April 2017 Timeline: Still Dealing With Personal Attacks, Separation, The Anti-Christ Energies, And Still Experiencing The NEW in April 2017.

Goodbye March – Hello April 2017,Yet Another Painful Transition.

April 2017: This NEW energy that we’ve been feeling in February as well as in March didn’t catch me by surprise, after all it’s been like a relief from having to be continuously feeling like I’ve been separated from Source and Source energy and love. So for me and I’m sure for so many of you it has been painful but rewarding to bask in the light like you and I once did before we incarnated here and hasn’t that been wonderful? Lately into the end of March and as well as when we first transitioned into early April I’ve been having a more difficult time. I still am on most days and it’s because so many thing’s have changed including myself. If you also feel like everything has changed for you, just know that the energies have (Changed, Shifted, Removed, Added on, Purified, Released, Taken away) anything that was hiding in the brain, in the chakra system(s), in the vessel/body that you no longer could house any longer as we move further into 2017. When we grow in frequency – we need to be cleansed and cleanse anything that is of lower frequency. When we do this – it hurts like nothing has ever hurt us before in our life.

I and you have been doing this for weeks – and we will continue to until we reach the highest frequency that we can in our own personal evolution. However it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, or that it isn’t awkward, or that we aren’t having to deal with our own delusions of the self and our own self created realities. Because it does hurt, and I mean it hurts a lot when we stop projecting, when we stop with the labels, when we stop with the judgements, when we stop believing in the thing’s that we once upon a time not to long ago believed in the most. We are releasing ourselves – we are in illumination energy experiencing the illumination process. This energy/process helps us to understand ourselves completely, and stop with the continuous mind programs that have been implanted into us for our whole life. To teach us to be self sovereign once again, to take personal responsibility for our self and our actions once again. I am not who I used to be last year, or even two years ago. I have changed, and because I have changed you also have changed to. When we do the work we do the work for everyone else, so they can begin doing they’re work.

It’s been painful, realizations have come up and intense ones at that. The only way to deal with them is too acknowledge, change how you react, and then make a conscious effort to stop doing it. Which is what I’ve been doing with my own issues all this time. Some days I succeed, in other’s I make mistake after mistake. That’s alright, because I know I’m not perfect. However I am perfect for where I am right now in my own evolution, learning and growing on the way. This is where we are at in April 2017 … but it’s not been so enlightening, fun, enjoyable, all flowers and peace signs.

Continued Personal Attacks, Continued Separation Of Worlds, And Dealing With The Anti-Christ and the negative energies.

Some days it’s felt like flat out hell on earth – while I’ve been trying my hardest to create a heaven on earth with every other Light-being incarnated here at this time who are striving for the same exact thing. At the end of March into April this got amplified for me in so many unbelievable ways, and it showed me that not everyone wants to ascend and some really are trying to keep this hell on earth a continuous reality.

Over the past few days I’ve had to listen to Personal threats from people towards other people, continuous violent remarks being made, comments made against me and my own life which I’ve experienced in the work place which then got turned into a joking matter. Fighting and yelling in the streets where any-one can see, people acting aggressive, people finally speaking up and out about personal issues they are having. This is just where I live – can you imagine what else is going on in the whole entire world at large. I’ve had to remain Neutral through-out all of this but I have to admit the death threat against me I didn’t honestly take it very well. Had that situation escalated further – I wouldn’t even be writing this right now and It would have probably made the news in the city I live in. Even now I still remain neutral because even through-out all of the personal attacks, I can’t afford to spiral out of control spiritually. If your going through this same thing, and sensing, feeling the amplified personal attacks on you remain high in light. Stay in complete control – because your stronger than the Anti-Christ and his dark energies.

Another thing that I’ve noticed with this great amplification has been the Continued Separation Between Worlds & Timelines that is going on. We all have free will, which is the basic rule of this realm. We cannot control people, or tell them what they can or cannot do. It’s completely not in harmony with people or with this earth, it’s in dis-harmony. Despite people having free will – the separation between 3D and moving into the 5D space has been astonishing to witness. The change from being safe in my chosen area – to walking into a space or area that is complete utter chaos within a split second has been remarkable. Also the separation between people, the division, the were good/your bad rhetoric has been unbelievable. Unfortunately this is still happening in 2017, do I think this is a good/bad thing? I’m choosing to see this as part of a huge cleanse, as part of a continued shift, the dis-integration of the 3Dimensional construct of earth. Many people are choosing the direction they want to go into right now, and it is their free will to do it now in this time.

The last important amplification that I’ve experienced has been in having to deal with the Anti-Christ energies (Demons, Satanic beings, Dark forces, TD (Team Dark beings) which has amplified greatly over the last few days. This is where everything all connects because the separation between people, and continuous attacks are coming from people who have not yet had their inner Christ-Seed activated. Which leaves them susceptible to possession, to spiral out of control, to being consciously used, to allowing the Anti-Christ energy enter them temporarily to get at anything that is raising it’s frequency beyond anything low in frequency. This is something that is happening right now, and that has happened to me and anyone else who’s frequency is high. The best way that I dealt with these sorts of thing’s happening, and they happen to me frequently especially with family members. Is I stay in absolute neutrality and come from a place of love. I know it’s hard – but know that you are stronger then the Anti-Source energy, the Anti-Source beings, and that you are a crystalline awakened warrior of the light who loves all despite which ever level they are at in personal growth.

More NEW, More Upgrades, And More Physical Symptoms

Because we’re now at such a critical juncture in this Ascension process – The Dark Of The Night Soulwhich is happening all over the world right now, there is more of the old being released and so much new being created. It feels like the old is trying to latch onto their positions more now than ever before, and the new creations are struggling to come up and out into the world. The upgrades have been any where from miraculous to hellish. These physical symptoms have felt like your having the greatest orgasmic transcendent experience ever at the greatest moment, to having the most hellish painful experience you could have ever imagined at it’s worst moment. The physical upgrades are causing some really strange and interesting patterns in my body, and the NEW is giving me more hope than it is anything else.

Here are some new and yet strange and interesting thing’s happening to my physical self with these new energies, and new upgrades that are taking place as we grid as well as integrate.

