Entering September 2017: Integration Work, End Time(s) Realities & More In The Collective Who Are Having Their Own 5th Dimensional Experiences.

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September 2017 Is All About Integration Work 

Because July and August 2017 were extremely potent and powerful months for me and for many people on personal levels, spiritual levels, emotional levels, and on a higher collective level(s). As we continue to move into September 2017, it’ll be much of the same thing if not even more amplified for us all energy wise for many (Forerunners, Volunteers, and Incarnated Starseeds.) This needs to happen because of the point of no return we just passed in August 2017 – and as we get closer to the September Equinox energies, shift, graduation to an even higher level of consciousness this will continue. It’s been constant for me, if not even more profoundly different, unique, but also alarming all moving within the same frequency spectrum. We’ve reached a whole new level within the AP (Ascension Process), with all sorts of New pains, New experiences, and New different world realities – which I’ve been seeing, feeling, hearing and noticing all around me that different people on different levels have been existing In/on/within because of where they are on their own personal level of growth and level of consciousness.

September 2017 – So far, has been filled with Cx9p3ME’s, X-Flares going off, multiple Hurricanes (Good Source … I just want these hurricanes to  just stop, but at the same time I can understand why they’re happening.) Fires burning everywhere in different locations, the threat of nuclear war which has been on-going for years but picked up heavily well since August once again. All of this while dealing with the dying old 3D beliefs, belief systems, and systems of any kind that just don’t work anymore because the majority of us are now living in 5D. The physical amplifications of all of these “End times” events, realities, situations and experiences have been down right painful to deal with. So it’s alright if you don’t feel 100% physically capable of functioning right now to the fullest of your capability. I can’t either – but that’s just because we’re integrating all of the August energies and this is happening in September for us as well. There is a lot going on for all of us right now, some of us experiencing these (realities) personally and other’s who are  observing from a distance as these experiences happen for other’s. The most important thing that I want to mention is that, over the last few years these events have always grown up and out of the ground and have turned into gigantic seedlings that get right up in our face for us to deal with. I always knew that I’d live through the “End Times” which was never about the actual world ending, but the end and official death of all thing’s ending within the 3D world matrix. As much as it hurts, is painful to watch, thing’s are happening for many people within their “End Times” reality. All that we can do right now – is integrate, and uplift and manifest the New timeline as we literally embody the 5th dimension and grid it into this realm. Stay brave – within the reality, timeline, dimension your presently existing within/on/from.

Collective Evolution & Many People Who Have Shared Their Personal Experiences With Me

In an earlier article I mentioned that many people In August 2017 had been reaching out to me because they needed me to know, listen, understand, and explain to them why they were experiencing some of the situations, events, odd ball experiences that they were/have/had been experiencing recently. So I thought I’d share some of these experiences, and I won’t name any names but just the higher experiences that they have experienced because once again these situations, events, different timeline anomalies need to be shared so that other’s know that it’s going on.

The first experience I’ll mention was actually told to me person to person and it was by a male co-worker of mine while at work about a week prior to the Aug 21st eclipse. The event had happened to him at midnight on the 7/8th of August. Just before the very first eclipse happened for us.

I had gone into work – Wednesday the 16th  of last month. I was called in, so I wasn’t even suppose to be working on this day. Just as soon as I got into work – this male co-worker immediately let me know that he needed to talk to me specifically. He had something to tell me and that it was important. I need to explain that this co-worker and I work in different areas, so we don’t talk as much as I do with certain other people that I work with. So when he became insistent, persistent, and determined to speak to me I was thrown off. He had this serious energy about him in that moment – that felt like to me he had to have a conversation with me because it was only me and me alone that would understand what he experienced. This sort of thing happens to me a lot, because I am living and breathing the Ascension process, other’s want to come up to me and talk to me about their own experiences. They know I’ll listen, help, and understand them because they’re going through it as well. It’s also important for me as well, so then it let’s me know that their are other people out there who are also going through their own personal experiences as well.

So, the first thing that I did – I went straight to his work station and talked to him. As he was explaining it to me, he was nervous, anxious, and excited to be sharing his higher 5D experience with me and boy did I feel all those emotions mixed in within his being.

He went on to explain to me – that on the night of the 7/8th of August he had left work at midnight. As he was driving, he took his usual route home and he explained to me that he always took this road, this path on his way home and nothing like this ever happened to him before prior to this night.  As he was driving – he saw a light off in the distance, which he explained he thought was the headlights of another car but then he noticed that these lights got closer and closer to him. As the light got bigger it expanded and completely engulfed him and his car. My first reaction was “Okay, so you were engulfed by source light” but I didn’t tell him that. I remained silent, and just listened to him continue on forward. He said, what happened next really scared him and confused him to his core. He said he felt warm water falling all over him, and he explained that he and his entire car got drenched. Everything inside the car, was completely drenched and wet. The food he had in his car with him, the seats, the cigarettes he had got destroyed. He was entirely engulfed by light, and there was water just falling all over him and going everywhere. My second thought was “Hmmm, alright – I’ve never heard that one before.” So it was new for me and obviously completely unusual and different for him because he told me he’s never ever experienced anything like this.

He used a word which set me off and I knew then that it was a 5D experience that he was having – he said, “This Crystal Light engulfed me and my entire car” which struck me and I knew entirely what this was. Of course I never explained anything of this to him. However, I didn’t deny what he experienced. I told him that he was experiencing this and it was absolutely a real experience because he was doubting himself. I had asked him if he had any belief in a higher light energy, force, the light force and he explained that he was an atheist and In that moment I understood why he experienced what he did. He needed to see it “first hand” and have that very real first hand 5D experience so that he could expand his consciousness viewpoint. After a few minutes, he told me he felt a lot better about it. He also told me that he’s been telling everyone, and he was explaining to me that everyone he told shrugged him off, or laughed at him because of his higher 5D experience. I reassured him – that it was real and even shared a few of my own experiences with him. I felt like I had to reassure him, because with where we are consciously and on the AP (Ascension process) there is no time to be denying, lying, and or making someone who is making that giant leap to a higher consciousness viewpoint feel as if he/she is going crazy and losing their plot.

The second experience I’ll mention was from someone who sent me an email – it was from a female reader. The message was sent to me on August 29th just after the big eclipse. It’s a short experience, that doesn’t need much explaining. However, it is important because like my male co-worker many people are now witnessing these 5D experiences and going through them because they are being pushed to grow, expand, and change their consciousness viewpoint.

