My Copyright: Divine Protection


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This page is a very different one from many of the Light-Workers who are out there writing. It’s very important, and very blatantly obvious, and yet also a very necessary page section and i’ll expain what it’s about and why I’ve placed it up on Divine Light Phases.

As a writer it’s a joy of mine to receive higher information via the Divine Light Source/Creator who is within me, and all beings in our entire universe. Yes, we are all a tiny speck, a tiny aspect of Source/Creator and the Divine, it is who we are, it is who we have always been. As Light-Workers we tend to forget because were in a physical/material plane, just who we are, and many who haven’t awakened don’t understand that we are the source/creator in all it’s pure form(s). Some Awakened Light-Workers don’t even grasp that themselves. Now as a Psychic it’s even more of a joy to have my own connection with Divine Creator, because I understand i’m a small part of the light all together on my own. Just like you are a small aspect of the light on your own. We are all linked, bonded to the light, and we all have our own source connection/link. This is what many refer to as their Higher self. Who you think is your higher self, is really the higher divine itself, and that’s your connection to our creator. It’s how you/we/me/us receive information. It is a connection/bond that should be understood, highly remembered and treasured always. Which brings me to my point here, it is a connection/link that must be protected at all times. Because the reasons behind it are all so complex, I won’t get into everything that I want to, but I will explain why it’s important to always protect your Link/Connection to higher self/divine.

Your higher self/divine light aspect is consciousness, it’s awareness, it’s literally like being in two places, two worlds at the same time. You are here physically in your body, but on another level, a soul one, your in the spirit world. It’s a gift in many ways, and many have tried, negative beings to hinder us into fully embracing this gift. Through taking drugs of any kind, medications, religions by thwarting our intuitions to follow the true light, through schools teaching us worldly thing’s, through the many distractions and falseness. This is what I call “Being Tapped Into” when what you know, what your receiving, what your understanding from your connection/source link is being tapped into so that other’s can steal from your energy/connection to the divine. Protection, and protection of this link, so that many can’t/don’t tap into your consciousness is necessary. It protects you, protects your connection to divine, protects you psychically. Copyright, divine copyright, can do this for you. Stating that you have received this from divine light can actually protect you from ever having your connection/link tapped into. Which is what i’m doing here, for my sake, and other Light-Workers sakes.

I’ve had personal experiences, negative ones, attacks on a psychic level, and massive energy drain when i’ve shared something that i’ve received, that i’ve understood, and written that came from the creator. It’s not being respected for the most part for the higher knowledge that it is. Just like it happens for many other Light-Workers, who protect their consciousness and other’s still don’t respect the source/creator connection. It’s not even about egos, or needing to own, or even to have “Ownership” of anything. Simply put, it’s about keeping my connection protected from negativity, even if people aren’t going to respect my copyright well than i’ll know that my own consciousness is safe and protected from anything negative. By doing this, i’m now protected, my energy is protected, and my link is safe, and I encourage many who want to start writing to protect themselves as well.

Blessed Be

Mikey/Mikael Murdock Jun, 6, 2016