To All Light-Workers: What A Rough Start To 2017’s (1) Energy & The Crazy Events, The Situations, The Symptoms That Have Come Along For The Ride.

2017’s Energetic Download continues & What A Rough Start To It

You know – about two days ago i was thinking that my work on here was done, and that i no longer needed to write anything else: because i felt like i had written everything i felt i was suppose to write. Boy was i wrong. If anything in 2017 (1) i need to discuss, write, spread, talk about, bring to everyone attention, so many more topics, subjects, and situations that i’m experiencing on a daily basis. Some of these situtions have been NEW – some of the events i’ve experienced have been something entirely NEW – the majority of it has been what i’ve experienced myself on a Physical and Molecular level – while some of it has happened on an Astral/Etheric level.

Before i explain in detail some of the thing’s I’ve been feeling, seeing, hearing, sensing, and what’s been happening, let me just say that it’s so absolutely imperative for everyone to understand that the light is so NEEDED right now. With all the darkness i sense spreading, with all the division, with all of the carelessness and hate being flung around, (I – You – We) NEED to shine bright and more than ever right now, by remaining high in frequency.  The first thing i sensed as we entered 2017 (1) was that (The unification Download) was merging our higher selves into our lower physical bodies like never before, and that the darkness in everyone (myself included) has been cleansing itself like crazy and it continues even now in early Janruary 2017. So all the physical pains, and all of the dark thought’s coming up to the surface are being cleansed.

2017 (1) has started off extremely rough, it’s been rough – not necessarily horrible or awful, but on a physical level i’m pulsating and throbbing all over my body much more on a daily basis than ever before. This is us being thrown into NEW territory, and once we get settled vibrationally we’ll start to feel the lighter side of where we are now that we’ve moved into a 1 year. Hang on tight – because it seems physically painful now, but when doesn’t it? Each Light-Wave, Shift, Download, Integration, we experience it always ends up feeling like this. Just focus on how good it feels energetically, once it’s over. Lately it’s felt a lot better, after 999 last year – I’ve been able to leave the house without it feeling so down right dense. Then in November that changed and it got really dense to the point where i couldn’t get out, and it’s slightly lifted over the course of us entering 2017 and it’s new energy.

This has been my experience with the recent energies, it’s been a bit up/down and some days have certainly been better than other’s. However expect thng’s to get lighter in 2017, to get more intense, and expect to experience many new and challenging things during this new year. However if you did your work, survived 2016, then you know what you have to do in order to remain light and love.

Janruary Astral Projection Event & The Beam Of Light Entering Me Via The Heart Chakra

This is where all the NEW for me personally begins, in all it’s light, glory, and oddness. I say oddness because it’s the first time i’ve experienced anything like this while Astral projecting. I felt the need to share this because i’m pretty sure i’m not the only Light-Worker who has had this experience before. I also feel the need to share it, so that those who do, and are freaked out about it might start looking at it in a new multi-dimensional way. Everything we experience moment to moment, is Multi-Dimensional, so we have to start looking, thinking, and feeling the moments we live in such ways. However, of course there is no proper or exact way to react to anything once it’s done the first time. Every-one has different ways of reacting to something they experience, especially for the very first time.

My emotional reaction to this particular Astral Projection experience was one of (calmness, observation, and indifference – i wasn’t plagued with fear while it was happening.) If anything i was more of a witness with no real opinion on what was happening to me. I knew that i was Being Shown something very important, something that i hadn’t seen before from that angle, or perspective before. So instead of knowing, feeling the downloads, i was being shown what it looks like while it happened to me.  It’s like i said – Multidimensional – there are so many aspects to any such experience and or event.

On the night of Jan 1st – leading into the night of Jan 2nd, i was laying in bed sleeping off the download from the 111 Portal/Gateway. I had a hard few days the eve of New year, into the new year and the energies were making me feel uncomfortable and also tired and achy.

I experienced an astral projection event while in my room. I had no idea what time it was, and when your having higher multidimensional experiences, time seems to always be the last thing you would notice. I had astral projected to the right side of my body as it laid still on the bed. My body wasn’t moving – in fact it looked strange, it had no movement, it looked stiff, and i found that i didn’t look like myself. Then from the ceiling came down a beam of light like a pillar, a big bright pillar of light, and it had entered through my Heart Chakra into my body. I remained beside my own body (Which i still laugh about) for about a minute watching this beam of light enter the centre of my chest, and i remember thinking “What’s that Light?” I knew what was going on, despite not having been given any knowledge of it before hand. It just felt like an inner knowing. However at the same time i just had no idea what the light was doing entering my body.

The astral projection event ended soon after this after a minute of me witnessing this – then i was back inside my Mikey body.