The message was simple, short, and straight to the point. This female had discussed seeing lights, crafts, and thing’s moving quickly in the sky previously. She had asked for my opinion and then proceeded to share a video with me of what she saw, and of what she had filmed of the space craft.

The video that the female emailed to me was of a an unknown odd shaped looking space craft in the sky, it wasn’t a plane, it wasn’t a drone but it moved quickly – the lights were flashing on/off rapidly. When it stopped the lights would just shine, it’s movement sort of moved in circular motions and it moved as the lights would flash on/off. She asked what I thought of it? I told her she was having a higher meeting, higher communication with beings of a higher dimension. I also explained to her that these sort of thing’s were popping out at us, from other dimensions, timelines, and that as surreal as they were. That they were going to start becoming more and more common, the more we connect and evolve. The veil has lifted, so any-one being can have all sorts of Higher experiences.

This is what is happening now in 2017 – for you, for me, and for all right now. It’s all very weird, the experiences are very real, this AP (Ascension Process) is changing everyone on a molecular level, on a conscious level, and an awareness level. Expect the unexpected, and expect the highly evolved experiences to pop out at you. September is shaping up to be another powerhouse month, timeline, time period, where we’re being pushed and shoved to evolve whether we like it or not.

16Love & Light16

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August 2017’s New Timeline Shift: The Unusual Eclipse Events – Eviction Of Demonic Entities, White Energy Balls Of Light(s) & Loud Noises From Under-neath The Earth.

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Welcome To The New Timeline Everyone

Now that we’ve gotten a good first hand experience with the August 2017 energies and dipped our toes into the brand new 5D higher light energies, as well as walked our walk down that higher light bumpy road to get there, while simultaneously talking our honest to goodness truth while we’ve done it and experiencing the August Eclipses first hand while being down here in 3D physicality. Let me just say thank God force that it’s all over with, even though it’s really not. Thank god force that at least the initial impact has past, because what I and You experienced in August 2017 was something completely unique, different, and raw on all levels. I’m still healing, re-cooperating, still affirming, and always discerning, while trying my best to grasp just where we are at the current moment. Head spinning, eyes bulging, back breaking and all those good physical symptoms in the process of it all. One thing that I do know – and that I am 100% percent certain of – is that we’re fully in a NEW timeline. That wonderful timeline, that brilliant shift, that much needed higher movement, that many of the AT (Ascension Teachers) were talking about for weeks on end prior to the August 2017 energies is now here. So, everyone let’s bask in it because we worked hard to create it. As we enjoy it, this is where the real work begins – because we also need to maintain this New timeline reality.

I mentioned in the Aug 2017 Eclipse article that I wrote, which I will be sharing again in a link here in this article. That while we were entering a new world reality at the highest point of energy and light. There were also many other people on earth currently who were/are at different world realities. They’re at different levels, learning at different grade level(s) – but while we entered a new higher 5D world reality (and finally.) Those lower levels we once occupied because that’s where we were at, these lower light realities are where many other people have graduated to now post Aug 2017. Which is great news because that means the world and many people in the collective are slowly, and very gradually, but finally evolving. They have shifted towards understanding higher consciousness, and higher information, which they hadn’t been doing prior to us shifting to the higher location we’ve moved to. I remember writing about how I felt like something past me, something had moved us upwards, and boy did I feel it days after the Eclipse. This wasn’t just an ordinary shift, this was a shift that literally moved us over and past the veil. Pushing us finally and fully into the 5D. This NEW timeline – is quite literally us having moved fully and totally into the 5th Dimension and all the energies in that realm. Like all realities, and as many of you (Forerunners, Path Pavers, Light Warriors, Light Volunteers) know. It’s work remaining fully and totally in 5D energies, frequencies, and within the reality itself. Constant work to remain, constant maintence to continue existing from the heart in the highest world reality is needed at this time. We maybe there, but the next few months will push us, test us, and to be honest try to interfere with us so we don’t keep a constant within this NEW timeline.

That aside – let us clap, sing, dance, love and finally be able to enjoy the lighter days coming ahead. Even if at times it won’t feel that way, because of certain human beings in other world realities or non-human entities.

The Unusual Aug 21st Eclipse Events & The Many people Sharing Their Own Experiences With Me

Because Aug 21st was such a big event for many people myself included, I need to share and I also want to share some of the unusual events that occurred on that specific day for me, to me, and near and around me and my higher home space. I feel that by doing this it might help other people understand some of the highly unusual events, situations and or experiences that might be happening for them, to them, and near or around them. Yes, a lot of 5th dimensional, higher light, situations are happening for many people right now that do seem rather strange for, unusual to, them right now. Why? – it has a lot to do with the fact that we’re living more through the 5th dimension than we are the 3rd dimension. While we still have to deal with our 3D physical bodies, the 3D material world of objects, people, and many thing’s – all of our experiences however, feeling’s, emotions, physical symptoms and pains are all coming at us to experience, and integrate fully from a 5th dimensional way of existing and being. We’re no longer separated from the 5th dimension, so seeing lights, seeing shadows, being completely engulfed by light energy, seeing energy portals, flying space-crafts that shoot lights, and all of these thing’s that aren’t normal for many people because it’s too highly advanced is now happening. This is part of becoming an evolved being, everything the light touches eventually get’s revealed to all, that’s why it’s full disclosure.

I’ve sort of been enjoying this immensely – because over the last few days I’ve received a few emails, and even a video from a reader, from people on the path and even those who aren’t as highly evolved because they want to share their own personal 5th dimensional experiences with me. I’ll have to write about these encounters with every-day people, as a stand alone article because it deserves it’s own special brand of higher attention. Where I can shine light on them, for obvious reasons. The most important one being – because I need to shine a light on the higher experiences many people all over the world are having. While you might think your crazy – no, your really not crazy. Your just having a higher multi-dimensional experience and believe it or not you are completely sane and are most definitely not alone as many all over the world are having these 5D experiences.

My own personal experiences were pretty out there, but I’m willing to share them because it’s important for other’s who will read it to understand these experiences are normal and they’re happening to more and more people so your really not alone.

