan in place.

The Master Number 11: The code frequency and information for (11) or (11/11) means “To start being conscious” in other words “It’s time to begin understanding more about evolution and ascension – so begin that process now.” Its a energy/code that carries in its blueprint information about spiritual law, spiritual unity, spiritual harmony and spiritual awakening. In (2018) more people are now being called on to finally start being conscious and begin the process of evolution. Isn’t that great? I think so.

January 2018 & Some Ascension Symptoms 

While all of the (11) energy and (11) codes have me very enthusiastic because of what’s happening for many more people in the collective finally leaving the old 3D reality. With many people finally entering the NEW 5D reality the rest of us are in. On a physical level its been tough in January (2018) and its never easy when it comes to physical embodiment of the AP (Ascension Process.) In other words “It feels uncomfortable physically in so many ways” and it certainly has. Yet, at the same time I’ve felt extremely connected and as well as in harmony with source and his codes.

I want to share some of the AS (Ascension Symptoms) that I have been feeling on a physical level that has taken place in December (2017) up until the first week or so into January (2018.)

Tightness In The Left Side Of The Body: I started noticing in late December that the left side of my body was starting to bother me. It would get tight and specifically my entire left leg. While this isn’t a NEW physical symptom because (I’ve experienced this before) its been a symptom that has challenged me from late last year into early this year. The embodiment process really does mean to embody right into specific areas into your body and at times that can cause physical tightness, constriction, especially when even more light is entering your body than what your specific body type can hold. When that happens you can really feel the energy just sitting in a specific area of the body. Which is why parts of your body feel tight and of course need to be stretched, shaked, moved, to let the energy move all over the internal body vessel.

Tightness In The Right Side Of The BodyIn early January 2018 the right side began to feel tight as well and has had energy moving in and out of it. This is NEW because I’ve never felt this happen for me on my right side. What this all means – is that both feminine and masculine energies are being embodied into both side of the brain which then spreads to both sides of the body.

Constant Dumping & Stomach Bloated: In late December my stomach began to feel bloated and anything that I ate I knew it wasn’t going to be in harmony with my body. Sometimes new energy codes will change the way your body reacts to the 3D foods that you eat. I found myself having to change my diet once again – and for what worked for me. However, the bloatedness stayed and my appetite has increased since then. Another thing I’ve experienced is constant dumping and I know that sounds disgusting but its a symptom of releasing anything in dis-harmony within our bodies. Its not just about releasing food and half the time I wasn’t releasing something because of what I ate.

Sleeping And Feeling Forced To Leave: This symptom is so old and actually one of my favorite ones. However, one thing I’m noticing is that I’m being pushed out or pushed to go and rest or lay down and sleep and I’ve never experienced this before. The tiredness always comes at random times during specific days – some days I’m fine and other days I’ll need to nap 1 or 2 times a day. All normal – but in 2018 I feel like I’m being forced to sleep. Which is odd – because I can usually be tired and snap out of it and get on with what I need to do. Not anymore it seems.

Hungry All Of The Time: This is again an old symptom but not my favorite one. I’ve gained some pounds and while I’m used to the weight fluctuations I wish a part of embodiment didn’t have to do with eating so much just to remain grounded. Just to embody much more than what my smaller frame two weeks ago could withstand. There is a reason why we gain weight within the Ascension process – its because when we let light in and there isn’t enough room there won’t be as much light entering ones body. So in order for more light and codes to enter you, you do need to physically expand. My appetite is off the charts lately – and when that happens I know more light is trying to enter. Other times I’m not given a choice – the light will enter, the codes will enter and that will trigger everything else.

Headaches & Flu Symptoms: Headaches and flu has been a complaint for me – runny nose, white tongue, extremely fatigued, and feeling rundown. This isn’t new either and lately there have been many people experiencing this – there actually was something I read in the news about this season being a high flu season. Which means more people are being downloaded with the new 11 codes and energies.

There of course are/is so much more that I’m experiencing physically and that people are experiencing physically – and of course this will continue for all of (2018.) There are a lot of portals and gateways that will open and download new codes, new information and new light into us. So the physical ascension symptoms will continue to be felt but so will connection to source and his new 5D earth and this is what its all about. Enjoy your 11/11 codes, energies and light.