  1. Skin Issues: I have had a lot of skin peeling, skin dryness, especially in the hands over the last few weeks. I understand why the skin needs to shed itself at the current moment, and why it’s being upgraded. However these specific upgrades can be hard to handle, when you work with your hands every day. But new energy, new templates in the body.
  2. Weight Gain: I have put on about 3 pounds and I’m fine with that as it could have been more. This always happens – and I’ve learned to accept that my body was always going to do whatever it was needed to do. The stomach is bloated currently, and food is necessary for me and all right now. We need it – because if we don’t hold ourselves in our body we will exit if we don’t eat.
  3. Incompatible With Foods: Food sensitivity has been an issue, and rightly so because a lot of the foods on this planet have chemicals, artificial flavors that don’t sit right in my or your body. There has been a lot of watching what I eat, because some of it does not feel well inside of me.
  4. Ear Ringing: The ears are always ringing for me – however I notice that they are chiming louder and have been for February and March and now well into April 2017. What can I say? Embrace it, enjoy your own personal radio station, and sit back and enjoy the cool tunes.
  5. Crown Chakra Opening: I have had a lot of crown chakra downloads happening for me, and it’s not just downloads. I feel my crown chakra has opened up a bit more than used to be. There seems to be a pattern – it opens more when I need to integrate the energies, and it closes when I’m not needing to. Other wise it would be over load.
  6. Jaw – Teeth – Face changes/Pain: I have noticed a lot of changes in my face since the beginning of this year. Seems 2017 is all about opening our minds and brain(s) to higher information. I feel my brain expanding and merging. I feel the energies running up into my eyes, all around my head, through my nose. Through my jaw and my teeth. A lot of changes in my face area as well as pains.
  7. Sleeping: Last few weeks I just want to sleep, sleep and sleep some more. I’ve been tired – but seriously unfocused as well. I can’t stay in one place to long, I can’t think about one thing for to long, I can’t focus long enough to remain in one thought process for a long time. Then I’ll get specific moments during the day at the same time, where it’s like I’m being called to nap.

This is April 2017 – unbelievable that were all at this point, and it’s not even that it’s all negative because it’s really not. Being neutral is so so important – and there isn’t any judgements of this is good/bad – like I’ve said “It’s just a what it is thing.” this is what it is for right now. We just need to talk openly about what is going on … all of what has been said above is what it is going on right now. However so is source energy as it runs through our veins, and as we create heaven on earth it will manifest.

Take it easy – rest up – no judgements – just an open heart – with lots of love.

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February 2017’s Energetic Light-Wave Upgrade: More Unity Consciouness As We Embody More Of 5D Energy Into Our 3D Bodies.

Oh Yes, The Next Light-Wave Has Begun Weary Light-Workers

smiley-sick010 As if the majority of us haven’t been put through enough already so far in 2017 – with the energies; while having to endure the incredible Ascension pains that’s shaping us into higher crystalline beings. As if we haven’t had it up to our ears in dealing with darkness, chaos, upheaval, flat out lies, distortions, and negativity.  Not that “This Dark shit ever eases up, I’ve been dealing with this kind of dark nonsense my entire life.” Yet here we are having to stare at fuzzy_emoticon_-fd⇐(Mr. Your Fired) and the many controlled/possessed beings who are descending below 3D with him into (2D and 1D) which is the lowest of the lowest realms. Now we’ve entered February 2017: which means we’re getting ready to evolve higher than we’ve ever reached before. The next Light-Wave which is the current one so many are feeling now, is and has been ramping up for everyone even more so since the end of January. However if your like me, this energy escalation and onslaught of morbid Ascension symptoms has been pretty consistent. Nothing has changed for over 3/4 weeks for me. I’m still in the exact same pulsating pain, i was when i first entered the new year.

However Since about Jan 30th – I’ve started to feel incredibly worse than I had been feeling, and I’ve felt like flat out shit ever since! Which is why I’ve started – as well as continued writing about these Energetic shifts we’ve been experiencing; so no-one feels left out or alone while they feel like this. Because we’re all going through this right now; I’ve decided to mention this so that more people know it. To make a point here: Because i tend to receive a bountiful amount of divine guidance, which comes in the forms of messages. These messages can come from any-where, anyone, and at any time, place, or hour. While being guided online, I stumbled upon an article on CNN: stating “Flu spreads in 40 states” and there it is. I knew that bringing this up in this article is so important now, to show just how much more evolved we’re becoming. To show that North America ( Especially) America is currently healing, and not just healing but literally holding itself together. Holding itself up by all the Light-Workers, and not just us but those who have become recently activated from within. Which has been plenty, as more people have been emailing me and asking those familiar questions many of us have asked along time ago when we began this Ascension Process ourselves.

This NEW Information let’s me know that we’ll be perfectly alright, and through-out all of this darkness we always have been perfectly fine. Every single one of those holding the light from within. Which now includes more of the collective – who have begun to see and are activated within to see now.

My Last Article Caused A Stink & It Needed To

Since my last article when I wrote about (Mr.. Your Fired) fuzzy_emoticon_-fd ⇐ and his team of Descenders because it’s what’s really going on. There is a huge separation in our world right now, some people are Descending more and more into 3D while other’s are joining 5D and beginning to understand what we have known for oh so freaking long. I will be writing an article that discusses this split – but I needed to mention it in this article because it’s important for me to at this current time. After I pressed publish, I knew before hand that they would “Go on the attack” and if you don’t know why those descending do this “It’s because they’re literally in shock when they stumbled upon this kind of material“. Many people have been in shock – when they read certain articles that go beyond the dark crap – they don’t want to read anything about the light or evolving because they don’t want to change.

My last article – has a lot to do with my NEW Mission… and the NEW codes that are being integrated into my body. New Codes = New Missions – and over the last few years when these Light-Waves have come in, I know I’ll be downloaded with NEW Information that will guide me to discuss what needs to be discussed. As it happens to many who are working to create a world of harmony, and peace.So part of what I’m doing right now, has a lot to do with getting those who can’t “see” to “See” what is happening right in front of them with these beings of the dark; by bringing the stuff they’re trying to do up and out in order for them to see it. It needed to cause a stink because it needed to be brought up for those who don’t see – in order for them to start seeing.