As you can see my physical response to this was a little bit different. I need to point out that I’ve Astral Projected myself many places, and I’ve been in the Astral relams many times, and I’ve encountered the beams of Light pouring down as well. However while being in my physical body. So these experiences were not all new to me. However witnessing the download take place, while i Astral projected now that’s a very NEW  experience.

The Pillar Of Light that i’m speaking about, is the light energy, the energy we are all downloaded with during these portals, gateways, Light-waves. Usually I’ll see the Light-Beams or Pillars Of Light in my room, or in various places while i’m out in the world. This is another aspect of the NEW and one that i’ve been seeing for quite some time. If your seeing these Beams Of Light, as they come down from the sky or the etheric plane, you are literally seeing the light in a physical form while it enters this earth plane at this time. How are you seeing these shapes of pillars of lights? It has too do with the upgrades we are receiving in the Brain/Pineal Gland Reigion as well as the Face, jaw, nose, and eyes upgrades we are receiving.

There are many thing’s going on right now, to me, to you, to all on earth right now. That is so new, so different, and unimaginable, but it’s happening and thank Source/Creator that it is. We all wanted more freedom, more hope, more light, and the Aquarian Age to begin and that’s exactly what we’re getting.

Ascension Symptoms & Latest Bodily Modifications

I’m not in anyway a NEWBIE when it comes to the dreaded Ascension Symptoms – i can flat out say that evolution is a nasty bitch. It’s not just a nasty one, it’s ruthless! However i love evolution with all my heart, because it’s nice to be somebody NEW when your learning more about yourself, growing when you stop the old forms of thinking and being and existing. However let’s get honest here, Physical upgrades are painful. They really know how to change you, but they also really know how to impair you. I think ( as i look back) over the last 3/4 years of my journey, and i’d say about a year or more of that time frame; that i’ve become impaired with the sudden inability to walk much, move much, catch my breath much, or go anywhere, do anything, try to pretend i care about getting my life in order in the 3D form. (Driver License, health card, payments, work) it doesn’t work for me on some days, and it’s a true testament to my own mission and what i’m doing here. Once your on the Ascension Process – your continued growth and evolution is the only important thing. Your Ascension Process becomes in-charge not the man-made faculties, systems of this planet.

I’ve had days where i’ve had to actually choose between being at home and upgrading – over whether i could upgrade and go to work. The most important thing for me has been, my mission first, then work second. I don’t make work my first prioriety – i make my evolutionary process my first prioriety. I’ll include work as a secondary thing, if i have upgrades happening and i can go in to work on certain days i go in, but if it’s too much going on in too many chakra reigons i call in sick and that’s that. This is how i’ve conducted my self, this is how i live with myself, and this is how i choose to live my ascension path. My growth and evolution first; everything else get’s chosen into my reality and it’s not and nor will it ever be for me the other way around. My growth and evolution last and all the 3D shit first. Hell no, just hell no to that!

This month has been tough when it comes to these Ascension symptoms, because i’m feeling nearly every single one of them. However there are oddly enough a few older ones that i felt at the start of my awakening, that are now coming back full force. Frequent sharp Headaches, cluster headaches, whole brain/Pineal Gland pains – it’s been moving around my head in a circular motion as well. It’ll go around and around my head. I know these mean more head re-wiring is going on, more left/right side of the brain is merging more into one whole big brain. We are beginning to use more and more of our brains – as we evolve, and believe me there is more to be merged in the coming years. I got hit new years eve with Hot Flashes, body heat, Kundalini Rising – this hasn’t happened to me in a very long time. I used to get these when i was burning off mountains and mountains of old DNA templates, codes, memories, karmic residue, old wounds in my body that needed to be released and cleansed. That same night i got hit with Stomache Aches, Loose Bowels, and Fear being released through the Solar Plexus chakra. We carry with us tremendous codes, patterns, and DNA that is filled with parasitic emotions which include fear of just about anything and everything. The stomach area – indeed is where we carry our life force, however it’s where our fear is released through our DNA. These are the old Ascension Symptoms i’ve felt. Some more include, and i know many of you all have been feeling these. Ear Ringing, Flu Symptoms, Hot Feet especially at the bottom right in the centre ( this is kundalini) Left Leg Pains, Whole Body Aches, Cold & Chills running through the body, Bloated & Achy face (Which include sinus issues) my face get’s so bloated and stuffed up it feels like it’s been slapped around by Mike Tyson.