16Love & Light16

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January 2018’s Energetic Transition: The New 11:11 Code Downloads & Re-claiming Ones Sovereignty In 2018.

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Welcome (2018) & Welcome New Light Codes

It is now another new light encoded year (2018) and before I continue on I just want to say that (I’m hoping that every light being has a happy master 11 & 2 energetic year as we move into a new energetic timeline.)

I just want to start things off by saying just how different the energetic transition that we have had in 2018 has been. Right from  (Dec 31, 2017 – Jan 1, 2018) has just felt absolutely massive. For myself on a personal level I felt massive isolation with where I was and what I was experiencing in that moment of transitioning. The first few days of the new year I was unleashing layer upon layer of more emotional pains. I was releasing internal wounds, intense emotional pains and bent up anger over some personal tragedies and events that have happened in my own life. I haven’t been active in writing about it on DLP (Divine Light Phases) until now because I was still experiencing this release of emotional vent up pain and anger up until this moment. Its very new and very fresh for me right now as I’m sure many of you also have also felt similar emotions or Ascension related RE (Rollercoaster Emotions) over the first week of the new light encode energetic year of (2018.) I’m just fresh out of those emotions that felt very much like emotional warfare and while releasing is good for regenerating ones energy it can be hard on the soul energy and the spirit. Along with emotional release I’ve learned more about myself and can now move forward which lets be honest can be hard. I’ve also had to let go of two people as I enter these new codes – two friendships and while their are no hateful and hurtful feelings about it. Its just time to move on with my path and let them both go on theirs. So a lot of release, a lot of letting go has been my experiences during the first week of this 11 and 2 energetic year. This is just the first week – oh dear and who knows what else we’ll have to leave, embody and experience. Keep releasing and releasing some more.

Lets Talk About Numbers & The New 11:11 Codes Download

(2018) is obviously different from (2017) and not in the obvious way but in an energetic way which is the most important difference. Last year there was an emphasis on (1) and all of (1) energy and that is what we experienced, that is what we integrated, that is what we embodied and that is what we expressed through us and our bodies. This year things are going to be a little different and there going to feel much different as well. The energy of (1) is an energy that is filled with action, movement, force and beginnings. (2) energies are much different (2) energies can feel like things have slowed down at a normal pace and it feel less forced. There are new codes and these codes will continue to be embodied into us, integrated into us, downloaded into us. (1) is beginnings but (2) is continuation.

(2018) is also equalled to 11 ( 2+0+1+8 = 11) 11 is also a master number. With master numbers the energy is magnified and heightened. There is also much more importance put on 11 because of the fact that its not just one number but two numbers. Two numbers magnify the energy by two times which is why (2018) is going to bring us new light coded energies twice as lighter than (2017.) Master numbers are also important and generally show up during times and moments of transitions where its sole purpose or manifestation is to teach or imply that light workers and all of humanity itself needs to re-claim its mastery of self once again. Master numbers are there to show you how to once again – how to be your own master. Master creator, master innovator, master of self and to let go of old constricts that leave you serving and being masters to others.

Jan (1) (1st) was an 11 energy day and along with it being an 11 day it was also a Full Moon at 11 degrees In Capricorn/Cancer. So, what we’ve experienced was an 11:11 Portal and within this portal was new master encoded light energy to start off the new (2018) energy year. Some of the physical embodiment symptoms that I’ve experienced during this energetic transition from (1) into (2) have been: Tightness in the left leg, Flu symptoms such as headaches, feeling weak and tired. I’ve experienced heightened emotions and cleared up emotional wounds. I’ve been releasing fear within my body via through bathroom breaks. I’ve been extremely tired and especially  tired around negativity. I have felt the separation  once again from myself and others who are not on the Ascension Process. I’ve cried and last but not least I have been targeted and personally attacked as usual by Negative beings, by human beings who are possessed and used by these etheric negative beings. So it’s all been happening for all and for all for so many different reasons. These energies are colliding into us and these higher frequency energies go way beyond what those old lower etheric beings have ever been used to. If they lash out its because they know their specific time is up and can no longer reach as many more people as they once could before. So, their ability to steal energy and exist is running out very quickly.