One guy emailed me and basically said “I wasn’t being a Light-Worker because he thought I wasn’t being neutral.” and “That most Light-Workers know not getting involved helps more.”  However, who’s says I’m not already being neutral? In order to write what I do write on here, I’ve had to be. Otherwise I’ll end up being too involved with the endless stuff that I don’t need to put my energy into. However, my Mission means that I help people see the Dark. It has nothing to do with being and remaining neutral. It does however mean remaining open and conscious of the powers that be on this planet. Which many just don’t know about. Many beings might not have the same Journey, mission, or experience the same dark experiences while living on 3D earth as we shift into 5D earth completely. Mine involves bringing these dark matters up at this time, Why? for more to see it. So you can’t just say to other beings doing their various different Light-Work You’re not being a Light-Worker.” by not doing what I’m doing. Do you smell the stink here?

Also please do notice in this time the way that some will “claim to be evolved or evolving as it is a process – then begin letting you know that what you’re doing is wrong, and that you should be doing thing’s this way, and that way because to them it’s the right way to do thing’s.” Which is why Discernment is needed because you won’t always see beyond some who hide themselves very well. There is a difference between freedom and projecting, if your projecting your belief(s) that’s a sign of emotional control. You are trying to influence another being to do what you do, which then means you’ve managed to control that person in some form. Freedom means letting a person express what he needs to in order to do what he/she wants to do, has to do, or loves to do in order to evolve on their journey. I don’t need another being to tell me what I should do in order to be a Light-Worker, and neither do I need to do that to another being; because I know you all know what your doing and your going to  handle your business in which ever way you please. I know what I’m here to do, and so do many light-Beings. This is an example of emotional control and an example of being in dis-harmony with the law of nature, and beings know that love is the only way to be in harmony within the collective. If were ever going to evolve we have to stop trying to do this kind of stuff. I respect his opinion, and I send you well wishes on your journey but I’m not buying it.

Another woman emailed me and flat out said “Start helping the cause by joining us to help Mr. Your Fired” I immediately sensed she wasn’t coming from a place of light. I instantly messaged her right back and let her know all that I’m personally doing to help other beings grow and to evolve myself – by showing in this time who (He -They are) in order to help other’s see this negative stuff. She never bothered to respond back to me. The thing is, she has every right to feel and think the way she does. This is her free will; and when she is ready she will begin her Process or she might never in this lifetime. However that is how “free Will” works. It’s not good or bad, it’s just the way it is.

I don’t normally talk about the emails I get from people, but I obviously have ( as you can see) for this article because it needs to be seen by you all so you can see that it’s not just happening to you. It happens to me, and to other’s. Every one of us knew it would happen, most people out there don’t care or want to see or change. But however they will blame you, and attack you because they’re not willing to evolve. I’ve dealt with this for years, and I personally know that every single one of you are going through this now, or have while on your journey. You have to smell the stink. That’s all you can do. However I will say this: I might not like (Mr. Your Fired) but he is playing a huge role, he is showing us all who he is so we can see what dis-harmony within the law of nature truly is, and what it looks like. It’s now up to each of us individually to see it, put an end it, and evolve beyond it.

More Unification Download Continues  & Unity Consciousness Is Spreading

February 2017: This month will be a game – changer, and most of March as well because the energy we’re receiving now will align us more with ourselves. It will align us more with our Higher self – It will align us more with our Inner Self – and it will align us as a collective. In December 2016: I wrote about the Unification Download we received, and this is still happening now and will through-out 2017. We need this to happen right now, so that we can evolve more. The in formation I received about the “40 states experiencing flu symptoms” that I mentioned earlier is a manifestation of this Feb download we are experiencing. Every-body is going through this right now, and all over the world as well.

This is Unity Consciousness – A global Unification Process, and no-one can escape it. Thing’s are being brought up, old memories, past life issues being revealed, meeting beings you once knew a long time ago. The physical detox going on is so painful, but so worth it; and its not easy embodying more of our 5th Dimensional higher selves into our 3 Dimensional physical bodies. It hurts like hell; but in the end we will be more aligned. More unified. More evolved. Some of the ways I can tell the world is becoming much more unified, and that unity consciousness is spreading is because I’ve seen events where every-one is unified.  We recently had the Women’s March a few weeks ago; and it’s so important to mention this because it’s a manifestation of the Divine Feminine Energy. It wasn’t just one country; this spread all over the world. Another manifestation of the spread of unity consciousness has been the unified stance to stop this “Travel Ban“. It’s been chaos, but everyone is just coming together to put an end to it. These are examples of Unity consciousness taking manifestation in this world right now, and were going to see more and more of this in 2017. I will say this (Mr. Your Fired) is bringing more people together, because no-one likes what he’s doing at this time.

In these difficult times; I personally know we’re all struggling with these Ascension symptoms. I’m more tired, in more pain, and I know we’re all weary at this time. However we have a lot of love still to give, a lot of hope left inside, and the more we have the more we have to share with the world. So keep on sharing; and know that we’re doing perfectly fine and we’re going to be just fine.

16Love & Light16


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Being A Light-Worker In 2017: Holding Down The Light, In The Middle Of Chaos And Darkness.

Jan 2017 & The Endless Energy Waves

smiley-violent072Since the end of 2016 I’ve been hanging on by a thread; in all areas of my life. I’m sure many, many, many of you have been on the edge as well. Now that the end of January 2017 is here: I know we’ll be going through even more (Energy Waves, Energy Downloads, Energy upgrades, Be internally guided to go/be/exist some-where else, release and heal, deal with new events that will shape us into greater beings) If you thought Jan 2017 was intense – February 2017 will test us all on the physical. However, remember that what feels constricting eventually let’s up. When you find yourself on the other side of what was an exhausting situation; you’ll be asking yourself how you got through it all? You just knew you had to push yourself through it. I’ve been pushing myself through it all; like all of the many Light-Workers have been doing all over the world. If your one of the few really struggling, let me give you some encouraging words (Keep Moving Who ever you are, where ever you are, and especially with regards to whatever your dealing with it.) We need you all to hold yourselves highly in the light that you carry for the world.