The most important ones have included Greater enhanced Psychic abilities (such as) mind reading, sensing energy within people, looking through people into their souls, knowing life events from people (Important life events) telepathic communication has gotten stronger and not just with beings of Light, those of the dark ones have been taunting me, and showing up at random points on several days. I’ve been having some serious Dreams, Negative dreams, Nightmares, Dreams of Natural Disasters, Dreams Where I’m in other dimensions, Dreams where i’m in different parts of the world. It’s getting bad, and it’s not been quite like this ever. My dreams are flat out f**ked up! I had an astral experience where i was in some part of the world and there was a tornado going on, and then there was a small sized earthquake/tremor that happened right after it. So i’ve obviously been doing out of body work, in areas of the world where potential for natural disasters could happen.

The ascension symptom that i’ve been plagued with the most since the end of December 2016, has been exhaustion. I don’t think i’ve ever been so tired, or wanted to sleep as much as i have through-out this entire period. All that i can say is take very good care of your mind, your body, and your energy at this time.  This upgrade is not like anything we have experienced before, and i don’t think anyone in the history of the world is experienceing what we are right now in this time.

Light & Love

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Floating Phenomena In 2016: Why Have So Many Light-Workers Been Having (Out Of Body Experiences) During 2016.

Transition From November Into December 2016

As we continue to experience more and more Energetic Shift(s) into December 2016 we’re going to feel, see, hear, and experience so many thing(s). The physical pain brought on by anchoring Light Energy into all of our Bodily systems will be a big theme, having supernatural experiences such as seeing (Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings Of The Light, Multi-Dimensional Beings from the 5D 6D 7D and 8D and beyond, Dark entities, Dark beings). Seeing the world around us completely and utterly collapse unto itself, seeing the fear and panic which we’ve already been seeing spread more and more unless we do our jobs and prevent mass fear. We will, have, and continue to experience these many thing(s) as we move out of the extraordinary month that has been November 2016 and into the Power-house month that December 2016 will be.

This is just a heads up that December 2016 will usher in so much more light, and i’m writing this so that i can let everyone know that it will be a difficult time on a physical and molecular level. Rest assured, however excurciating the pain will feel, just know that this is going to be a magnificent month for all of us as we take on – and – take that leap into a higher space when the 12:12 portal/gateway lifts us higher towards those beings of the light. So my message today is one of awareness, and that preparation is needed, we’re all going to have to evolve with this one. We’re all going to have to deal with our deep rooted issues, remain balanced/centred, so that we can help transmute, help heal, help spread the light for Everyone else. For reasons being that they just can’t right now, and that’s fine, not everyone in this lifetime will ever be activated from within and go through this Ascension Process, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t. Which is why we continue to do this for Everyone: So that they can some day in the future be activated and join in on all of the fun were having.

Are we having fun yet? …(crickets) … anyone? At all. rofl Yeah i didn’t think so. However it is what we’re doing now, and let’s pull up our big boy/girl pants and get on with it. Because the alternative, is just to unbearable for me to think about. Keep releasing, and letting go of whatever is keeping your soul/spirit from expanding. Once 2017 comes we can’t take it with us.

Floating Phenomena & Why Light-Warriors Have Been Experiencing It Deeply In 2016

This is the topic at hand for today. It is a subject/topic that i really have felt that i needed to write about: Because it continues to happen to me more and more. In fact in 2016 i’ve experienced this much more than i have in any other year. I call it the (Floating Phenomena) when your constantly finding yourself having to leave your physical body, but even before you do you feel extremely light as if you’ll float out of your body while awake. This is in a nut shell what i’m talking about. I also know that i’m not the only one who has experienced (Out Of Body Experiences, Floating sensations, Deep sleeping, Having to immediately leave ones body due to high dense energy) These are thing’s that have happened to many of us, and if you’ve felt alone in this understand that your really not. Not at all. I also want to say, if your feeling any fear emotions coming up when this happens, i can’t tell you how to react. However letting it happen, acceptance, and remaining in a state of calmness and balance, can diminish the sense of fear you might feel. This is you feeling like you could exit your body, so already the energies are telling you that your not grounded. For alot of us, the majority of us aren’t grounding ourselves. It’s been in my experience that when it has happened to me, i immediately could tell it was because i wasn’t grounding myself and my energy. I was letting myself be pummelled by the energies.

I want to write about an experience i had in July 2016 – because i need to explain it in full detail. It was during the Lionsgate Portal and it had just opened, so it was the end of July and we were experiencing another one of those monthly transitions. Energetic shifts: which were brutal and have continued to be.