My Personal Experiences On Aug 21s, 2017

The day of the Aug 21st eclipse started off fine for me – I had experienced some physical symptoms starting a few days prior on the 15th, which was when my personal eclipse energy integration began. The energy began swirling in my head and down my neck into my shoulders. Electric energy, electric light energy. Which has happened to me before, so it was all very normal.  The day of the actual eclipse the energy felt dense, I live in Canada near the border between the U.S so I didn’t get to see a huge production between night/day. The sun darkened but the lights in the attic didn’t entirely go off, they were just dimmed slightly.

It was at around 12 pm on the East coast – When the yelling, shouting, screaming began for me in my area. I turned to look at the driveway thinking they were coming from my sister’s kids while they were coming out of the babysitters house with my mum, but when I took a peek not a single human being was standing on the driveway. My mum and sister’s kids were at the front door. So I took a look around the area, while still sitting in the car which was the safest place for me to be. From my behind me a little to my left, there was that yelling and shouting. What I sensed were demonic and non-human entities, being pulled out of their hiding places from down below. It’s not the first time that I’ve sensed these non-human entities, demonic entities, and anything else that’s dark. For the last few years I’ve been very aware of their existence, and who they might be attaching themselves to. It’s been hard to exist in a non-human entities free zone for my entire life, but none the less I knew in this lifetime I’d have to deal with them. I also know many forerunners who have had to deal with many of them, as well as those possessing, attaching themselves to real life physical human beings who don’t know anything about this.

As we left the babysitter’s, half way home the sounds kept getting louder and louder. By the time I got inside my house, which is protected because I make sure to protect it as much as I can. The real show began. These entities began cursing, swearing, crying, they didn’t want to leave which they definitely vocalized, and they just kept being pulled upwards until they eventually began swirling around in circles from underneath the ground up into the sky. Between the cursing – underneath the ground I kept hearing loud banging, loud sounds, I kept seeing white light pulling at these dark energies hiding. It was a massive eviction. I found three pictures that can visually show just what I was seeing at the time, they’re all at the top of this article. It’s the best representation of what I was picking up on as we moved into this NEW timeline reality quite literally.

Half-way through this massive clean up – the cleanup of the century, while sitting in the basement of my house having to endure all the psychic overload I was experiencing from all of this. From my right, I saw about 50 balls of lights coming at me and filling up the entire basement space. When 2 o’clock passed the noises stopped, I didn’t see any entities flying into the sky, and the streets as I opened the door were filled with bright lights. When that happened one by one the balls of light that were surrounding me, left almost simultaneously.

This is what I saw (Clairvoyantly) what I felt (energetically) and what I perceived that had happened for me (personally) and what I was witnessing for all in the (collective.) It’s so important for us to share, and connect with one another right now with everything that is going on for everyone right now. The veil has been lifted, the curtains have been pulled back, and now more than ever as forerunners we’re going to have to step up and hold greater responsibility for helping many people who are starting to notice these 5 dimensional events, who are dealing with these 5D situations and are now asking us what is going on? Why are we seeing these things? It’s all part of being on the AP (Ascension Process) – living our own journey but also helping other’s who are also enduring the same journey, the same issues, and the same pains.

2017 – is a game changer and the kinds of highly evolved experiences that we’re having right now all over the world is pushing each one of us higher. There is no more going back to the lower unaware ways of existing, and for some it’s real hard for them because many of them are so confused about all of this. Remember different world realities, different grades, different steps. All of us are perfect exactly where we are, no matter where we stand.

Aug 2017’s Great Eclipse Energies: The New Timeline, The Newer Ascending World(s) & The Destined Points With-in The Current Ascension Process.

16Love & Light16

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Aug 2017’s Great Eclipse Energies: The New Timeline, The Newer Ascending World(s) & The Destined Points With-in The Current Ascension Process.

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gaeclipse2017_usa_1120w          solareclipse          87-3-milky-way-1

Psychic Overload 

Yesterday, we experienced the Aug 21st, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and all it’s energies play out down here in 3D physicality. I’ve personally been so out of it these last few weeks right up until the lead up to this huge energetic event, that it’s been impossible as a very sensitive being to keep myself together long enough to string a few sentences together. Which has been the case, as this article got published and nothing was even written. Many apologizes to those who received the link, only to open it and read nothing. But, here I am and here we all are passing through the threshold and making it through what was one of the biggest energetic events of the century and for many incarnated down here in 3D physicality – the biggest event in their lifetime. I want to take a moment to remind everyone, that we made it through and doesn’t it feel good? … I know that I feel a lot better. I feel as if something has passed, something heavy, and whatever it is I/you we have personally given birth to this new energy. We’ve brought it into ourselves, and we have released it and many aspect(s) of ourselves. We have made it and now we can once again breathe, those who are more sensitive to energy that is.

My own personal experiences with the energie(s) yesterday, and this entire lead up has been one of: Clearing, cleansing, reparation of old wounds, releasing of old pains, Transformation, Magical experiences, but also of housing energy, transmuting these energies, and now that we’ve passed a HDP (Heavy Destined Point) now it’s going to be time to do a lot of G (Gridding) and GW (Grid Work.) The psychic overload that I experienced yesterday was nothing like what I imagined it would be, and the physical experiences were down right nothing like I’ve ever experienced with any other eclipse Lunar/Solar. Because of the many highly unusual experiences of yesterdays energetic events, this ended up being the shift that I knew it was going to be. Nothing compared energetically to the energy I felt, nothing compared etherically (especially with some of the loud noises that I heard, a lot of the energy that I felt and some of the thing’s that I saw.) It was a huge psychic overload. Certain events have always played out differently for me, than it has for other people. As I’m most certain those of you who are sensitive like me, you can experience the same thing as everyone else. The difference is that you can see, feel, hear, or understand the higher multidimensional why’s behind it all while other’s might not. Remember that everyone is here to learn different thing’s, they’re here to learn them at different levels and at different grades. While I/you are aware of all of the higher/spiritual/manifesting that is going on and why it’s going on, the majority of those in the collective don’t. We’re all at different stages, places, in our own SD (Soul Development) and it’s all perfect for what we each need to learn. So, what I experienced was Psychic overload, while others might not have even cared we were having a solar eclipse of the century. All of this is perfectly fine, but we have to understand this especially in times of frustration with those in the collective. They’re in school at a different grade than you/I.