I need to mention the (Jan 2017) Light-Waves, Energy downloads … because it’s been one miserable physical experience for me in the last few weeks. It’s been miserable for so many, and so many have been emailing me just because they were needing to vent.  It’s also what many are experiencing as well. I’m fairly used to doing this kind of Light Embodiment Work and I’ve been doing this for years. However not to this magnitude. It’s not a weekly thing, or a monthly thing, or a one off thing during the year. We have now reached the point where these Downloads and waves of light are coming in (Daily.) This is more of the brand spanking NEW so many have been talking about, myself included. While physically it’s painful on the body, I’m so happy that were all experiencing daily upgrades; because it means more growth and self empowerment.

Some Ascension Symptoms of these latest energy downloads, for me personally include.

  1. Lower Back/Spine Pain – This has been one of the symptoms that many have been feeling; this is more DNA changes in our bodies. This always happens when kundalini energy begins inside of me again. I don’t always get this … but when it activates man it hurts.
  2. Sinus Issues Like Never Before – This isn’t just sneezing, when I experience sinus issues, I know I’m experiencing downloads in the area of my Third Eye Chakra. Everything in my face get’s upgraded.
  3. Ear Ringing That Sings – My ears are constantly ringing, not just ringing, but also playing the song of every soul, of every light, of every single energy on this earth and in this realm.
  4. Psychic Attacks/Energy Attacks – In every-day life, while I’m sleeping, I’m constantly getting attacked by demonic beings/entities. It’s really started to get bad – and I have been protecting myself with shielding like crazy.
  5. Whole Body Vibrating – My whole entire body has been vibrating for weeks on end, and I personally know that it’s not going to end. I’ve needed to lay still, be still – even though it hurts when I do that; I know just being still helps me deal with the energy that is going up/down my body super fast.
  6. Negative People/Energy Have Gotten Out Of Hand – I’ve been experiencing more of people’s negativity, and we all know why. If you don’t (Those beings have temporarily gotten the upper hand) they refuse to begin the ascension process, refuse to take personal responsibility, and refuse to evolve. So they lash out, attack anyone, and feel that they can do whatever they want without acknowledging the consequences.
  7. Witnessing Chaos – It’s been like watching a really bad movie, and the events just keeps getting worse and worse. Characters continue to spiral, people continue to suffer, and no-one knows how to regain control of their consciousness. While not a physical symptom, it’s a heart breaking scene to have to witness.
  8. Pricks/Needle Like Sharp Pains – I’ve been dealing wish excruciating prickling pains, on the bottoms of my feet. I know these are New Light Codes upgrading my body. However at times it feels like someone is jamming a needle into the bottom of my feet, and this sharp pain lasts for only about 3 seconds. However wonderful it is for upgrading my inner self, it hurts.
  9. So Extremely Exhausted – The energy that is spreading over the world at the current time, has me exhausted all of the time. It’s a mixture of constant light downloads; but also tremendous fear and division in a time where were being called to hold more light.

Having to experience these physical symptoms (and not all of them I’ve listed on here – because there are too many to list.) can be painful, just be still. Take care you in the best way that you can, and rest up during these difficult days.

Being A Light-Worker & Holding The Light In The Midst Of Chaos

Before I incarnated down here into this (3D realm) I knew that I’d be having to hold my light high in frequency. That I would need to keep it up during times of darkness, chaos, dissension, upheaval and when certain dark events would be going on in the world. Like we’ve been experiencing so far during the last few months. We all know who I’m talking about fuzzy_emoticon_-fd (Mr. Your Fired) – and it’s so important to be fully conscious now and see just what kind of nonsense he is pulling now in the world. His (Narcissistic personality, his hate, his division, his negativity) it speaks volumes, and one of the reasons I’ve been having it so hard physically and energetically is because I’m feeling the consequences of his actions towards people. I’m being downloaded with wonderful light energy, because I’m being guided to hold more light just like every other Light-Worker is now doing in 2017. As an empath; however it’s hard holding myself in harmony as I walk out the front door and do what I need to do. Mainly because he’s done what he’s said he was going to do; change thing’s: but he’s done it to his own liking. Which now is causing world wide chaos, disorder, fear, panic, but at least it’s making people see and wake up to him and his dark agenda.

The thing that annoys me; is that there were actually many people stating in the Ascension Community or as I call it “The False Ascension Community” and yes that small group exists. That “He was working with the light, that the Light was helping him, and that he was going to bring in change.” I just wanted to make this clear once and for all; that the (Light/Source/Creator) and our higher selves (especially my higher self) did NOT in any way help Mr. Your Fired get to the high position he holds today. The light doesn’t help the dark EVER …it however let’s people see for themselves, through free will choice. What’s going on now – is a manifestation of what needs to happen so that the rest of the world can evolve beyond this dark crap once and for all. So they can see just who is who, and what the real agenda is with these beings are. So the Source/Creator had nothing to do with Mr. Your Fired getting elected. The “People” did it. They did because consciously – they were ready to finally see … what’s been going on, and what we Light-Workers have known all along.

If you’ve been feeling like the downloads have been non-stop, that your physically exhausted, that they’re coming in daily. Please understand that you are being called on to hold more light within you right now in this time. I am, many are, including you. It’s what we do. We hold the light within, in times of darkness and chaos. It’s a job when we volunteered to come down here. You can hate it; but at the end of the day you have to embrace it.

16Love & Light 16

Copyright © Divine Light Phases, Mikey Murdock, 2017. All Rights Reserved. You May Copy and Distribute This Material So Long As You Notify Me First, As Long As You Don’t Alter My Material In Anyway, The Content Remains Complete, Credit Is Given To Me The Author, You Do NOT Use It For Yourself To Try And Build An Audience For Your Blog/Site.  And You Include This Copyright Notice And Live Link.


To All Light-Workers: December 2016 Energy Update & Experiencing Higher Than Usual Energetic Unity With Our Higher Self. With Source. Within Our Selves As Source.

December 2016 Updates

So I’ve been gone for a while – not for any other reason other than I’ve had (Light-Work) to do. I’ve had plenty to work on, plenty to consider, plenty to think over, and a bundle of choices that need to be made by me, for myself, with where i need to go on my path at this specific time. Since Nov 8, 2016 – I knew the shit hit the fan, and (TD) created a timeline where they were once again (Trying) stubbornly to take control. Why? Because they knew that (We) were evolving much more, and that this was a last of the last attempts to try and stop the Ascension process. Can you believe that? .. well i can. However – there is one problem with that – no-body can stop the Ascension Process of evolution, of growth, and of integrating our higher selves while physically still being alive on earth.