I woke up that day feeling tired, dazed, and like i wasn’t existing in this dimension. Which is a normal thing for me, as sometimes i’m existing in another dimension. I know many of you also have this experience: where you feel like your somewhere else but you can feel your physical body. We all astral project; and it’s what we’re doing when we feel this way. So i didn’t do anything that day, i walked straight to the couch and sat there. I figured some time to relax my body, and integrate the energies was what i needed. So i spent most of the day doing that. Every-once in a while i would black-out. Literally instantly shut my eyes, and wake up not knowing for how long i was in this state. I did it about 3 or 4 times over the course of a few hours. It was me having to leave. So i fell into a deep sleep, and literally blacked-out in order to have a break from all the energy coming in at this time. I remember feeling very light that day, and i’ve had previous days like that. It felt as if i was floating, so the floating feeling would come on in between the time i had woken up from deep sleep, to the next time i would go back into a deep sleep.

So i’ve had many experiences like this where I’ve felt like i was floating, where i’ve blacked-out into a deep sleep, where i left my body because i needed a break from being entombed in this body for the last 26 years. It’s been astonishing really. 2016 has been a wild year, and i’ve never experienced such a highly energetic year. The energies have been profoundly uplifting, which is why so many of us, have experienced the need to get out for a small period of time.

 But Why In 2016?

I don’t need to go on and on about how energetically heightened this year (2016) has been, or maybe i do? Because then maybe i can explain why we’ve all been needing to take frequent naps, leave our bodies behind, and rest as much as we have been. The energy of (2016) hasn’t been felt ever before on this planet. This is very NEW and i can certainly say that my body feels different, and i feel it expanding from the inside. It’s defintely expanding from the outside to. However the codes, that we’ve all been downloaded with this year, has been very different. The current information we are receiving from the muti-dimensional beings and (Source/Creator), isn’t like anything we’ve been downoaded with before. So it’s making us slow down.

We’ve all felt stuck this year, we’ve all slowed our pace in life down, not because we’re not sure where to go. It has to do with the fact that we need to finish downloading new information that will lead us to where we need to go. Need to get to. So (2016) in many cases had been like the bus stopping at the bus station. We’ve all needed to get off, and wait for the next bus to go. However we can’t get on it, because one it hasn’t arrived yet, and secondly we’re still finding routes on our own individual bus maps. This year has been a big stopping point, for EVERYONE. It’s been like this since Jan 1st. So sitting on the couch feeling like your floating, laying on the couch in a deep sleep, being in your own home leaving your body, and not being surrounded by a swarm of people to distract you has been a huge blessing. We’ve all been called on in (2016) to go within and face our issues, to heal them, to deal with them, so that when we get on that next bus we aren’t carrying any extra baggage into 2017.

Love & Light

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To All Light-Workers: September Into October 2016 Energies – What’s Going On? It’s More Evolutionary Updates.

 September Into October 2016 Enhanced Energies stairway-to-heaven

I’ve experienced a lot as a (Light-Being) in my time, since I’ve been incarnated on this 3D planet earth. Just horrid stuff. Really! From the physical aspects within my  Ascension Process which started for me in (2014,) to the emotional aspects, which have and continue to  affect me at a mental level until this day. Now a lot of it has been good, and quite often It’s been absolutely relentless. fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ← I mean these little shits. Having to deal with these (Negative alien beings, demons, (Team dark) beings) have left me discouraged and feeling alone over these last few years. It’s been a real nightmare. Another reason why It’s been so painfully challenging and bloody difficult in 2016, has a lot to do with me and my  physical body and the improvements and advancements on an evolutionary level that I’m going through. That you are also going through.

In my late teens and early twenties I experienced profound integrations into my (Light Portal Body) quite frequently and painfully may I add. So I’m used to experiencing heavy energy integrations, downloads, upgrades, purging, cleansings, as many Light-Beings are also doing this at this current time-frame. I need to mention that years ago before I realized what was happening to me, and why I was always sick in bed for an entire week straight with (Flu symptoms) aka (Frequency Light Uploads) I experienced intense downloads while also clearing the energy, and then being a grid worker by grounding the energy in my current location at that time. So what does this have to do with anything? and why is me mentioning this so important? or even relevant? It has a lot to do with the energies we received as we exited September and entered the strange and intense month of October so far.

jaw-drop-smiley-emoticonI’m going to interject here and just say “H**y f***ing S**t” at the intense evolutionary push we received from this latest Light-Wave at the end of September into October 2016.

Were you expecting that? and did anyone think that it could feel even more pressurized, intense, profound, uplifting, physically painful like this at the start of October 2016? There has been so much going on that I don’t know where to even begin, and for many it’s all been hard to wrap our minds around and comprehend into something worth understanding. Although there have been many who have been sprouting complete bullshit claiming to themselves and stating to other’s “Why does everyone need to understand anything about this Ascension business? We don’t know anything, and we shouldn’t. – or – “Everyone needs to stop thinking about everything so much, let it happen, and no-one can know anything about Ascension and what’s going on right now.” Now I want you to re-read those two sentences and I want you to really see the manipulation and flat out distortions in how they sound. There are many including myself who are on this Ascension Process, and many more, who understand that we are evolving higher and becoming crystalline by dealing with our issues and healing our Light-Wounds. That we are working towards creating a world of peace, love, and complete oneness  within ourselves and ultimately to become one together with the (Creator/Source – our higher self) when the time comes like we always planned. This is the whole point of Ascension, and those who really can discern this ← know this already.