The New Timeline That Took Place In Aug 2017 & The Various World Realities For All On Different Levels Of Soul Development

I am and have always been a very highly sensitive (Psychic, Empath, Light-being, Forerunner, Volunteer) just like many of you out there are. So, when I feel energy I really feel it, which is Clairsentience (Clear Feeling.) – and I felt plenty of stuff going on around me during yesterday’s Solar eclipse that had me alarmed and fully aware. When I hear etheric happenings going on I really hear it, which is Clairaudience (Clear Hearing.) Some of the sounds, noises, banging that I heard yesterday coming from the etheric plane, the astral plane, the spirit realm and underneath the earth herself was also alarming. But, I understood that all the noises, the entities being pulled out of their hiding spots, the shouting, the screaming it was happening because it was very important and it needed to happen. When I see thing’s in this dimension I absolutely see thing’s that I wish I never did. This is Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) and this takes on many forms, aspects, because I can receive (Visions) images in my mind of specific people, places and events. I can also see lights, energy, entities, entities attached to humans, entities attached to houses and inside houses and there is a lot going on that many people do not see. When I say Psychic Overload – I really mean it.

At the beginning of August 2017: Many of the online (Ascension teachers, writers, way showers, volunteers, path pavers, psychics, empaths) etc. Started talking about the New Timeline that was opening up. Now I haven’t written about this, but I’ve been very aware of it. Going back to the Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing) aspect, what I saw, the image(s) that I received was from the higher awareness that was going on in the collective. Who opened this New timeline? Source/Creator or the God force energies did. Why? … because the Old Blueprints, The Old Templates, The Old Structures, and the Old Systems needed to be evacuated from this earth. Not to mention the Old entities, non-human demonic entities that have been hiding on this earth for a very long time. What I saw (The images) that I received was showing me a huge split, a huge separation, between the many different world realities. There were many people living at the highest light reality, there were many living just below on a different world reality, and others living at various lower world realities. One thing that I felt (clear feeling) was that the shift, the energies, that the forerunners were going to embody was the highest, the purest, that we have ever embodied before. What I had heard (Clear hearing) was that many of us, and all of us were each moving up a grade. We all had learned something, we had all graduated, and we have ascended to a higher level within the AP (Ascension Process.) This NEW August 2017 timeline opened up, because the god force and source/creator energies has had enough. It opened up, because it was a DP (Destined Point) within our evolution. Out with the old and in with the new, new, new, everything.

Whatever Old timeline we were existing from which started for humanity in Nov 2016, whatever reality we were living from and it was a much darker one. That Old timeline no longer exists, and it stopped existing for many when the Lions-gate portal opened and ushered us towards this DP (Destined Point.) That Old timeline was closed, and it got closed because it needed to be shut down. There was no growth for anybody, at any level, within their soul journey and it had to be dismantled piece by piece, energy by energy.

Destiny & Destined Point(s) Of existence

Destiny is a very simple concept, but not many people believe in it. Destiny is the special path that we have, that we all take, within a specific time period, that was always meant to happen since the beginning of existence. This includes the beginning of (All things & of all souls.) What is a destined point? … A destined point is when me/you/we reach a point in our evolution where a definite shift will occur. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a complete knowing of the fact that we’re evolving totally and completely. We reached that DP (Destined Point) Yesterday and that turning point was so needed for us all.

I’ve had Pre-Incarnation memories for a few years now and of many thing’s like for ex. – I can remember when I was planning on incarnating back down here, I remember getting to choose who I was going to be. I remember choosing why I was going to be this person, and what kind of people I would meet. I remember this because I remember this was another timeline for me and my whole self as an existing being of Light/energy. This was another lifetime, an important one, where I would be an Ascension teacher who helped other people evolve and grow on their path. When we talk about destiny, we really mean that in this time and in this place we were meant to be here incarnated because we chose to be here at this time. We chose to go through all of these energies, we chose to be here and enduring all the lower consciousness, and we chose to be here and embodying the Christ/Christos energies as we moved through this specific point. There is no mistake that I and You and the many Light-Workers who incarnated in a huge surge of numbers, decided to incarnate here now and at this time. We all agreed to be here, and we all agreed to experience the Aug 21st, 2017 Solar eclipse and the destined Point. It was literally meant to happen. So if you thinking that it’s too much, or that there doesn’t seem to be a reason, purpose, meaning behind any of this. There is, there always is.

What we’ve experienced all August long – was most definitely destiny, destined, and a point of no return. There was/still is a lot of negative energy still held down on this specific planet and her realm. What this eclipse did, it wasn’t just to put on a fancy show for those in the collective. It’s not what this was about, this was about cleaning up all the lower, darker, old, everything that can no longer exist here anymore. The fact that I saw all the non-human entities, monsters, and their old 3D selves swirling around vacating the premises speaks volumes on how far we have come. Because they can no longer set up house and inhabit here, because we’ve evolved beyond them. We’ve evolved so beyond their ability to control us that the only way for them to exist is leave and go elsewhere. This is NEW earth, and living in old outdate ways, beliefs, systems, ain’t going to cut it now. The only way is through the heart, and hasn’t it always been?

16Love & Light16

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2017’s 8:8:1 Lion Energy: A Lions Gate-Way like No Other. The First Eclipse Energy, Emotional Pain(s), & It’s Been A Rough Energy Shift All Around.

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A Lion’s Gateway, Portal, Energy Wave, Shift Like No Other Before

hqdefault             Total eclipse of the Sun, Turkey, 29 March 2006.             august-energy

Because I’m currently feeling the energies and seeing clairvoyantly massive amount(s) of light beams move through me and into me via my (entire head going all around like a rat on a spinning wheel, then moving straight down into my neck and into my shoulders and down the front of my back/spine) I haven’t been able to start this article as soon as I wanted to. In fact, this latest burst of intense and yet wonderful energies has had me waiting to  even begin writing this article. However, it seems the upgrade, changes, current shifts, and body modifications aren’t going to stop for me. This article needs to be written regardless. This is the shift, this is what I’m experiencing, and I know this is also what some of you (Volunteers, light beings, empaths, and forerunners) have also been going through and what many of you have also been experiencing yourselves. The first eclipse: the Lunar eclipse hit me in a different way, but I’ve known ahead of time for weeks that the Aug 21st Solar Eclipse was going to shift me, modify me, upgrade me, and expand me and my consciousness at a physical molecular level.