There is no stop button, no rewind button, no tacksies backsies in this thing. I wake up – I do what needs to be done – I speak when I have to – I stay quiet when I don’t need to say anything or when I don’t want to be noticed – and I get through it and do my part. It’s what i’ve done these last 3/4 years. I want to stress this thing, because many who are on the Ascension Path seem to think, once pandora’s box is opened, that they can close it. Acceptance my brothers and sisters – start accepting it – and once you start accepting that thing’s will never be the same, go back to being the same old, dark, and miserable way of having to exist on this planet. You can begin to feel the “Peace” but also you can learn to be incarnated “peace.”

Warning: For those sensitive to material that is – candid, honest, and that’s a little hardcore please don’t read, or skip if you must.

December 2016: Has been fucking shit. I have never been so tested like i have been since this month started. While I’ve been treated like an absolute wet mop, that’s been over-used, abused, and that’s been left out to dry. I’ve not liked it. However one reason this month has been so difficult for me, was to remind me that i don’t need to give into the brain-washed parastic emotions/recordings/mind altering fears that has been branded into the collective consciousness by society and (TD) to make me try and feel like i’m some kind of fucking victim. That i’m not good enough, that i need to fall to the ground and crumble to a million pieces – because you yelled at me – because i forgot to wipe down a table while at work. Go eat shit! December 2016 – has reminded me that i’m here to break the systems, not indulge myself within them. One way to break the systems, is to not indulge in the demonic recordings, satanic mind control, that (TD) tries to instill in people through religion, the media, school system education, work mindset, materialism mindset and avoid all that nonsense.

smileys-yes-and-no-979269 and.

Ahem, “Who the fuck do these etheric, twisted, shit-faced, Demonic, Satanic, Demons think i am anyway? Who do these “Sleepers” who don’t yet know what’s really going on think i am? What i’m gunna cry, i’m gunna sob, i’m gunna hate myself while i lock myself in my bedroom for days. Please, there is no victim here. There never was, and there never will be. I have work to do, and i have no time to give my energy to nonense as we move into 2017. 

I also should mention that there never should be victims, in any being, because to be evolved is to be love and to have love for all. Nobody is needing to hustle someone into thinking they should be a victim, and no one should be acting, and or feeling like a victim. We’re still cleansing collectively. However when the time comes, people will know boundaries without being intrusive. But from me to you, handle your shit now in 2016 – 2017. Know when to speak up for yourself, and not let other’s verbally attack you with there negativity.

December 2016 Life Reviews & Experiencing Energetic Unity

The December 2016 energies have been very intense – and it’s been intense – because it needs to be right now. This is it folks, this is what i’ve been writing on DLP all along these past few months. This is the end of the 9 energies – and we’re now fully in the 1 energies, and this frequency of 1 will continue to be felt greatly as we enter the (1 – 1 – 1 Portal/Gateway Opening Of The New Cycle.)

Dec 21st – The solstice energy and the days leading up to it, saw me having to deal with many dark forces, dark attacks against me, and they still haven’t stopped. My mom and i are both here doing specific work, and she’s also gotten the exact same kind of dark attacks from dark forces. The latest seems to be one attack against us to try and break us down, through certain family members along with the systems of the world. Which has been a big theme for us both in 2016. Work, insurance, the legal systems – we have all been put through the wringer this year, with these stupid ass (TD) created systems.

One specific thing aside from the multitude of Ascension pains i’ve felt and currently feelearth-1706080_1280 for the last week or so, has been the life reviews i’ve been receiving from (Me, Myself, Source, My higher self.) Some of these reviews have shown me certain issues/time periods and moments in my life. An honest look at some of the events in my life that have shaped my life, that have taken me back in order for me to re-learn something. I know many have been having flashes of these same Life Reviews come up over the course of these last few months. They’re like having visions, you re-live those moments, and then you see what happened then, go over how you felt about it then, and how you feel about it now in order to gain some new knowledge about what transpired. As beings we’re multidimensional, but moments in our lives are also multidimensional. They have more than one aspect to them, we feel one way, but we also need to see this from how it effects the other person we’re sharing that moment with. Then how it effects the people close to that person, until we see how it effects cities, countries, the world, the universe. This is a big thing – and i’ve been doing the necessary work – and i’ve seen quite a lot. I’ve also understood quite a lot.

The most important thing that i’ve been experiencing – and this is really important is a download like no other. One where energies of unity have been pouring deep into me. In my last article (the 12:12 Portal Opening Of The Divine Feminine) was me integrating the feminine energy that the planet needs very much so, however there was also the masculine being downloaded at the same time. What i learned having experienced the shift on Dec 21st – was that unity was being downloaded at this time, as we made alignment with the galactice alignment itself. Energetic unity has been downloaded in all at this time, even those who don’t know it yet. Look closesly at the world right now, many are more concerned with unity instead of divison. Which is what Light-Workers have been doing all along. This next quote is so important because it’s so true “Light-Workers Unite, We don’t Divide”  Darkness divides.

I now understand and have learned – that unity is what has been the major lesson for all in December and will be into 2017. It has been a big lesson for me in dec 2016, because in the last weeks more of my higher self, source aspect of myself, has been being downloaded into me at this time. The unification of many has happened in 2016. We can’t live in a divided world, we need to all begin evolving, each and every one of us, and start living in unity. For mosr of us it’s what we’ve been doing, for other’s it’s not yet what we’ve done. All is where it needs to be.

Upcoming events: Are the Jan 1st,2017 Portal.  The 1-1-1 Portal/Gateway Opening.

Love & Light

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Mid-November 2016: Post 11:11 Energies – The Acceleration Of Negative Attacks & Dealing With Portal People.

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Post 11:11 Portal Energies & SuperMoon Energies And The Physical Symptoms

Over these last few excruciating Ascension years after having been activated as a star seed, when I first started this Ascension process.  Between the years of 2013-2016. I’ve since then suffered and endured a multitude of heavy accelerated physical maladies, because at the start of this process I was going through a phenomena called Accelerated Ascension. Along with that came the relentless Accelerated Ascension Symptoms. Now you might be asking yourselves (Accelerated Ascension What? – Accelerated Symptoms huh?) For any newbies who have just been activated, as many have just been in the last few days and weeks, and many more will in the days and weeks to come, who are now starting to come online looking for information to help them understand what’s really happening to them. Let me fill you in.