Humanity In 2018 & Re-Claiming Ones Own Sovereignty 

With all that we experienced in (2017’s) (1) energies and with last years timeline and timeframe being so volatile, unpredictable and chaotic in so many ways thank to (TNB – Team Negative Beings.) What I’ve been feeling and seeing for (2018’s) (2) is massive changes ahead. Healing is going to be a big theme for all and not just those who are embodying the AP (Ascension Process) but for all who exist on earth right now. We’ve lived through all of the releases, from all of the exposure, from all the events unfolding that showed us who is who and what they’re doing. We’ve seen the real agendas – but now its about healing those wounds, pains and moving on to create higher forms and lighter forms of being and co-existing with one another. We’re moving away from chaos which is NOT being in harmony with spiritual law and we’ve seen all of that take place and play out for the world to witness globally. Now we’re going to be entering a period of mastery and a period of creating and over riding the old and creating the new. We’re going to learn how to be IN harmony with spiritual law in (2018.) So, we either get with the program now and start co-existing in harmony or guess what at this point that is your only option. Was there ever a second option? no. Its either shape up or ship out.

Sovereignty or Being Sovereign is defined as having the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In other words you are Self Independent. You are A Free Agent. You are In Harmony With Spiritual Law(s) and In Harmony with Source and Source light. The reason why I’m writing about sovereignty and re-claiming ones own sovereign I AM self is because that’s what many more people will be doing in (2018.) I AM Michael C Murdock just as much as YOU ARE who you are – many more people will slowly but surely start understanding that. Many more people will begin their own personal AP (Ascension Process) and when that happens they will begin the process of realizing that they’re more than just a being living in a 3D matrix controlled agenda filled environment. More people will start being more sovereign and will start to take on full responsibility and control for themselves. Most importantly control of themselves. Many more people will start to let go of and begin the process of removing negative attachments from their life, from their bodies and from their minds. This is what is happening and will continue to happen for many people in 2018 via these new lighter light codes.

The healing process is NOW and like I mentioned before you either shape up or ship out – there is no second option to the AP (Ascension process.) There never was and there never will be. We’re doing this and we’re doing this now in 2018.

16Happy Start To The Energetic Year16

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December 2017’s Solstice Gateway: Saturn’s Entrance Into Capricorn & Multiple Converging Timelines

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December 2017 Solstice Energy Gateway

In the last week and a half or so I’ve experienced multiple Ascension related symptoms, higher embodiment integration and events, the opening of NEWER light codes and light energies which definitely feel very different to me. I’ve had a huge Timeline Convergence event happen for me personally before the Solstice gateway opened for all in the collective. I was attacked personally on a level that I had never been personally attacked before from “Those Who Have Been Trying To Prevent The Ascension Process For Humanity” and that includes reading about other Ascension teachers and light embodiers being attacked simultaneously at this time. December 2017 has tested, has hurt and has at the same time invited into humanity a whole new level of source energies and codes unlike what we’ve ever felt before. I’ve personally never experienced these energies, these new codes, these old familiar set back(s), old attacks, energies like this before so far as a Light being, a Light Warrior, a Light Embodier and I’ve been doing this work since March 2014. Inhales in and exhales out.

The December 2017: Solstice energy Gateway which opened up for us a good week before the Dec 21st date has been tremendous in its uniqueness as a powerful gateway that I’ve never felt before prior to this timeline. We say it all of the time (The Ascension Teachers & Writers) we’re experiencing new codes, new energies, new source codes and energies. We say that all the time – but as we enter 2018 these energies are extreme and they feel this way because we’re paving more of a pathway and when we do this we are literally creating and doing a lot of back breaking work to pave new light roads, new lighter consciousness, new ways of thinking, new ways of being for humanity and for all. Remember we embody first and live the AP (Ascension Process) and exist within the NEW 5D heaven on earth and then we help pull and push the rest of humanity along with us. We’ve seen more growth in 2017 as well as have had to witness more of the 3D structures, systems and those people who live and breathe those old ways try and continue living and existing in those realities. Unfortunately, in 2018 we will see much more of the dying 3D world much as we have seen in 2017. This December Gateway is helping us and humanity move further away from the lower realities. It will continue on in 2018 and when it happens you will see, feel and hear from other Ascension Writers and myself the new manifest in 3D physicality.