(Frequency Light Downloads) September – October 2016

Getting back to my first point … it’s relevant, it’s important because at the end of September and early October 2016 we experienced another Light-Wave. Yes, another one. These will be frequent from now on coming in weekly, so adaptability is needed in these times of evolutionary change. If your sensitive like me, and I know many of you are. You spent most of this last week and for some two weeks, in bed with what many in the 3D consciousness refer to as (The Flu.) I was not in good shape, and it was the first time that I really felt a familiarity to the light integration’s I experienced in my late teens and early twenties.

I had headaches (Re-wiring take place within my head). I had cold/hot chills running up and down my body. My entire head from my skull, to my nose, ears, jaw, neck, and throat were being worked on intensively. I was having unpleasant dreams, I was being attacked by negative beings in my dreams, and prevented from writing on here about what I have been experiencing during this transition period that we are moving into. I wanted to sleep all of the time, in fact this entire week I have. My body felt so sensitive, I was feeling everyone, and everything. I could sense and feel the energy from Hurricane Matthew – which has been ravaging the oceans of the Caribbean islands.

Because it feels like it did ten years ago for me now, I intuitively know and understand that (Just like it was then) what we are experiencing as we move into October 2016 is that these Light energies are higher, and more potent. This NEWER light energy is nothing like what we’ve previously experienced before in our entire existence as beings and that this planet has felt. So if you feel like you have never felt the way you are feeling now before, if the pain is so severe and it’s been a while since you’ve felt it at this kind of magnitude, and your wondering why your feeling worse than you usually do during Light-Wave phenomena’s, understand we’re entering a new area within this Ascension process. So it’ll take some time to integrate these NEWER energies coming, until we do become comfortable with them. NEW is never comfortable or easy, so when it comes into you don’t be surprised if your housing light energy that is so strong and profound into your (Portal Body) that the pain is extremely unbearable. It’ll just take much time to get comfortable within the NEW.

It’s not been an enjoyable time for Light-Beings. And i’ll explain why …

TD (Team Dark – Demonic Beings) & Trying To Prevent This 10:10 Portal/Gateway

Since the end of September well into October 2016 I have been aware of (TD- Team dark) and they’re recent thrashings, and enhanced tactics against Light-Workers who were embodying the current energies coming in at this time and holding it within themselves for humanity. It’s been one hell of a week and half, as many of them have been throwing tantrums as we have experienced this Light-Wave enter this planetary realm of existence, and they haven’t been happy. In-fact, the truth is that they have been lashing out! Like crazy this last week. Now I don’t talk about them much, or my experiences that deal with these demonic beings. However today I need to, and in this article I need to explain why?

As we’ve been reaching higher frequencies all of us (when I say all of us) I do mean EVERYONE on earth right now. We are leaving a Light-Imprint and as we raise the light on earth, these demons, and dangerous dark beings hate it. They want us to remain under they’re control, they want to continue to use us as some slave race. They want to remain here on this earth, co habitate with us, but they don’t want to change. These beings also don’t want to evolve, as they think their OLD lower ways of existing in darkness is the way it should remain. Well it’s not going to. Some of their tactics on me have been out there, and not just me but collectively as well. I have been sexually harassed as a means to spread fear into me, as a means to quit my paying job, render me poor and homeless. They have attacked me violently while entering my dreamscapes, leaving me to fend for myself. The world has seen a really powerful negative energy swirling in it’s ocean, Hurricane Matthew has been spreading fear through many countries, killing many people, taking many people who weren’t meant to pass on, and changing the timeline of the world once again.

These beings have been relentless. Why? They know that we are reaching further away from their grasp, they won’t be able to control many and their consciousness for much longer. They also were aware of the energetic upgrade we were going to receive, and they also know that we are going to experience the 10:10 Portal/gateway on October 10th. So there has been a lot of anger, hate, fear, directed towards Light-Workers at this current time.