Accelerated Ascension – Is when your experincing a shift in frequency in a short span of time at a quick pace. Your being downloaded heavily in all parts of your body, experiencing physical symptoms that are magnified and that seems as if it’s hitting every single part of your body at once. You are going through a quick Ascension experience, and sometimes it’s really not easy and it’s really not fun. I went through this same thing, and i’m mentioning this now because many who are awakening are looking out there for answers that might be hard to find or even understand. Eventually everyone finds a written sentence, from someone, that resonates, then it all just seems to make sense.

Accelerated, acceleration, accelerating, rapidly, quickly, fast, light speed – are all words that i can use to describe November 2016. The month of November has moved from one spectrum to the next, and personally for me, and what i’ve experienced. Remember that we’re only mid-way through November at this point, but all i can say is that life and situations, and events have really started getting more difficult. Since Nov 8th i’ve been seemingly tested in almost every single way, on every single level. I’m getting hit from left to right with these energies. The mirror portals on 11-9-9 and then 11-11-9, leading up to the Supermoon energies, right near the Neptune turning direct motion today has me exhausted and wondering when thing’s are going to let up. Remember this is where we’re at right now. No matter how dark the monsters have gotten, no matter how much control the monsters have gotten, we’re still in this thing. I’ll be fucking damned if i’m going to quit now either! Scuzi for the language. But at this point (TD) and the demons can pick a cheek and lick it, i’m tired of them. They make me tired.


I haven’t felt this hounded by (The energies, the demons, the fear, the panic, the control, the anxiety, the anxiousness, the emotional release, the flat out attacks, the panic from the collective masses) since i pooped on the rug as a child and had no idea that there was toilet paper to clean up the mess. However transmuting every-body, and everything lately has been so difficult, so painful, so exhausting, so challenging that it’s gotten to the point that i’m getting so tired of cleaning up the fear mongering poo poo. The fear in people is so very real, and i think so many just don’t know how to react to it. I know many Light-Workers are also having their own issues with these energies, and with the collective fears. The truth in some ways is that what’s going on in recent days, is a collective Dark Of The Night and the clearings and purgings going on right now are bringing Old (Beliefs, Systems, Governments, Ways of being and existing) to the forefront. We knew the systems that don’t work anymore, needed to end, but now it’s really starting to change. Now the realization of people around the world, to get on the Ascension bandwagon now, and start releasing and healing is also coming to the forefront now.

I need to mention something about the Supermoon, because the supermoon really came at a time where we needed the light the most. After Nov 8th and the election news broke out, those were some serious dark days leading up to the supermoon. Nov 13th the day before, i couldn’t do anything. I spent the entire day on the couch, just trying to remain as calm and centred as i could. It’s been tough for a lot of folks right now. Empaths are struggling, and when you add on all the transmuting we’ve been doing. Holy cow!

Portal People & Experiencing Negative Remarks, Attacks, And Comments

This is a whole entire topic all on it’s own, but today i’m going to give you the shortpositive-and-negative-energy1 version. Since the 8th of November 2016 – I’ve experienced much more attacks, a lot more negative remarks, gotten many negative comments, experienced mob mentality, directed towards me. This experience is happening to many people who are aware now, who are housing light inside of them, who are experiencing Ascension and existing within this process. Why? It has a lot to do with the picture just above, of the little light filled guy. Notice how he’s surrounded by all of those who are not lit up, not yet, these are those who haven’t yet been activated by the Ascension Process. So they’re still literally not aware of all the negative stuff that those who are on the Ascension Process are aware of. Hey, no judgements, we’re all on the level we can be at for right now. Free will exists, and many are choosing to at this time, not take that leap yet.

The thing about Portal people is that they aren’t aware, of any of the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychic trauma many of us do go through. So they don’t face the headaches, the tiredness, the crazy heart racing in their chests, the left side pain, the throat pain, the flu symptoms, the communicating with higher angelic light beings, are able to telepathically communicate. These are thing’s they don’t experience or yet are capable of feeling. They’re not in control of their own conciousness, and when your not in control of your own consciousness you can’t be free to express your “I AM” self. They are leaving themselves open for possession, they are leaving themselves open to being hi-jacked so to speak, of being controlled through they’re consciousness, in order to say, in order to do specific thing’s that throw negative energy in order to attempt to lower light-beings and our high level of frequency. Since Nov 8th this is what i’ve been dealing with, these constant accelerated attacks, comments, remarks, about me, who i am, what i do or am doing at this time, in order to break me in any way. In order to cause me to spin out of control spiritually, lose track of my higher goals, and lower the light that i’m carrying and my energy.

The only way i’ve been able to handle this is to be as graceful as i can, remain high up in my heart, live there, breathe from there, exist in pure love. I don’t have time for the slings, arrows, and insults, and i think at this point many of us struggling don’t have the time to deal with it either. We’ve transcended that shit. However even many of us still yet don’t realize that this is effecting our frequency. Which we need to know, and this topic needs to also get addressed more and more, so that we can understand why we feel drained, why we feel exhausted, why we feel so depressed. This is a big part of it all.

It’s been one hell of a month ( no pun intended) but i think i’m already sick and tired of hearing about which demon is going to walk into the white house, with the devil himself. I know the systems are going to literally collapse soon. Because they’re Old, not loving, and come from a place of needing to instill fear and control people. What else can i say really? The reality isn’t that a demon is president, but the reality is that so many are scared of how difficult it will be when changes start to happen and it could have been stopped. Many have been saying he will change the system, no he won’t. He will however play a big part in destroying it, but at a price that will be so deadly and big. Please remember to be aware when someone is directing anything at you, to hurt you, to lower your frequency, because it’s real and it’s happening a lot now. Stay safe.16

Love & Light

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Being A Light-Worker In 2016: Post (999) Energies & The New Team Of Angelic Spirit Guides, That Are Now Helping (Me – You – Us) At This Time.