On Aug 15th, this physical molecular process began for me. I was at the mall of all places to be when at around noon the Pre-Solar Eclipse energies activated within me and it started in my neck/spine area. I was immediately told that I was being upgraded and was told by my higher contact and higher self that I needed to try to embrace as much of these energies now as I could to the best of my abilities. It’s never been an easy thing for me when I’ve had to get out and about, most days I’ve just minded my own business and do whatever small errand I have to in such a huge area. I’ve never been good at being in a crowded place, and being near a huge crowd of people while I transmute and embody light energies at the same time has never been an easy task. So I tried my best to deal with the situation at hand, me and mum did what we needed to and we both got out of that hell hole and made a fast one to the car. On the drive home the pain got progressively worse, and when I got home the pain magnified. By the time the sun had gone down – I could feel the light energy swirling inside of me. EP (Energetic Popping) it felt like energy popping in my head. I’ve felt this before many times, and massive re-wiring has taken place for me during important times but never has it felt like this. It was hitting one area of my head internally, on toward the other side, from front to back all the way down my neck into the shoulders and down my upper back/spine. I had to lay on top of my bed and remain still for some time, because I knew I had to let whatever junk sitting in me and swirling around in the collective was needing to be shifted, released, and transmuted by me at the current moment. It’s been a profound physical symptom but needless to say, this lead up to the Aug 21st Solar Eclipse energies is definitely intensifying profoundly for all right now and will continue until the actual day comes.

The Aug 8th Lunar Eclipse Energies – Well that was a whole different story right there. I have never experienced such a shift in my 3 1/2 years since being activated and beginning my physical AP (Ascension Process) like I did during last week. It was all emotional, everything was released through me through the emotional gateways. I felt like I was losing my mind, i wasn’t in control and for much of the week i was out of control emotionally and not just that but I really didn’t want to go on any longer. All my triggers were triggered, any and all fear was being released from me and personal issues were brought up for healing and some were brought up that i wasn’t even consciously aware of. Eclipse season has always been the worst periods for me, and for any Light being because all the work we’re called on to do is all transmutation. We have our own stuff to clear, but whatever dark, nefarious, old, outdated beliefs, mindsets, and TD entities that are being removed from their lower hiding places we have to clear and transmute all of that energy. It’s eons of wounds and pains, and as we get triggered we also get triggered to clear all of these ancient pains. It’s never been easy for me, but this is what we do and this has always been what I and you have done all along.

It was a Lions-gate energy like no other, I certainly have not experienced one like this. But, it all has to do with where we’re at right now, because we’re now in the NEW Timeline. We’re also in the NEW cycle – remember in numerology – 2017=1 and at this time and in the period we’re in it’s nothing but 5Dimensional higher energy. It is the only energy that can exist for us, and whatever isn’t a vibrational match, all of the lower consciousness needs to go and is going. It can no longer exist here at this time.

A Rough Shift All Around

The one thing that I’ve realized is that August 2017 has been extremely difficult, for all, on all fronts. Especially the forerunners who are integrating first. There is no shame in it, and no emotional guilt for feeling a bit off. It’s normal, heck it’s our right given what we go through. A big theme for me and what I’ve been seeing with many, is that I’ve had to look within and seriously be conscious of, notice with laser like precision and immediately disengage with other’s that i can sense are feeding me their special brand of NMP (Negative Mind Programming) and so have many others on the path. It’s been a rough shift, and being here and doing what we do isn’t easy. However, the pain, the fatigue, the headaches, the energetic body pounding is quite normal when integrating higher awareness, energies, Christ consciousness etc. So don’t feel, think, and understand your pain to mean your doing something wrong at all. This is just what your body was triggered to do when higher consciousness and light energies entered this planet. What I’ve noticed in Aug 2017, is that many light beings who are going through the physical process and the AP (Ascension Process) are having to deal with a huge spike in TD (Human and nonhuman negative beings) and their constant NMP (Negative Mind programming.) For ex.

It hurts so much because your thinking negatively

If you think positive, your body won’t hurt anymore because your focused on the positive

If you focus on positive good health, you’ll get it

These are the sort of NMP (Negative Mind Programming) that I’m referring to. I don’t get it very much, so I haven’t had to deal with these non-organic mind programs that get’s thrown around. Sometimes i do get a few people who aren’t aware at all who do throw certain comments like that at me. Who do email me, who do tell me that how i’m thinking is wrong, that what I’m doing is wrong according to them. yet they have absolutely no higher understanding of the AP (Ascension Process.) It’s hard to when your not living and breathing the AP (Ascension process.) I see it all of the time, on a few blogs, websites, Facebook pages, the disrespect, the unawareness masquerading as light thinking we don’t know your just pretending to be light. We know, and I’ve spoken to many, many on the path now who are experiencing having to cut out all of the NMP (Negative Mind Programming) because it’s really interfering with their growth, and expansion as they embody the NEW Christ/Christos energies.

August 2017 – feels hard, challenging, highly emotional, has made you feel worn out, has been extremely painful because it’s all about integrating the higher source/god force energies. Your allowed to feel tired, your allowed to be in pain and say it, and your allowed to think it’s hard and you don’t know how your even coping. This is what we do, this is how we live, we were made to embody these energies so give yourself a great big hug, a pat on the back, high five your pillow, snuggle up to your blanket, watch your favorite higher show on the couch and let’s transmute these energies all the way to the September equinox timeline.

16Love & Light16

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Aug 2017’s Shift Into The Lions-Gate Portal: New Ascending Physical Pains, New 5D Beginnings & Clearing Old 3D Beliefs And Energy Frequencies.

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July 23rd New Moon – Physical Shift Into The Lions – Gate Portal Opening

11      portal_8-8-8-97b9e63053-0d85c96e3f9626107655566b80bb98e4       12

On July 23rd the Sun/Mars formed a conjunction and there was a New Moon – but on July 22nd I woke up and it was like I was experiencing an internal shift that felt like I was going to explode from within. My body was aching right down to my bones aching, my throat felt like it was closed off and it was in pain (As the energies were doing massive healing work in the Throat Chakra area.) I new it was a new AS (Ascension Symptom) because it’s something that I’ve never felt in my body before. My neck/throat was vibrating and the best way to describe it was as if there was a small amount of energy rolling around in my neck. The only thing I could do was lay there and not panic while It did what it needed to do. My left leg was also vibrating and these energetic movements haven’t stopped ever since that morning. Through-out these last few weeks since July 22nd I’ve experienced continued visions as well; and while some have been good, some other ones have been horrible in nature. I’ve experienced much more telepathic communication(s) with more higher 5D and Higher Dimensional light beings. The most profound experience, and this is the biggest thing that I’ve had to realize within myself has been that now is the time to let go and release much more of the old lower shit that no longer is in harmony. So on a physical level I’ve had to figure out how to handle my now new physical symptoms, while also balancing all the new situation(s) that I’m finding myself in.