Please remember that remaining balanced and centred is the only way to get through the pain, chaos, and mess that is currently going on right now in the 3D timeline. However for those of us who have moved fully into the 5D timeline, stay loving. When you hold love and light firmly in place, you make room for other’s to do the same.16

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To All Light-Workers: When Your Doing Heavy (DLW – Divine Light Work) Polarity Co-Op Missions, In What Feels Like A Dream State

There are many thing’s about being a Light-Worker that I’ve noticed and for some insane reason that never get’s mentioned. It’s nobody fault, and no-one takes any blame, it’s just natural that many thing’s go un-said. So if your experiencing something that your not sure of if other Light-Workers are also going through the same very thing, well chances are they are. It’s just not being said, not being thrown out there in consciousness. However make no mistake “Whatever vile, nasty, creepy, physically painful, heart breaking) thing that is going on in your life right now. Chances are highly that many other Light-Workers are in the same situations. This is a higher divine subject/topic that I personally have wanted to bring up here on (Divine Light Phases). Not because it’s extremely bad, or that it’s extremely good, but because it’s something that isn’t being written about by many other Light-Teachers at this time in 2016.

This is me once again leaving more (Light-Bread Crumbs) for those who are newly aware/awakened Light-Workers, and for those who are already aware. How in the hell is it that only a few of us have managed to speak openly about this? By 2016! What I feel needs to be let out of the bag, are dream missions, as I put it (DLW) Polarity co-op Missions in the ether (Higher Realms).

 Dreams, Missions, Dream Missions, Assignments, Tests & All The Multidimensional Layers That Come With It

I’ve had dreams many times, and we all do. However there is more to dreaming, and if you tell that to any of the unaware “Sleepers” of the world who are living in this (3 Dimensional) world reality.  Well they’d tell you that you’re crazy. So of course to them you would be crazy, because it actually being true for them would mean they would see just how wrong/messed up the reality we’re living in really is. However many people are becoming aware, everyday, which I’m over the moon about. It’s about Fucking time (Pardon) my language, but come on, it really is about time more people began expanding themselves. With that said I want to speak on multidimensionality because many people, yet don’t realize that dreams and of course dreaming is multidimensional and has many aspects and with it comes many layers.

Dreaming is more than us seeing images, scenes, and people. These experiences of having dreams are more multidimensional, and have a lot of aspects to it. Because it’s not just about dreaming certain events, seeing certain people, and being in certain specific locations in your mind. It’s you actually having those experiences. Yes, your dreams are really you (Out Of Your Body) experiencing the realms in whatever manner your experiencing them in. smiley-shocked032

I’ve personally had my fair share of moments when I was “Dreaming” and I’ve known that I was doing more than what meets the eye, many times. I’ve written articles already about Astral Traveling – and I specifically remember writing an article about one of my missions to Machu Picchu in Peru. For those interested in reading that article, i’ll be leaving a link at the end of this one. Continuing on. As Light-Workers the kind of work we do is both physical, and ethereal and let me tell you sometimes they can be very multidimensional and layered. Lately in the last few weeks I’ve been called to do Polarity Co-Op Mission(s) where I find myself going to places, both in this dimension (Earth), and in higher realm dimensions. I’ve been to Florida doing family blood-line work, the most recent Co-0p Mission was in New York  clearing 9/11 residual energy. At times you could be doing any of these C0-op Mission(s) while awake, and asleep, and that’s one aspect that makes it so multidimensional. These are just some examples of where I’ve been, where I agreed to go and help, likely if you have felt like you were in some place specific in the world you were doing the same. You were doing a Co-op mission, or doing energy clearing, family bloodline work, and other Light-Worker missions in different dimensions.

That is all one aspect of dreams – I bet you had no idea that dreams were/could be so much more higher and divine than you ever thought it could be. Yet there is one more layer to all of this and it has to do with certain co-op missions, and the many higher tests that we go through, in the higher realms.

Tests In The Higher Realms & Higher Learning Through Facing Polarity Head On

This next section is so important on a higher level, because it explains the kind of work that we do, and are doing without even realizing that we’re doing it. For those who are reading this who are newly aware/awakened, remember to take this information in strides. If you can’t grasp this information yet, and if what i’m talking about doesn’t seem to make sense, or register to you yet. Continue to read it over until you understand that what your reading, is something that your fully aware that your experiencing yourself.

I recently had a dream a few months ago now, and to me it was so important from a higher perspective. Before I write in full detail the events, I need to mention that this was not a Co-op mission and neither was I on assignment of any kind. I was in the higher realms with a group of beings and we were all going through the same test. The last layer of dreaming is called “Higher Test” while we’re all aware that we’re no longer just dreaming, we do however get tested. I’d like to explain this process, what it means, and why it happens before I share the test I went through in the higher realms. My “Dream” as many people call them, and you might fully read it, and have experienced this yourself. Higher Tests are very common amongst Light workers and everyone of us goes through these tests, out of body, while in the higher realms. Before we incarnated we also went through similar tests, to see how we would handle situations, to see if you could complete these tests in which ever way you chose to handle it. If you didn’t succeed then you would try again, it’s all about ones own personal growth. These are what Light-Tests are about, how you handle Polarity, how you evolve, how you get up another stair-step. So there I was gathered around with a group of other Light beings, and we were in the middle of this Light-Gathering and each of us one by one would take turns going through are individual tests. Before I explain more, in full detail, understand that tests come in many forms, just because it doesn’t look like one doesn’t mean it isn’t one. To many times I’ve found myself in class settings, in the middle of nature, on light retreats with other Light-Beings. That’s when I know i’m in the higher realms learning, going through higher tests with Light-Workers. The Maze of Light – is a big test for Light-Workers and that is the one I was involved with, it tests your ability to move through the maze without giving into fear of the darkness.