I started 2016 (9) with the highest expectations that it would be a positive year. That I wasn’t going to be “Beat down” or have my “Inner Light” – beat down and out of me. Now while for the majority of 2016 (9) it’s had it’s struggles, and I’ve had thing’s that needed to be worked through in order to get to where I am today. As I know many of the forerunners in this Ascension process have struggled in 2016 (9) as well. I have to admit that It’s been my second worst year to date that I have been incarnated down here. The worst year was 2014 (7) for all the horrible, shitty, and pointless attacks against me by (Team Dark – Negative Beings and entities) and (Dark Portal People) who have helped them knowingly or unknowingly. And (Because I’m still alive, and well, and causing chaos for Team Dark members I dance joyfully.)  It’s personal vindication for me that I’ve been through the absolute worst, and that, I’m still here regardless. Not even those fuckers can take that away from me, or you for that matter, or all of us collectively.

free-happy-smileys-819                    smiley-laughing015                        smiley-happy093      smiley-happy080             47b20s0              im-ok-smiley-emoticon          rofl

Being a (Light-Worker), going through what we all go threw, transmuting the negativity and healing it, dealing with the many people (Portal people), housing the light within my physical body, then going through the physical discomfort of being a pillar in one of the darkest and densest realms of existence has been one of the hardest thing’s I have done. However despite being on a boat that rocks, while your stranded in the middle of the ocean, I’ve not felt much loneliness while doing this thing in 2016. For many the years have felt and seemed like, endless roads leading to no-where, and let’s be honest don’t we all feel that way at times?. I know I have. For me I’ve felt much more connected to, and closer to those higher dimensional beings who many people just don’t see at this time. Which has made seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so much better, and much more profound. Because at the end of the day I’m not alone, at all. This has been why 2016 (9) has been the second worst year, second hardest, second trying, second challenging and so much more. I’ve been getting (Tended and cared to with the utmost love and respect) by these Angelic Higher Multi-Dimensional Beings who have been coming in/out of my life on a whim since I could communicate with them, for all of 2016 (9). Another thing I need to mention. Guess what? And!!! so have you forerunners of the forerunners, and Light-Beings. So have you been getting (Tended and cared to) as the veil lifts, as more higher positive dimensional beings start  to bleed through the mist.

Post (999) Energies & Being Left Alone For A While

September 2016 – and The (999) Portal/Gateway of illumination and completion was the biggest push for humanity that I have felt, and has lasted well into October 2016. I want to share what exactly I’ve been going through since this (999) Portal has opened, and where I’m at right now. I feel that it’s important for many to understand at this time, because you might be going through the same thing(s).

My physical self at this current moment, is feeling so much energy enterspiritual-guides multiple chakra base areas that I’m vibrating, and ringing from within with endless supply of creator light and love. I’ve definitely been feeling a push since the (999) Portal to once again retreat into my small personal bubble, and just house the energy at this time. I know it’s what I need to do at this time. The Higher Angelic Beings know this  is what I need to do at this time, and so do (Team Negative Beings) know that this IS what I’m doing right now at this time. This last sentence is so important, and I hope many Light-Workers understand it. Now I’ve been obviously getting as much rest, finding more time for myself, because I know that I need to integrate this stuff. New updates, New Upgrades, New Blue prints, New Light codes will NOT  push themselves into my physical body unless I release the old and let the NEW in. We need to release, in order to integrate. Now one thing that has been happening for me, has been when I try to do this work, grid down the light, I am met with nothing but interferences, one after the other. Someone will knock at my door, someone at work will call in sick, or generally something will come up unexpectedly in order to prevent me from doing this work! This has been an endless thing all year long, and what many need to understand is that (TD – Knows your integrating, that your housing the light, that your helping raise your own frequency, and the vibration of the earth.) ← This is so important. If you’ve been bothered lately, when all you want to do is rest, sleep, integrate, and just be. Understand who’s really behind this, because they will do everything to prevent you from doing your Light-Work! This has been the biggest dominating issue for me in 2016 (9) and I already know in it will be for me in 2017 (1).

Another thing that has happened since the (999) Portal has opened, and this is something that amazes me, is that I was left on my own for a while there. I literally didn’t have any contact with my spirit team, my guardian angel was also barely around, and everything in September after this portal opened just went silent and quiet. There was no Angelic Higher Dimensional Beings at the foot of the bed, or the sides of the bed, watching, and ready to help as I integrated. There was no telepathic communication. It was just me, myself, and I. What was happening in September was so high, so profound, so NEW that I was all on my own, being my own (Source/Sovereign self) Why? It was because It was only me, myself, and I, who could/was going to integrate the illumination and raise my frequency on my own. I was my own source, you are your own source, we all have to be our own source for everything. This is what evolution is, growing, acceptance, and healing, and being us, and no-body else.

My old spirit team of (Angelic Multi Dimensional Light Beings) knew this, and fully understood this. They also knew that they couldn’t come along with me anymore, that the (999) Portal was the cut-off point for these specific beings and their services. I was moving into a NEW space/place within myself, and we all did, and many of us still are. It took almost two weeks for newer and unfamiliar energies to appear, and this was just before the Third Light Wave at the end of September into early October. It’s definitely been a wild ride, however if it wasn’t for those specific (Angelic Multi Dimensional light Beings) I probably wouldn’t have done all of the fabulous work that I had done since they first came hovering at the foot of, and sides of the bed in April 2016. If you’ve also experienced a change in spirit teams, understand that where we are now, and where we will move to is not a place/area in time and space that your old team members could come along with you, and help you.

Much gratitude to those (Angelic Light Beings)  who have come and gone, and for those who are now helping us individually at this time. This is a wonderful time to be on (Planet Earth) at this specific time, no matter how dark it may seem. We are changing thing’s and sometimes that really just blows my mind.


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Receiving Psychic Visions In 2016: The Vision Of The (9-9-9) Light Wave, I’ve Received In March 2016.

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 I have been sensing the September 9th (9-9-9) date , waiting for this specific day, welcoming this specific energy for weeks now, anticipating this specific Portal/Gateway opening, mildly hesitating feeling the physical pains because of the integrations (As much as they help lift us up, it still hurts like crazy.) to the point that I could hardly stand it anymore. I’ve been excited, i’m ecstatic, and I feel like the source/creator has woken me up on Christmas morning, and handed me a box filled with light & Love.

