Contact Me

Hi, Welcome to the contact me section on Divine Light Phases. I do understand that many (Light-Workers, Starseeds, Star Beings, Incarnated Light-Warriors, Psychics, Empaths) might be finding it difficult within their individual Ascension process at this time. With the very many {Ascension Symptoms – Pains – and general craziness) and i understand that sometimes we all need help. Even if it’s just to ask a question, about what one is experiencing, as we continue to shift higher and merge more with the new.

I have opened, started this page, specifically for any aware Light-being to come and ask me any question about what they might be experiencing, via the Ascension symptoms. There is a contact form at the bottom ↓ right here. Ask me anything Ascension related, if you need guidance, if you need support, if your just wondering about this Ascension shift. Feel free.


smiley-confused004 Because so many people, have been emailing me, messaging me, and leaving comments, and generally just want to talk to me. I’m leaving my email address.