” The start of this particular dream sequence began with me surrounded by this big, vast, area with nature all around me. There were trees every-where, and I was part of a group of beings, who were in a class setting outside in this vast area filled with nature. We all have our desks, and we’re all sitting down, then the scene changes to all of us outside, we’re standing on this big hill.

Now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been involved in these gatherings with other Light-beings, where I meet up with, am surrounded by large groups of them. It happens, we are all working together, learning together. So if you find that your surrounded by large groups of people, and or are in a class setting, while dreaming aka (Astral Traveling) remember that your learning with other’s, about higher divine aspects of each-other/yourself. That’s what these tests, classes, lessons, events, gatherings are about for us. To help us evolve higher.

So I’ m surrounded by these people, to my right I see this huge forest, and it was my turn to enter this forest, this forest maze! So I leave everyone behind, and I take my own personal journey.

The scene changes again, i’m now inside this forest maze, having my test. So i’m walking through these cubicle like small spaces, while moving in this Light maze test, you meet people and some of them I knew personally. I passed one of my aunts, thinking what the hell are you doing here? I swear family comes out at you from no-where. So I passed dear old, aunt Helen, and kept making my way past the cubicle maze. I reached a few people, some men, some women, and then I reached a point where I was walking through a dark point in this maze. On my right I had the option of going back to where light was shining, but it was a dead end, and didn’t leave me with many options. I could either stay here in this light where you can’t ascend any higher, or i could walk through the left side, where it was dark and to be quite honest frightening. I chose to turn left, not knowing where it would lead me, not knowing where it would take me, until I reached stairs. As I walked up the stairs, I was back into an area where there was light surrounding me. I met a batch of new people, as I reached a higher level. So in order for me to climb to a higher level, I had to experience some darkness, on my path. I had to move past the darkness, so that I could move higher into lightness. The dream ended with me waking up, having moved up newer higher stair steps, reaching a new higher level of consciousness. So I realized that the light maze, was actually a test, for me, to find my way up to a newer level of my own divine consciousness.

That was my entire test, and after having experienced it, I feel the need to share that we’re so much more multidimensional than we all think we are. We have so much more experiences than we think we do, and it shows in this very article. We have layer upon layer that we haven’t yet, revealed, or gotten to fully understand about ourselves. Understand your (DLW) co-op mission(s), understand that it is what is happening when your not in physical form. Also understand that it’s what helps you tackle polarity, so that you move beyond the darkness into the light, understand it’s about rising above and evolving.

Astral Traveling & Doing Dream Work/Missions At Machu Picchu In Peru


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Astral Travels In 2015: Memories Of Peru & Astral Visits To Machu Picchu.

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Amplification Of Greater Evolution

Ever since the 11:11 Portal/Gateway opening I’ve felt, Sensed, Perceived an amplified burst of Light energies and that’s not the only amplification. I’ve felt amplified physical pains, I’ve felt amplified changes in my reality, and I’ve felt tremendous amplified states of TNB (Team Negative Being) interferences and negative activity throughout the world. November has been a strange month and I’m definitely still dealing with all the dark dense negativity, but I’m also having some serious experiences with my dreams, my dream states, and some memories coming back to me from the past and many of them being from my past lives. So there is a lot of changes going on, and many changes still to come as we move further through the AP (Ascension process.)

I’m familiar with re-connecting and being shown once again my past lives – and to be honest this has happened to me more times than I can count at this point. I’ve lived my life in a sort of non-linear manner and it’s how this process has been for me. Nothing has happened to/for me in a timely ordered fashion, and thing’s have come up for me from places, times, from when I once existed and then I’ll find that I’m still living that event, situation, once again but from this Mikey body and this Mikey perspective. So, I’ve experienced it once before a long time ago in another place and time. Yet, while I’m here now I’m re-living it as I’m embodied as another aspect of myself. I’ve been in one place, but then I’m skipping through the past and the jumping timelines has been a really tiring experience in my every-day life. This is the biggest amplification that I’ve felt ever since I’ve began being embodied by these NEW Light Energies. This always happens for me when these energies begin, thing’s get brought up and thing’s from the past get remembered. So as I continue writing this I’d like to share a past life of mine, where I was a woman in Peru around the 1300’s and in this past life I was a dancer. I wasn’t just a dancer, I was a living, breathing Light worker in that timeframe.