New Galactic Codes & Universal Energy Integration

All day on Christmas day (December 25th) I was and still am embodying, integrating NEW source codes and I’ve mentioned these codes in my last article that I wrote. The transition from energies of the (1) codes have stopped for humanity and the energies from the (2) energy code(s) are what’s pushing us forward into the start of the new year. The usual AS (Ascension Symptoms) that I’ve been feeling have been sleeping, I’ve also felt major third eye chakra pressures and light energy codes entering the physical body via the third eye. Lately my left leg has been tight and it transitions between feeling heavy and numb to heavy and vibrating. Lower back pain and flu symptoms have been prominent symptoms for me over the last week or so. The majority of these symptoms mean and many already know means we’re involved in ascending to newer and higher levels of light. I’ve also had a bloated stomach that lasted for almost a week and issues in the abdomen area because of the tremendous fear I was releasing. So every part of my body and many light embodiers bodies are just getting updated, upgraded, and modified to hold these new codes.

I had a Timeline Convergence Event: which happened for me that involved some personal issues that stemmed from all the way back in 2011 that needed to be brought up, needed to be seen and known by me so that I could begin the process of releasing and healing. This issue has now been taken care of and has been released and this personal event happened for me just before Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn and the NEW Moon that sat right on the Milky Way Galactic Center. These new astrological shifts, changes and events such as the New Moon on Dec 18 and Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn on Dec 19 began the integration process of much needed Galactic Center and universal galaxy light energies, codes and source light codes into our physical planet and realm. Which is what we’re integrating right now and along with light energy light information. One of the most important information to be released and which has been released in 2017 is that it’s not just a planet earth ascension but it’s a complete galactic ascension and multiple galaxies and universes which are evolving and growing beyond anything that is dark and instills lower 3D codes. So with these new astrological events and energy gateways we’re embodying much more organic and natural light energy and releasing more of the non-organic and non-natural energies.

Saturn’s Entrance Into Capricorn & Multiple Timeline Convergence

Because everything is all so connected and tide into one big process I need to discuss the timeline convergence that I felt and which happened for me. From mid-December 2017 I had felt and sensed that there were timelines that were converging collectively and individually. There are two aspects to this AP (Ascension Process) the first: Is your own individual direction or timeline and the second: is humanities and the collective timeline. A Timeline is a projection, a direction or a path that a person, event or thing is heading into. Sometimes that direction stays on the correct course and at other times it shifts, changes and effects the entire individual or collective greater and higher plan. When Multiple Timelines Converge different events, aspects, parts of a person, place or thing or even an event begins to merge. It can be multiple events, emotions, things that happened years ago that come back and converge and explode for a person to deal with at and from a different perspective in the NOW moment.

This has happened for me individually where an event happened prior to all the December energetic shifts and astrological placement changes – from the year 2011 that all came back to me to deal with. While at the same time “Many others” were also going through the exact similar thing. Things were converging in their timeline(s) life directions and paths for them to deal with in December 2017. All happening for us individually but also happening for all collectively at the same time. Timeline and understanding timelines can be tricky – because a direction, path in an individual beings life can change as fast as a blink of an eye. So, if you need to go back and re-read how a person can have an individual timeline while effecting the collective timeline take as much time as you need.

Another important connection to all of this is Saturn and his entrance into his home sign of Capricorn. This placement happened for humanity from 1988-1991 on/off and this was around the time we reached Harmonic Convergence. A few articles ago I spoke about Saturn activating the Milky Way Galactic Center back in November and the beginning of this year. Which means Saturn and its organic energy is now entering, reaching us here in 3D physicality. So expect great changes in 2018 with all of the old lower 3D world(s) and realitie(s) – because the forerunners and path pavers are going to have to re-create this heaven on earth with more organic energy. Which means ending of old timelines and beginning newer and lighter timelines.

Light workers, warriors, psychics, empaths, pavers, embodiers and earth sensitives this is where we are. This is where I AM within my individual timeline and this is where you are in your individual timelines. Together this is where we are collectively. Give your self a pat on the back because we’ve embodied so much Christ consciousness and organic energies that we’re creating the new heaven on earth reality.

16Love & Light16

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December 2017’s 12/12 Portal: The End Of The (1) Energies Of 2017 & The End Of More OLD Dark Codes.