And – It’s still a few days away!

Being A Psychic & Receiving The March 2016 Vision About The (9-9-9) Portal/Gateway

As a Psychic/Empath when I receive visons, or any kind of vision, for any Light-Worker really who receives information and images/visions, you and i both know it’s not just the images we receive. Oh no, what I get along with it are real emotional currents that flow through me, a sense of being able to feel how energies will manifest down here in 3D physicality. If they’re dark and painful visions about what can happen to humanity, then i’ll feel overwhelmed, and i’ll jump at the sounds of nuclear bombs going off as those are the majority of what I see as a possibility for earth. A real life WW3 – and if we don’t act now there is a chance it can happen, as that is what (Team Negative) has been after all along. The pain, the suffering, the deaths, all become part of me in an instant moment. Not a pleasant sight to see, or feel.  On the other hand when I receive positive and uplifting visions, I become filled with hope and promise for the future. I’ll feel as if i’m bursting on the inside, happy, calm, safe, and secure in the light and within myself. One of these such positive visions was back in March 2016, and i’ll share it here with you.

I saw light, pouring down from the dimensions. People all over activating their consciousness. I felt immense connection, I felt love, and I also felt safe in knowing that this time period of September 2016 was going to bring us closer to our higher selves. I did see and feel lots of pain, physical pain, for many and of course these periods will always feel this way.  The integrating I saw and felt was going to be global, people who weren’t aware of Ascension, were also going to feel these integrations of light within they’re bodies.

The sadness i then felt was that these beings were going to bring themselves and their frequency lower, by stopping the process through drugs/chemically induced medicines. Many were going to become unconscious rather than be open consciously, through doing this, in order to cope with the energies. Putting real chemicals into their bodies, causing them real illness, as many people’s bodies can not tolerate these medicines at this time anymore. This cycle will continue for many, until they learn to emotionally release and heal their pain.

Many I saw were going to ignore their true selves, wouldn’t heal any emotional pains, wouldn’t attempt to grow and or evolve by healing/transmuting their own issues. Many would repeat the same cycles they have for their entire lives, even effecting, and affecting people by ignoring what they want, need, and how they ignore it.

This period from what I saw was going to bring more people closer to the light, open their minds up to the dimensions of existence, be open to and connect with those beings of the light who were waiting for us to remember them. That they have been here all along, ready, willing to show us how they did it prior to ascending themselves.

↑ This was the vision I saw in March 2016, just before the dreaded April energies, that came smacking down hard. This has stayed with me for the better part of 2016.

The Current Doubt Of The Energy Shift, Frequency Shift, And Harassment I’ve Gotten Since Receiving this Vision.

Now i’m well aware and have been aware that September was going to be potent, however i’ve had a couple of people (I suspect they’re not really conscious, at this time, at all! – because if they were, they’d be discerning the very wonderful and important energies coming in now, instead of telling me how wrong I am for being connected to and knowing how to follow my psychic intuition.) who have left me a few personal messages stating that they can’t stand the phrase (Energy shift) or (Frequency shift) and that i couldn’t possibly know what was going to happen at this time. To just let it be, to just let us get there when we get there, but i’ve fully known that we were already in the 5th dimension all along. It’s just up to many people out there who don’t know, to finally get there. To realize it for themselves. This is something that I’ve had to deal with since starting this site, and even before I moved onto WordPress they did it at my blogger site as well.

I don’t ever  openly speak about this, but this will give the majority of you reading these articles, a good idea about the kind of harassment that I and other’s who do write about what is (Really going on) and what we go through. I’m sure many Light-Workers understand what i’m talking about, as soon as you go to speak openly about what’s going on, they immediately start shutting you down. Because to them (Your wrong, and they’re right) when it’s not about that, never has been, and never will be. It’s about feeling the energy, being the energy, and knowing the energy.  The best way to deal with this, is to keep doing it anyways, just because one doesn’t want to evolve, doesn’t mean 50 other’s don’t.

September 2016 – This time period that we’re in is a very important one, much is changing, if the majority of those you know who claim to be Light-Workers are stating they have no clue what your going on about, with the energies. These people are not who you think they are!


Yes I’ve gone off topic, however this is something I feel that I need to state. How is it that (They) and (They) know who (they are), how can you state that me or every other Light-Worker is wrong about the energetic shift occurring now. Are you kidding me? Are you not feeling the energies? Are you not capable of using your gift to sense what’s going on? At this time? This recent putting people in doubt about “there is no frequency shift”  smells like a dark tactic. This is the (9-9-9) Light wave energies, the last day of our current cycle, of course there is a frequency shift.

Now that i’m done getting my message across to a few people who have been spreading doubt, and let’s be honest (who are Faking it,) as I don’t feel the need to be nice to those who are pretending they’re authentic when we know who you really are. I think it’s best that I get this off of my chest now, and start to heal and transmute these issues, as I don’t need to be carrying this kind of energy with me as we move higher and closer to or source/creator at this time.

There Will Always Be Those Who Doubt Light-Workers & Their Own Ability To Discern

Over the last few years I’ve both experienced and seen many, who have tried to claim me as nuts, a fool, an insane idiot, and other’s on a daily basis. Then on the other side of the spectrum, I’ve had those who stole from my writing, stole from my experiences, and pretended they were me. Which I think is just nuts! Then there was one last group, who didn’t do the first or second, but just had major doubts and continued to spread those doubts. Still do today.

The thing is Light-Workers on a soul level every single one of us has known that they would go through this, I knew prior to incarnating here that I would be going through this. That I would deal with these kinds of people, deal with these kinds of situations. I think the only thing that I didn’t know, was how I was going to “Handle” it. It’s not an easy to thing to do, going through all of this, while integrating the light, while the majority of the population thinks of you as nuts/unstable. It’s one heck of a mission – and the only thing to realize is that there will always be someone doubting you, how you handle that? is what counts – me I choose to continue moving forward.

So you see it’s no different. Even with a wonderful frequency raise we are experiencing with this 9-9-9 Portal/Gateway, people are always going to doubt it. Which is funny to me, it’s happening now, it’s in the date, it’s in the numerology, and it’s in the energy.

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