My Past Life As Peruvian Light Worker/Woman In Peru

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What I remember about this lifetime was that I volunteered to come down from my location in the higher dimensional realm where I come from, and in this lifetime I incarnated as a woman once again to spread the (Feminine Goddess Energy) one half of the divine sacred energies of the Masculine/Feminine template. I was born in Peru in the year 1351 AD just before the Inca Civilizations and empire ruled the southern American continent, and my mission along with a small group of other’s including my Flame was to do massive GW (Grid Work) which involved creating structures of light, opening portals of light which could act as a GP (Grid Point) an area where source/light could enter and inhabit earth. I and others who also incarnated into the small village, were contracted and we fully agreed to be the forerunners that led the other Light-workers who came after us to then live and breathe the process and create the Inca civilization and empire.

My memories of who I was as a Peruvian Woman in the 1300’s is fleeting, but I do know a few things about who I was and what I did. In the one vision that I’ve received from this lifetime I saw myself as a dancer, and when I had the vision I could feel strongly that this was what I loved to do the most in that lifetime. I remember it was night time, and most of the people in the village were celebrating. There was a  small group of us, and we were all celebrating and doing a ceremony involving the Moon and her energies. I was dancing around the fire that was built and I was not only embodying the Moons energies, but I was spreading light through the movement of dance.

I was rather short, I was dark skinned, I had long dark flowing hair that reached my bum and I had feathers scattered all throughout my head. I was wearing strings the color of red wrapped around my arms, on my ankles, and this wonderfully beautiful decorated necklace made of strings and feathers of different colors which hung from my neck. I wore a small white fabric in the form of an ancient dress, and my breasts hung out and free.

The most important piece of information that I remember receiving from any of the visions and memories that I’ve seen, felt, and experienced has been the memories of dancing and celebrating the sun. I remember it was one of the biggest things we did, we would dance in celebration of the sun and what it meant to us. Because Sun is source, and we knew that. We knew that it’s where we came from, and where we would return to when we left the physical bodies we inhabited. I’ve looked online for any signs of this dance and many of the Inca people in Peru still do this dance today. The dance of the sun, to honour the sun god Inti. They do this on the day of the winter Solstice, and while the dances have changed over the centuries the reason(s) and purpose(s) behind it is still clear and still the same ones from long ago. They celebrate the source/source energies and they welcome it, which is what me and those forerunners of the 1300’s did all those centuries ago.

Recent Astral Travel & A Dream Visit To Machu Picchu 

My experiences with Dreams, and Astral travels have been plenty over the last year or two. All of them have happened for very multidimensional reasons, mainly because many of my aspects are now currently intertwined in this 2015 timeline and it has to do with where I am in this AP (Ascension process.) The last few months have been unbelievable especially with where I’ve been physically, and emotionally. Also energetically. Ever since the September X-Wave arrived – boy did things change drastically for me. Especially in the dream area. However, not just in the dream area. Things have changed big time for me with my dreams, my past life memories, astral traveling and having serious OBE (Out Of Body Experiences.)

The most recent AT (Astral Travel) that I’ve had this month which brought me on here to write about this past life memory was one I took to Machu Picchu in Peru. This is a place that I’ve never been to in the real waking world, however as soon as I woke up and re-entered my physical body as is the case with these At (Astral Travels) I immediately knew that this was a Mission/Job that I went on. I astral traveled to the same location that I remembered was where my village used to be, I knew it was the same place because I could feel it, sense it, and knew that it was the exact location. it looked different, with many trees and plants that have grown up and into the sky. I remembered that I pulled something out of the ground, and retrieved it. As soon as I grabbed what I needed to that’s when I woke up, and the dream travel and it’s memories stuck with me for days afterwards. For those who don’t know AT (Astral Travels) & DW (Dream Work) is a common Light-Worker practice, tool, and a major part of our jobs. We go places, we meet with groups of people, we leave our bodies for extended periods of time in order to do something of great importance in other places. Sometimes we remember these places, and at other times we really don’t. Sometimes we also remember these missions/jobs and other times we don’t. This doesn’t happen to every light-Worker at first, sometimes it takes a while to remember but for other’s it’s instant because we’ve incarnated before and on other planets and star systems and have done the same thing before.

November 2015 – Has become greatly enhanced in so many ways, and it’s only going to get more lighter, evolved, greater, and beyond anything we have physically experienced thus far as we move closer towards the Winter solstice. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and remember that you are loved in so many beautiful ways.

16Love & Light16

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