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December 2017’s 12/12 Gateway Energy & More Galactic Consciousness 

Over the last few days I’ve been feeling and sensing a lot of energy moving through the inside of my body. In particular and because it seems to be in my left leg where I’ve been feeling most of these energies. My entire left leg has felt heavy, numb and along with those specific physical sensations taking place for me due to these powerful new energies and Light code(s) embodiments. Because of this I’ve felt an inner shaking and vibrating taking place in the inside of my left leg. This isn’t NEW for me in any way and over the last 3 3/4 years since my physical AP (Ascension Process) began for me this has been one of the symptoms that has been a repeated offender. I know when the IS (Inner Shaking) happens for me that I’m in the process of embodying much more higher everything. Then the undeniable and unquestionable shaking begins as it moves around the inside of my body looking for just the right place to physically exist inside of me. From Consciousness to light codes and information that I hadn’t been embodying into myself previously. Which is what is going on for me and the forerunners of the forerunners. Some other physical changes and physical symptoms of embodying higher energies are headaches, hot flashes, ear ringing, bloated diagram, inner vibrating all over ones body, non stop thinking and much more. All of this has been going on in December 2017 on a physical level including a lot more removal of old codes, old energy, ancient negative timelines being ripped apart via these Gateways and Portals. Both physically for those on the Ascending timelines and on the physical planet with volcanoes erupting and fires burning off the old density and old codes and specifically in southern California. All of this making it vastly easier to breathe, live, exist, and embody more easily in 3D physicality.

Today is The 12/12 Portal Opening which is ushering a whole new level of Galactic Light energy, Galactic consciousness, Light energy, Light Codes and universal energies that are being embodied by us right now. Helping us to understand much more higher information about what is happening for us right now. This is what’s happening for us right now. So all of the inner shaking in my left leg and the many physical adjustments that are going on right now, via the current Galactic and Universal Consciousness downloads we’re receiving is all part of the AP (Ascension Process) that we’re living through right now in December 2017.

The Triple Portals Of 2017 (10 – 11 – 12) & The End Of The (1) Energies 

The Triple Portals: The triple Portals or Gateways as many other people like to call them usually happen between October and into December. Every year the 10:10, 11:11 and the 12:12 Portals push us and those on lower world realitie(s) to higher levels of existence through embodiment Processes of higher consciousness that brings us closer and closer to merging fully and completely with source. 2017’s little stairway to heaven has been unbelievable. With revelation after revelation right from the start. The 10:10 Portal opened up this movement of needing to let those in the collective understand just who is who and what has been going on in many organizations and industries behind closed doors. From the lowest of the lowest to even the powerful who aren’t so powerful anymore. The 11:11 Portal ushered in the Galactic Consciousness and higher information that the earth isn’t the only planet that is evolving and or even the only planet experiencing the Ascension Process. But that our galaxy and universe is experiencing Ascension into higher evolution.  Now with the 12:12 Portal we’re experiencing everything we did with both the 10:10 and the 11:11 Portals but at a higher level now. We’re still exposing the old and embodying higher universal knowledge – but now we’re going to enter a phase of healing that is certainly needed. A little healing for humanity? I think so.

Another aspect to all of this – is that as we are now about to exit 2017 and enter 2018 we’re going to have to work with a whole completely new and different frequency of energy. I’m still struggling to understand how 2017=1 energies is almost over in less than three weeks. Where did it all go? … getting over my apparent amnesia because I honestly don’t know where the time went. How has 1 energies manifested itself? Through NEW codes, NEW consciousness and NEW movements. Ones that bring on healing and peace which we’ve seen in 2017 all over the global map. As we exit those 1 energies we’ll be moving into the 2 energies. Whenever we begin to move towards the next step we have to look at the first step. The first step it seems in 2017 was “Revealing all to everyone so they can see” the next step and what most of us will experience in 2018=2 is healing. More and more healing on multiple levels. Exit everything old and enter everything fresh and brand new.

As you take that in – this is a process that has been going on for many many years. Eventually one will become two but until then and until those energetic frequencies start being felt by us do all that you can do to self care, self love and embody what you need to as we move past this 12:12 Portal and all these higher states of consciousness and higher light information.

16Love & Light16

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