So I knew that I was experiencing a huge internal shift that I knew was connected to the Lions-Gate Shift. As the day went on for me during the 22nd I knew we had entered into the Lions-Gate energy, it wasn’t just an inner knowing I could also feel that we were beginning to move through the NEW. Since then it’s been like every single aspect of me and myself that had once been blocked, closed off, and or hard to move forward with began to come undone in many divine ways. However, I did also feel like I was being prevented by opposing energy that didn’t want the shift/change to happen. Which is normal for every shift of higher light energy – as this always happens during these really once in a lifetime energy pushes that pushes us to expand higher and higher into our beautiful, perfect, crystalline selves.

Everything Is Coming Undone Because It Needs To Come Undone:

Tomorrow is the official 8:8 Gateway energy date, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been living and breathing the Pre-Lions gate energies before hand. If you’ve noticed like I have, that thing’s got heavy for you during that July 23rd date and even a few days before that. Then you’ve also been feeling the Lions-gate energy as it’s begun to manifest in this 3D physical earth. We now all have to be more aware of the fact that there is no real timeline, no real hour, no exact day, that Is set or fixed when it comes to these energies. It’s also a very individual thing, as many of us are in different places, spaces, and hold different energy at different moments. Many of the forerunners in the AP (Ascension Process) will experience it days and weeks before hand, while many other’s will feel it near the 8:8 and or days after it. Time is now not an important aspect to the physical reality we live in, because as we know or many of us know there isn’t such a thing as time. There is just existence from moment to moment.

The one thing that has been happening that I’ve been NO (Neutrally Observing) has been that everything is becoming undone at this time. People are becoming undone, situations are changing, life is shifting, certain old lower realities are being removed. Why are many of these old lower realities for many being removed? … because many are beginning their AP (Ascension Process) and you can’t take your old, lower, pre-conceived beliefs, outdated ways of existing, old lower ways of reacting and behaving like you used to 5 or 10 years ago. This isn’t a game in 2017 anymore, it’s either shift now or shift at a later date during higher energy that will quite honestly shift you whether you want to or not. Many thing’s are shifting, changing, and what I keep hearing in my mind as I write this and I’m sure I’m being given this information by my HC (Higher Contacts). Is that “Thing’s are unravelling itself right now, because it has to.” People need to see how bad it is, people need to experience how bad it is so they can make that change, make that shift. As creators in our own right, we can’t keep creating using 5D tools in the same old lower 3D ways. It’s just not going to work.

The lead up to this Lions-Gate has been trying, the most difficult, the most condensed energy and flat out constricting energy that I have felt in a really long time. There has been no personal choices, no time to stop and ask myself “What do I do next?” because the energies have been pushing, pushing, and pushing me forward. It’s one thing after another, rapid speed. A full on row with my old boss, straight to the new work position I’ve been offered. Constant information being revealed, about the why’s and how’s of it all? Personal revelations, massive annoyances to deal with, lots of endings and most importantly newer greater and higher beginnings. It’s not just me, so many people that I know are moving forward to places, into situations, into new jobs, into new relationships to experience new personal growth. We can’t continue to give our energies to the same 3D systems anymore, people, or situations. This August (Wave, Shift, Energy) will not let us, but it will shift us into new higher realities where we are in more greater alignment in general.

Release, Release, Release & Then Just Let Go

This Lions-Gate energy has been all about releasing, releasing and releasing some more after that. I couldn’t possibly release anymore if I could, but a big theme these last few weeks has been (The Release of Wounds) individual wounds, and the wounds of past events on earth that greatly influenced humanity and consciousness in a negative way. It’s been a big clean up of these old wounds, pains, energies, 3D systems, 3D timelines, and boy has it been exhausting having to clean it all up with some help from every other Light-Worker existing in this time. From the fires around the world in (Portugal, British Colombia) which is flat out (Burning away the pain) that was caused in those specific areas, to Typhoon Noru which hit japan which is literally (washing away the wounds) caused in that area from WW1. The past is coming back in order for us as people, and as nations to heal and transform. It’s not just a world-wide clean up, but it’s a big clean up of our internal selves. Going within and dealing with some of my/your own issues, wounds, pains has been a big theme.

Another big theme during 2017’s 8:8:1 Lions-Gate Opening energies has been the need to release but then let go. The need to heal and then let go has been huge, and I’ve had to also deal with my own pain and let go of some of those wounds bit by bit. Letting go is like the cheesecake right after that intense workout session, you do the work but then you can let go and enjoy something good. Letting go is also transformation, your transforming, your allowing your self to be transformed. Which then allows you to grow, evolve, perfect yourself within the diamond light of all creation. This is what your doing for you, not for me or anybody else. Your letting go, and your moving on and forward as an existing example of a crystalline light being.

To whoever might be reading: Whether your on the AP (Ascension Path) or not on the AP (Ascension path) yet, if your going through massive multidimensional changes, enduring intense physical pains, going through unbelievable trials of character for specific growth, sensing the darkness but holding onto to your own light for comfort, having to deal with a shit storm of the grandest kind and feeling anxious, tired, over it all, fed up, in pain, but your holding on and getting through it all. To you and where ever you are today in the world. Give yourself a serious pat on the back, hug yourself, surround yourself with light, envision it, become it, because your doing the best damn job you can with where you are and what’s around you. Take a breath, re-balance, re-focus, release what you need to, get rid of it all, let go, and then you walk past the burning walls and move forward on your path. You are now purified, and let’s be honest we all don’t have much of a choice but to move forward in this time and place.

16Love & Light16

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Approaching August Wave Of 2017: Feeling Amplified Energies, Our Busy Sun & Massive Separation Of Worlds

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As We Approach The August 2017 Wave

I don’t know where to even begin. I don’t have the words to describe what I’ve been experiencing in July 2017. I do know that It’s been very different lately to say the least, and also very NEW. Yet I feel strongly that I AM and you are where we all need to be at the current moment. The second wave of 2017 isn’t playing around, and while I’m feeling joyous excitement for the energies and it’s arrival at the same time I’m feeling absolute dread at how physically exhausted I’ve been feeling lately. This is beside the point and let me now speak from a more NS (“Neutral Standpoint.”) That is if I can even stay awake long enough to get through this article, because all I’ve been doing is just sleeping. I sleep now at anytime of the day whether it’s morning, afternoon, and or night. Which means I’m also awake at any time of the day, afternoon time, and or in the middle of the night. This has been a huge symptom for me, and I know many of you have also been feeling this with a great intensity as we have moved closer to this high energy period.

Amplified Energies: I’d like to bring up AE (Amplified Energies) and just what they mean. From time to time as soon as I sense the collective is heading for a massive shift, heading for an energy shift and as well as a reality shift that breaks down more of this 3D matrix the energies begin to amplify more greatly. At first they begin slowly, and then they come on full force. Sometimes they don’t even come on gradually, and come on heavy and with great intensity and you just have deal with, embody it, handle it in the best way that you know how to. It’s really not easy at times, and while over the years some of these AS (Ascension Symptoms) have eased off. Every now and again, I’ll experience them as they once were and I’ll be reminded of how intense they really are for me as they were when my starseed activated. Amplified energies are here, and the AAS (Accelerated Ascension Symptoms) are back for me once again. It’s been sleeping, headaches galore, head pressures, tingling sensations, Left leg vibrating, whole body vibrating, sexual creative force within erupting, multiple dream sequences (some of them have not been me astral traveling or been organic dreams.) These dreams sequences have very much been inorganically created dreams. Ear ringing like no tomorrow, auditory sounds, change in pressure in both ears that start quietly and change to loud sharp ringing. I’m hungry and then I’m not hungry, I’m nauseous and then I’m completely fine. There is so much more as I’ve not even hit the tip of the iceberg yet – and not to mention the amplified telepathic communication(s) that I’ve been having with Higher Dimensional Light Beings who are helping me and helping the collective continue as we evolve. One being has helped me greatly, an Ancient ET Lion being, which I’ll expand on further as we get further to the Lions Gate Portal. Yes, things are really amplifying right now.

The Sun Has Been Busy

For most of July I was wondering why thing’s had amplified greatly – and I thought it was just the lead up to the August Second Wave of 2017, but after being guided by my higher self I found out that the sun has been very busy lately. Sunspots, Coronal Holes, Geomagnetic storms – the sun has been busy in July 2017. The appearance of sunspot AR2665 first appeared on July 6th, and lasted until July 18th. By July 11th this sunspot was directly facing earth and was the biggest sunspot so far for the year. That is so important, the biggest sunspot of the year so far. It’s telling, and it’s showing me just how amplified these energies are getting now. On July 14th this sunspot erupted an M2-class eruption, and the days after saw me go in and out consciousness in continuous sleep. Throughout this July 2017 timeline – I’ve experienced headaches, head pressure, and intense pains, intense drowsiness, and I’ve been doing lots of Light embodying.

20170707_0430_hmiigr_1024_strip3                    m2_strip                   Cornoal Hole 2017

So why is this so important right now in 2017? … because we’re gearing up to do more layout work, more light energy work and grid down the incoming light energies into the earths template structure. Also I need to mention this; as a sensitive being I feel these events whenever the sun or the moon, or anything happens like this. Part of being a sensitive empathic being, means we’re more connected to the elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air – and also to light energies. Our bodies are wired differently, we’re structured differently and our bodies are build for this specific purpose of being able to feel everything. We’re build sensitive to 3D energies, as well as 5D energies. So whenever a hurricane is moving rapidly across the coast, or when wild fires start burning and cleansing places on earth, when rain storms pass through, or even just the changing seasons, earthquakes and other earth related phenomena’s happen I’m right there feeling everything. As I know you all are as well. Your not sensitive because your disconnected, your sensitive because you are connected and we all need to know this  now in 2017.

Feeling Massive Separation, More Loneliness, As We Embody Higher Bursts Of Light Energies

Over the last week I’ve been noticing something that I’m not new to, but that still bothers me greatly whenever I experience it. It bothers me greatly because it shows me that at times I feel as if I’m the only person that is in my own space, and no-body else is here with me. Lately I’ve been feeling greater separation between me and other people who aren’t enduring the AP (Ascension Process.) This happens almost every single time the energies begin to burst and spread and I’m sure many (Forerunners, Light-Workers, As well as people who are now aware) are feeling this more and more. Specifically when your feeling much more isolated, alone, or in your own little higher space and then having to observe from a NS (Neutral Standpoint) nothing but chaos and craziness coming from more and more people in the world. It’s not just been hard to observe it, but it’s been even harder to see that they don’t see it themselves.

The isolation is really starting to stand out a lot more  and this is what I’m perceiving for myself – it used to be that I had to run home and get inside as quickly as I could to get away from all the craziness. From work, from my co-workers, from those specific beings who were hell bent on trying to stop and disrupt this process for me. It’s changed over the years to dead silence, and it’s wonderful being at that level where your existing in the 5th dimension. However, it’s difficult when there isn’t anyone around. Lately for the last two years … If I go for a walk on most mornings, or afternoons, there is nobody. I see no-one, and I live in a pretty populated area. It’s a strange thing to think, feel, and see, that everyone else isn’t around. That everyone around in my area is heavily involved in still existing in the 3rd Dimension. Lately since the beginning of July, as we’ve gotten closer to the Second Light wave of 2017. I’ve started to see, and feel, those around me and see their realities much more. Some of them living in confusion, some of them living out 3rd Dimensional dramas, some of them starting the dramas and perpetuating it further and further. It’s been hard for me to see that separation, It’s been hard for me to continue seeing and feeling the SOW (Separation Of Worlds) because it’s been so transparent that I can see right through it all.

This is what we do – as much as we observe – we also uplift, and as we move forward we continue to grid, embody, love, hold peace in our hearts, watch, grow, and evolve. This is a great shift, and it’s happening now for all and for those who want to choose to begin their AP (Ascension process) at this time. It’s now going to be more available to a wider group of more beings, and I’m sure come September and October I’ll be seeing and hearing from more of them. Asking the same question I did – when my starseed was activated. It’s the cycle of evolution.

16Love & Light16

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We’re Now At The Halfway Point: A List Of High Energy Dates, Age Of Aquarius & What We Can Expect During The Second Phase Of 2017.

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13    tumblr_ms5thci8za1s1fji4o1_500    14

We’re Now At The Halfway Point

It’s an extraordinary thing to be living, breathing, existing, and being this AP (Ascension process) and to be doing it now in 2017. It’s weird though to think that I and so many of you are now at this halfway point within the year, and it feels just like it was yesterday that we were all moving out of that (Source Zone – Infinite Energy – Zero Zone) into the NEW 1 energies that we were desperately needing to enter at that time. Which we’re still moving through now, as time can be a funny thing. It’s gone from just a look of a watch and it’s changed for me over these last few years in terms of how it feels to me. It’s no longer an hour time, it’s more of a energy wave timeline, timeframe, and now moment that let’s me know where I am and where we are as a collective. Time has changed from being a number, to a distinctive feeling. I’ve felt these distinctive feelings often, usually during times when we were going to be shifting realities – which means there would be an incoming wave of Light Energies that was going to enter us, earth, and raise the frequency.

When we left this (Zero Zone – Source Zone – Infinite Energy) and entered the 1-1-1 Portal/Gateway I instantly felt it. I knew from the “feeling” of it during the months and weeks prior to it arriving that we were about to enter the (First Phase – First Wave) of the NEW 1 energy/the new cycle. This lasted from December – March 2017 and the energies were constant, they were very new, and there was plenty of it. Ever since April and into May I felt at ease, especially with my APS (Ascension Pain Symptoms.) Then June came and I was immediately guided to start my own personal preparation for the (Second Phase – Second Wave) and just by “feeling” I knew that the time was coming again for the next heavy embodiment of energies. I’ve been feeling them coming more and more lately, on the night of the July 10th into the 11th I felt a surge of light energy pouring into my crown chakra. I’ve had heart burn, I’ve been eating a lot because my body needs the fuel, I’ve had headaches, I’m experiencing nausea like crazy – even mum has been complaining of vertigo lately which is an Ascension Symptom that plagues her more than any other one. It’s like when you watch the previews for a movie, you get a little snippet, and you have a general idea of what it’s about. But soon it won’t be the previews, you’ll be watching the entire movie and you’ll be experiencing it. I’ve definitely felt a gradual amplification, and it’s going to get stronger as we get closer to the August wave.

The Second Phase – Second Wave Of 2017

I’ve been very well aware since the beginning of the year of the upcoming energies we’re going to be moving through during this summer – because I’ve felt it, and I’ve seen it, and what I was told about these energies was that it was going to be a huge leap for all of us embodying, transmuting, and who are doing this necessary work in 2017. We’re going to be shifting through another layer – another phase of the AP (Ascension Process) which will cause more light explosions within us and will cause a change within our current realities. I’ve been heavily aware that July, August – and through the September equinox (Second Phase – Second Wave) rush of powerful Source energy was going to be huge and massively important on many levels. The line of separation is going to extend further, the gap is going to feel bigger between those who are embodying this process and those who aren’t. As if it hasn’t been difficult enough in 2017. However, there will be more and more people who will begin their Ascension process as it is the case with every huge wave. We’re going to embody more unity Light energy, which will push us to further ground and hold higher templates, codes, DNA, and light into our physical beings. It’s all about unity consciousness and unifying everyone as much as we can, to unite in times of chaos to find some common ground and move towards a peaceful existence. Of course, many out there don’t care – but we still do it anyways. We don’t give up, and we don’t back down on trying to build important and much needed structures on this earth that’s based on peace and love.

One of the reasons why I named this site DLP (Divine Light – Phases) and I’m putting more emphasis on the word Phase(s) – has a lot to do with the fact that there are different phases to this process. Each phase more amplified then the next, so that we can embody higher light energies than the previous time. Each Phase is important: as we embody and get used to one level of light energy, we are then prepared to move onto the next. In a yearly cycle there are three phases. The first phase already happened at the beginning of the year, the second phase is about to happen this summer, and the third will happen at the end of 2017 into March 2018.

Phase One: Dec 2016 – Mar 2017 – The December Solstice right up to the 111 Gateway, which lead up to the Feb eclipses on Feb 10/11th and Feb 26th, straight into the March Equinox.

Phase Two: June – September 2017 – The Summer solstice, leading up to The Lions Gate Opening on 8-8, Which also includes a strong Partial Lunar Eclipse 7/8th, Which leads up to the greatest Eclipse on Aug 21st, Up into the September Equinox.

Phase Three: November 2017 – March 2018 – Starts With Saturn Conjunct The GC (Galactic centre), then Saturn’s movement into Capricorn, then the Winter Solstice, up to Jan 31st eclipse which coincides with the 222 Gateway opening on Feb 2, 2018, to the second eclipse on the 15th, leading all the way up to the March Equinox.

These are the three phases of 2017’s 1 energies, fully typed out and fully ready to take us to higher and much lighter places within ourselves. There is a big theme with this cycle, and it’s got to do with the astrological signs of Leo/Aquarius. As many know we’re on the cusp of the age of Aquarius, and many forerunners, Light Beings, Volunteers, Light Workers, Light Warriors,  Ascension Teachers, Ascension Writers, and Astrologers have been writing about this for years online. Many think that we’ve already entered the age of Aquarius, and many still don’t think we have. Me? … Well and this is coming from myself personally – and my higher self. I’m not focused on whether we are or not, I’m more focused on what I can do in the meantime. Do I believe we’ve entered the age of Aquarius? … my higher self feels that we’re right there about to make that shift. Like I said it’s all about “feeling” where you are, where you are in time, to put a time limit on it – there is no need for that. When it happens collectively we will all feel that massive shift, but damn we’re getting so close.

If you look at the two signs Aquarius (Selfless Service, Others, Universal Love) and Leo (Ego, Self Service, Distorted Love) you’ll notice the sort of issues that humanity is working on changing, evolving from and what it is working on evolving towards. We’re working towards unity, universal consciousness, love, peace and repairing our fractured aspects. We’re moving towards the Aquarian age for sure and we’re getting closer each passing day, with each passing light wave. However I still don’t feel or sense that we’re all there yet, but 2017 has pushed us towards the Aquarian Age more than any other year so far. Rest up, pat yourselves on the back because we made it to the second wave of 2017. Congratulations on making it halfway, and damn don’t we all need to hear those words.

16Love & Light16

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